Protesters Disrupt Charlie Baker-Shawn Dooley Event, Called Tom Mountain A Creep When He Got Too Close To Their Children


Useless Republican State Rep Shawn Dooley is running for State Senate against communist tyrant Becca Rausch, and last night he had an event that Governor Baker attended which ended up getting disrupted by some anti-COVID mandate protesters. You’ll never guess who appeared about halfway through…..

“Get away from my children, you’re a creep!”

There he is – the strap-on orgy king himself – Tom “the mountain man” Mountain.


I for one would probably try to disassociate with a guy most known for leaving sexually provocative comments on 14 year old girl’s Facebook pages and then claiming to be hacked, or getting catfished by aspiring Israeli models who you promise to bring to orgies, or telling this Israeli model that you had sex with women you never had sex with, but Shawn Dooley is a useless RINO hack so it’s really not surprising that he thinks this is good politics.

“Too many women say no to sex when they want to say yes.”

Becca Rausch is gonna love that one.

I will never forget speaking to Tom Mountain on the phone when I told him that Chrissy the Israeli model wasn’t a real woman who wanted to get turned into a glazed donut by Tom Mountain. He couldn’t figure out how I knew he’d been talking to this woman, and he insisted she was a real person because she was messaging him back. That was the day Tom Mountain figured out that not everyone on the Internet uses their real name.

To be honest the people who do these protests are a bit crazy, and I don’t always agree with their tactics. One time one of them laid down in front of Michelle Wu’s car with her newborn baby. Leave the semen demons at home when you’re going to disrupt at a protest. They deserve their innocence and didn’t sign up to be part of this.

But at the same time I applaud them for ruining Dooley’s event in order to confront Baker, because Dooley is completely useless and has some hot takes about female sex toys as well.

The fact that there were so many people there in masks was pretty telling too.

This is why Massachusetts Republicans are useless.

Then there was bootleg Kyrsten Sinema.

At the 9:15 mark she nearly set it off by speaking directly to the children of the woman filming, sand saying “Your Mommy is doing the wrong thing.” I would NEVER bring my kids to an event like this if I planned on disrupting it, but you don’t badmouth children’s mothers to their faces, especially when the mother is right there. She totally deserved to be told to shut her f***ing mouth when she did that, and probably a lot worse. I’d love to know her name so I could reach out for comment if anyone out there wants to email me with it at [email protected].

But seriously, get a sitter next time.

Anyway, this is Massachusetts politics unfortunately. Shawn Dooley is a useless wannabe Baker that sucks up to communists, but Becca Rausch is so bad that unfortunately he’s the preferable candidate. Her district is pretty purple, so Dooley could win, and if that happens he might be joining this woman, who is also running for State Senate:

This is why Massachusetts can’t have nice things.


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