Princeton Selectman Demands Wachusett School Committee Publicly Denounce Turtleboy For Criticizing His Advocacy For Child Abuse


Last month I published a blog about the Princeton Board of Selectmen after they violated open meeting law by writing a letter to the Wachusett Public Schools Superintendent, urging him to force children to wear masks. In particular I called out one of the old men named Richard Bisk for supporting healthcare choice when it came to abortion, but not when it came to masks, as well as calling out a younger guy named Matt Moncreaf for allowing kids to be maskless at his yoga/karate studio.

The whole thing became moot after the open meeting violation was filed against them and they had to rescind the letter. But apparently at their next meeting Turtleboy was the topic of conversation, and as usual these hack elected officials whined that by exposing them they were unsafe. Listen to what Dick Bisk had to say.


So he starts off with this:

“Essentially wearing your mask is an act of kindness because your mask protects others more than your mask protects you.”

Translation – “This has absolutely nothing to do with science. Masks are just theater, and a way to virtue signal about how kind you are. People not wearing them are unkind. Your kid’s mask does nothing to protect them from getting COVID but it will 100% guarantee they won’t spread COVID, which is really easy NOT to do when you don’t have COVID.”

Notice how old most of these people are. Princeton is one of the worst places you can live in this state because it’s filled with old people. Old white liberal people in particular. There aren’t many neighborhoods, most people live on a main road, there’s barely enough kids to have a functional school, and they got cable and Internet like two years ago. Yet these people like Dick Bisk want to run the schools for other towns, despite not having any of their kids enrolled in the schools.

This was his beef with Turtleboy:

“I ask the Wachusett School Committee should issue a statement about the harassment and bullying of others. Shortly after our email went out, and before it was released to the public, we got a number of fairly unpleasant emails. And I know a number of people in town were featured prominently on a website with fairly unpleasant language, that could be deemed as suggesting threats to people. I would like to see the School Committee issue a statement that this is unacceptable.”

Newsflash Dick – you are an elected official who proposed abusing other people’s children, and I’m well within my rights to criticize you for that. Calling it harassment and bullying is just a backhanded way for you to rationalize censoring opinions that criticize the ruling class. Additionally, there was no “unpleasant language that could be deemed as suggesting threats to people.” If I wanted you to get your ass kicked then I would make that very clear, and I would do it myself. But I don’t, because I don’t believe violence solves anything, and I especially don’t need or want to get other people to do my dirty work for me. This is the totality of what I said about Dick Bisk in that blog, word for word.

His children are all grown and won’t have to wear masks in school, but he wants to force my 6 year old daughter to wear one, which makes her cry. When I told her now that a man in Princeton wants her to get a shot in order to go to school she told me he was a bad man. She’s right. He is a very, very bad person for doing that.

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Richard is also a retired math professor, which is ironic because he doesn’t understand the concept of the number 0 when it comes to COVID cases in his town. He is also a proponent of State Senator Becca Rausch’s proposed law to force masks on all children statewide, taking away local control, despite previously claiming that masks were useless. Perhaps most ironically Bisk also recently shared his belief that women should be free to make their own informed decisions about healthcare when it came to abortion.

Where’s the unpleasant language, Dick? Oh right, you just think that anyone who has the audacity to speak out publicly against your public policy proposals is “unpleasant.” Life sure would be a lot easier for tyrants if the commoners would just shut up and go along with the tyranny. And I didn’t even point out that Thomas Prince School has had a summer program with hundreds of maskless kids, or that you were seen just a couple days later at a private club surrounded by kids without masks on!

You sure seem scared!

I fast forwarded to two minutes later because you can’t make up this kind of irony.

“I would also like to notice that the three of us have First Amendment rights too, and we have the right to speak and state our opinions.”

Whoa, take it easy on the unpleasant language there Dick. Seems like you’re suggesting threats to me and my children. Not cool. I am now publicly calling on the Wachusett Regional School Committee to denounce you.


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