Pepperell Woman Exploits Death Of 7 Year Old Groton Girl To Push For Mask Mandates In School, Says Kids Suffering Psychological Issues From Masking Can Go To Therapy 


Yesterday Charlie Baker announced that school districts were no longer mandated to force kids to mask in Massachusetts starting on February 28, the first day back from winter break. Local districts can choose to put their own mandates in place if they want to continue abusing children, but it’s completely up to them. As expected, this has not gone over well the mask cultists, and yesterday we asked for people to send in screenshots of Moms (or Dads) freaking out now that other children won’t be forced to wear masks to school. This is Sarah Johnson from Pepperell.

As you can see, she is a grown woman with pink hair and a communist, so obviously we should take her seriously. She also sells masks and believes that a pin will keep black people safe from Donald Trump.

She would prefer if the pandemic never ends, because she’s a sick person who enjoys living in fear, and has profited off it with mask sales.

In a Pepperell Facebook group a parent rejoiced about the end of forced masking in the North Middlesex Regional School District.

Keep in mind, this is the same school district where Superintendent Brad Morgan called the police on parents who went away on vacation last April and didn’t quarantine, despite the fact that he went on a maskless vacation with his family.

Sarah Johnson is a very, very stupid person, who has gotten the way she is because she put her faith in very, very stupid politicians, wrongly believing that they know the first thing about health or science. She is unable to articulate her point as to why she believes kids should be forced to wear masks in school, because there really is no argument for it. Meanwhile the arguments against forced masking are solid and backed by data:

  • The virus has spread in schools despite the masking, so it doesn’t work.
  • Kids were never at risk of dying from COVID, so it doesn’t matter if they get the virus anyway.
  • The Omicron strain is much more mild as well.
  • Vaccines are available to everyone over 5, and according to the regime it prevents you from dying. Therefore, if you believe this, then your safety can be secured by getting vaccinated.
  • You are free to force your child to mask if you believe it will stop the spread of COVID.
  • Forced masking is having devastating psychological effects on children, including a sky rocketing suicide rate.
  • Every other western nation on earth never masked children under 12 in schools, and they are no worse than we are.
  • Florida never forced kids to wear masks in schools and they are no worse than we are.

Sarah knows that she’s outmatched when it comes to facts and logic, so she has to use the only weapons communists know how to use – fear and emotion. In the neighboring town of Pepperell a 7 year old girl named Cassidy Baracka recently passed away. It’s a horrible tragedy, and according to the Middlesex County DA’s Office the manner of death has not been ruled on. But that hasn’t stopped the media from emphatically stating that she died “due to COVID” and/or “of COVID.”

Any time a child dies it is an unspeakable tragedy. But sadly the only reason the media is giving attention to this child is because they know that claiming she died “of COVID” will get them clicks. Kids die from cancer all the time and you never know their names because their deaths are not useful to the ruling class. It should be noted that Cassidy died almost 3 weeks ago, and her death was not reported as a COVID death until recently. That’s also the reason why her death was not reported AT ALL until recently.

We don’t know the first thing about this poor girl, including her health history. We don’t know if she tested positive after passing, but the odds of a healthy 7 year old getting COVID and then dying from COVID alone are almost slim to none. I won’t speculate as to the cause of her death because it’s inappropriate to use the death of a child for political purposes.

Unfortunately Sarah Johnson and people like her have never seen a child’s death that wasn’t worth exploiting. She immediately used this tragedy to push for masking in the schools.


This is pure evil. There’s no other way to put it. Sarah Johnson doesn’t know the first thing about Cassidy Baracka or how she died, but she spreads “disinformation” anyway.

Keep in mind, if this girl attended public schools then she was forced to wear masks to school every day. If she still contracted COVID it would prove that masks don’t work, which is the issue at hand. Sarah didn’t seem to understand that because she’s not a smart person. She also had a solution for kids who were dealing with psychological issues due to masking.

“Send your kids to therapy.”

It’s that simple. The state should continue to abuse your children because you can just send them to a therapist to patch up their brains. These people are monsters.

“Kids are getting sick, some are dying.”

Kids are more likely to die of the flu every year, but not once has any of these people ever suggested we wear masks to stop the spread of the flu.

Sarah has never met Cassidy’s grieving family, but she nonetheless felt the need to speak for her and explain why COVID was mentioned in the media’s coverage.

“I’m guessing.”

Several people pointed out how inappropriate it was for her to weaponize a child’s death in order to push a political agenda.

But according to Sarah it was OK to do this because the girl’s mother wasn’t a member of their open Facebook group in a neighboring town.

And if that were her daughter who died she would absolutely be using the tragedy to push a political agenda, therefore Cassidy’s mother wants her to do that for her.

“If we had been wearing masks from the get-go, the pandemic would not have gone on this long.”

  1. Nothing about that statement is remotely close to true.
  2. We have been wearing masks from the get-go and it’s done nothing to stop the spread of COVID.

This is a very stupid person, and we’ve allowed our society to run by people who think like them for 2 years now. They literally just make shit up as they go along in order to deny reality and keep us in masks forever.

This is a woman who believes that not wearing a face mask is the same thing as jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

There is no hope at all for anyone this stupid. These are evil people who should all be put in jail for their crimes. They abused your children for two years and want to make it longer. It’s not enough for them to just abuse their own children, they insist that yours suffer alongside them. There is no reason to be nice or civil with them because communists are subhuman scum. Treat them exactly how they would treat your children, and then tell them they can go to therapy if they want to kill themselves.


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