Providence Mother Terrorizes Family With Knife, Slashes Tires In Front Of Her Own Kids During CVS Drive Through Dispute


A Providence mother named Stephanie Dominguez was arrested after she was caught on film slashing a man’s tires and threatening his family with a knife over a dispute about who was first in line at a Broad Street CVS drive through.

Whole thing without sound:

I’d compare this woman to an animal, but you can ride through a pack of hungry lions in an open air vehicle on a safari and know that you likely will not be attacked. The same can’t be said on Broad Street (which is a safari in and of itself) when this woman is around. (There’s already a YouTube channel dedicated to this woman).

“She had the devil in her eyes,” said Karl Camilo.

Shocking that she’s single. She seems so pleasant to be around, and I bet she makes great life decisions.

I would contend that driving around with a knife in the first place is problematic. If you feel the need to bring a weapon with you while running errands in case you have to slice a bitch, then you’re probably destined to make it onto Turtleboy.

Camilo described a shocking scene at the CVS Pharmacy drive-thru on Broad Street Monday. A woman driving a green SUV tried to nudge her way in front of Camilo’s white SUV, he said, and struck his car — with him, his wife, their teenaged daughter, and family dog inside.

Through her lawyer, the woman has disputed the family’s account. But what happened next was documented on video shot from inside Camilo’s car by his daughter.

“She comes out with the knife, with a very aggressive face. She goes slowly on the back door, like this, with two hands very carefully to make sure the whole car got damaged, vandalized,” said Camilo.

I don’t know who to believe here. The family man who sat in his car the whole video, or the velociratchet who was seen on video getting out of her car, knifing up the entire thing and slashing all four tires over a disagreement about who was first in the drive through line.

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In fairness, if I was every in a situation like this I could understand the desire to slice someone. There is nothing more aggravating then getting stuck behind some boob at the CVS drive through. It could be 30 seconds, or it could be 30 minutes. The worst is when they don’t tell the pharmacist that there’s someone behind them and they just sit there and wait for their prescription to get filled. But if I did decided to slice someone up I’d probably leave my children at home. Just sayin.

The woman, identified in police reports as 25-year-old Stephanie Dominguez, had two small children in the back seat of her car. “At that point she was trying to attack us personally. I thought she was trying to attack or kill us,” said Camilo.

If “I don’t mean no man, it’s just me and my son Jaydin vs. the world” had a face.

During her court proceeding on Tuesday, however, the weapons charge was dropped. Dominguez pleaded not guilty to the two remaining charges. The Camila family wanted to know why the weapons charge was dropped, as Dominguez clearly had a knife. The I-Team asked the city solicitor for further clarification. A spokesperson for Mayor Jorge Elorza’s office said the criteria for that weapons charge was not met, but additional charges could still be added.

The weapons charges were dropped because the criteria wasn’t met? She used a weapon to destroy the guy’s car and then threatened him with it outside of his window. See Exhibit A.

That thing in her hand is called a “knife.” She was clearly intending to use it as a weapon.

And why does the Mayor of Providence have a say in any of this? Was he elected District Attorney or Chief of Police too? Mayor Jorge Elorza is a SJW who plans to run for governor of Rhode Island. He’s the one who invited Ryan Kyote to the Mayor’s office and used Kylie Kirkpatrick’s child abusing lie for a photo op.

It’s the same mayor whose Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs attempted to ban gay police officers from marching in the Pride parade because cops hate gay people or something. He subscribes to the idea that “criminal justice reform” means we shouldn’t prosecute dangerous criminals because they’re really just misunderstood. Dropping the weapons charges is in line with his overall philosophy.

Dominguez’s attorneys, Domenic Carcieri and Joseph Voccola, told the I-Team that as their client was trying to enter the drive-thru, Camilo struck her vehicle, then refused to back up his SUV and exchange insurance information. Her attorneys said Dominguez was concerned about her children pinned in the car and reacted. Carcieri said a civil claim against Camilo for the accident could be an option.

It’s obvious just from watching that video that she was trying to cut him off. He had every right to that space. If she chooses to put her children in the line of fire that’s not his fault. Spare me the nonsense that she had no choice but to get out of the car and give his tires the Nicole Brown Simpson treatment.

Perhaps she has some kind of connection to the Mayor. Her LinkedIn reveals that she is a ratchet in sheep’s clothing, who recently graduated from a non-profit called YearUp which bills itself as an organization that bridges the “opportunity divide.”

Which sounds like a ratchet makeover financed by banks and other philanthropists who want to feel like they’re making a difference.

Prior to that she was a CNA.

Never saw that one coming.

Her bio was my favorite part though.

I am a very positive and outgoing young adult ready to expand my professional opportunity in the Business Operations field. As a responsible and independent role model to my children, I love to learn and I’m open to face challenges that will help me grow as a professional. I am a very goal oriented, organized, creative and empathetic team player. I am an accomplished public speaker who projects an personal of confidence. With a professional medical background, I’m looking to broaden my professional diversity. 

Oh, she’s positive and outgoing alright. Not afraid to say hello to a complete stranger in the drive through!

A “role model” for her children.

A great public speaker.

The future is bright for the Stephanie Dominguez indeed.


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