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Rachael Rollins Fights Mass Incarceration By Charging Woman Of Color With Manslaughter Over Text Messages That Allegedly Made Her Boyfriend Commit Suicide


After Michelle Carter was convicted for her role in the death of her friend because she sent him a bunch of text messages, urging him to commit suicide, I knew that this was not a slippery slope we wanted to go down. It encouraged revenge suicides, and set the precedent that other people are responsible for your actions because of the words you choose to use. Michelle Carter was an easy victim to dislike because of her face (she looks like the ultimate mean girl), and because the text messages she sent show how truly twisted this girl was as a high school student. But what would happen the next time someone did this who wasn’t as easy to dislike? Well, it happened at Boston College.

It’s a long story you can read here. A South Korean student attending Boston College named Inyoung You is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for sending a series of text messages that allegedly made her boyfriend Alexander Urtula kill himself. She seems like a crazy ex-girlfriend, and the two of them were engaged in a toxic relationship.

Before I continue, I’d just like to express how unfortunate it is to be named Inyoung You. It sounds like reminiscing about a traumatic childhood event.

“I know you don’t currently have any blunt objects stuck up your gloryhole, but doctors found some weird stuff Inyoung You.”

Rachael Rollins was elected on a platform of reducing prison populations, particularly for people of color. To that end she has elected not to prosecute 15 serious crimes. And now she’s trying to lock up a woman color for words on a phone. Makes sense.

Rollins is also attempting to extradite the woman back to the United States to face charges, as she’s curretnly in South Korea. I sincerely hope the South Korean government has the stones to tell the State Department to pound sand. Imagine the outcry if an American was doing a semester abroad, started dating someone, and then that person killed themselves over mean text messages. Imagine that country demanded an American citizen be put on trial in front of one of their Kangaroo courts. That’s how most South Koreans will likely view this. Asian culture values personal responsibility more than any other culture on earth. It’s so foreign to them that you are somehow responsible for someone else’s sober behavior.

More details will come out I’m sure, but for now we know that over 47,000 texts were sent from her, which Rollins describes as  “physically, verbally, and psychologically abusive.”

She estimated that You explicitly told Urtula to kill himself hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

And? It’s a crime now to tell someone to kill themselves? I tell people to kill themselves all the time, but I only half mean it. It’s a common saying. Are we policing tone now? What if it’s in jest? Regardless, they’re just words. No one is making anyone actually kill themselves. The Michelle Carter verdict was unique because text messages revealed that he had second thoughts and she convinced him to stop being so weak and get back in the truck to gas himself. That’s sadistic, but I’d argue that it’s not criminal. It should be against the law to tell a mentally challenged person to run into traffic because they don’t any better. But ultimately Carter’s victim was an adult, and he chose to do what he did on his own.

But this story doesn’t seem nearly as bad as Michelle Carter, and is emblematic of what the slippery slope looked like. Inyoung You seems like a crazy chick he should’ve dumped a long time ago, but he kept her around because everyone knows that crazy p**** is the best p****:

According to Rollins, the text messages sent by You — 47,000 over the course of the two months — revealed that she had an “understanding that she had complete control over Mr. Urtula, both mentally and emotionally.

In other words, it was like 95% of regular relationships.

“It also found that she was aware of his spiraling depression and suicidal thoughts brought on by her abuse. Yet, she persisted.”

I’m sure this woman is absolutely dreadful, and a true nightmare for any man to deal with. But I have dated women like this. You just dump them, block them, and move on with your life. I’m not going to lie, I learned that the hard way about 15 years ago when I dated the craziest woman I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I could’ve left her at any time, but I chose to stay in it because maybe part of me is just attracted to crazy too. I fed into it and it brought out the worst in both of us. Remind me on the next live show and I’ll tell you the whole story, but if I had killed myself I wouldn’t have wanted to see her arrested.

The guy ended up jumping from a building, but she was up there with him. Again, I don’t know all the details. If she was up there telling him that he was a coward if he wouldn’t jump, that would one thing. But it sounds like she heard he was suicidal and ran up to talk to him out of it. I just miss the good ol’ days when individuals were responsible for their own life choices.


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