Ratchet Madness 2021 Sweet 16: Didi Region


Voting is completed in the Sweet 16 of the Biblow Region and we now know which two ratchets will face off in the Elite 8 with a shot at the Final 4.

Big Black Jeffrey is quietly putting together the most dominant performance in the history of Ratchet Madness. The only person who has won by a higher percentage in their first 3 rounds was 2018 Champion Didi Delgado, who the next region is named after. Speaking of, it’s time to move onto that region, where you’ll have to make some tough decisions for who should advance. You have 24 hours to vote. Linked articles to each candidate are in their name, and you can read their ratchet resumes below


1. Monica Cannon-Grant vs. 5. Roxbury Rumper Pumper

1. Monica Cannon-Grant

  • BLM grifter from Roxbury who once organized a mob to attack an elementary school for doing a presentation on the Plymouth Plantation which she wrongly interpreted as racist
  • Appointed herself de facto leader of BLM Boston, much to the chagrin of most black people in Boston who know she is a scammer
  • Teams up with Didi Delgado to get white women to pay her reparations
  • Made several videos threatening the Boston Police for arresting her family members
  • Threatened to have a black woman running for Congress assassinated
  • Accused Rayla Campbell of “riding white penis for a credit score”:   
  • Strong armed Mayor Walsh into giving her a free building to run her lucrative non-profit scam out of by saying she would organize, “45,000 mother f***ers to be on y’all’s front lawn,” before saying “f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police.”
  • Stated that “if
  • Refers to white women as “uncooked vagina”
  • Says that black women who marry white men are “melanin adjacent”
  • Said, “  
  • Claims to have powerful connections in City Hall which she threatens to use against her perceived enemies
  • Gets nothing but fawning coverage from politicians and media due to the fact that they are frightened to criticize her
  • Took in millions of dollars after the death of George Floyd despite not registering with the AG’s office or reporting any of the income
  • Raised several delinquent children including a grown son who she employs at her non-profit and is clearly associated with gangs and makes violent rap videos
  • Called in violent felons and thugs to intimidate peaceful protesters outside of her fraudulent non-profit’s grand opening in Hyde Park
  • Called BPD to file a police report against TB and other non-violent protesters who she threatened with violence
  • Held protest outside BPD headquarters demanding that the cop who gave TB the public arrest report be fired
  • Showed up to protest an hour late with body guards but was shouted down by peaceful protesters despite help from Antifa
  • Said police were lucky she didn’t want revenge for Breonna Taylor


5. Roxbury Rumper Pumper

  • Aspiring IG model and single Mom who takes copious amounts of bathroom selfies showing tittooes and baggy eyes that indicate bad drug habit
  • Started a fire in her Roxbury apartment that displaced dozens of people
  • Shortly afterwards she made a $10K GoFundMe for “first last and security,” despite the fact that Boston housing put her in a Holiday Inn until she gets a brand new apartment at no cost to her
  • Became upset that other people besides herself are getting attention and sympathy, even though she started the fire
  • To get people to donate she went to the house the next day to film the ashes using her Newport narrator voice, which included her dead cat which she left behind
  • Abandoned a pregnant woman in their apartment who had to fend for herself
  • Likely used all the donated money to fund her crack habit
  • Mom who lived with her is a recovering addict who claims to work at “the welfare store”
  • Baby daddy wasn’t around due to the fact that he is a crack dealer
  • Previously wrote several nonsensical and extremely ratchet Facebook posts with the n word in it about her baby daddy having sex with other women
  • Called out the new woman her baby daddy was boning and challenged her to a fight
  • Wrote post calling out baby daddy for knocking up yet another woman despite the fact that she stayed loyal to him while he was in jail
  • Sister who shared the GoFundMe is equally ratchet and has her criminal boyfriend Dequan’s name tattooed on her eyelid
  • While in the free Holiday Inn she live streamed her and another ratchet getting very drunk and using inappropriate language around several young children who were up way past their bed time
  • Child on the live stream said he was hungry and asked for food so she gave him a cookie and complained that her food stamps ran out and she was unable to add to her baby daddy’s commissary fund

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2. Bridget Huckins vs. 14. New Bedford Indian Gypsies

2. Bridget Huckins

  • Likely had something to do with the disappearance of Ralph Jean Marie, the alleged father of her three children
  • Has three kids with Ralph, one of who is somehow white despite the fact that Ralph is black
  • In 2014 she was arrested in Brockton for assaulting Ralph, and then stabbing a woman and her dog after the woman attempted to intervene
  • In 2017 she was arrested in Vermont after leading police on a high speed chase in the snow that required the use of spike stripes while she was six months pregnant, because she didn’t want to miss her appointment at the methadone clinic
  • Received a suspended sentence of up to a year in jail, and was put on probation but was arrested again after missing four appointments with her probation officer
  • Well known drug addict who has been racking up the Google trophies since she turned 18
  • Is a junkie who lost her kids to DCF
  • Within two weeks of Ralph going missing she was already dating a drug dealer and updated her profile picture and relationship status
  • Tagged the new boyfriend in a post that said, “snitches get stiches” while the father of her children was missing
  • Within a couple weeks she was in a new relationship she posted about on Facebook with yet another junkie
  • Despite the fact that she seems to have moved on to a new man, she still posts about “Daddy” coming home, which would certainly be awkward if he did, considering another man would be lying in bed with her
  • Responded in the most ratchet way possible to the dozens of people who accused her of having something to do with Ralph’s disappearance on Facebook
  • Allegedly had sex with her foster brother
  • While her husband was missing she was posting graphic sexual memes about all the blowjobs she’s given
  • Ironically posted about black lives matter despite the fact that her missing baby daddy was black, and he didn’t seem to matter much to her
  • Jokingly said in a text message that she killed Ralph
  • Was arrested for drugs in July and her friend told someone filming it that “Ralph died before she got with him, so…”
  • Got pregnant with the second junkie and immediately started a GoFundMe for the baby
  • Ended up getting arrested for selling heroin to a man who overdosed but still has not faced charges relating to Ralph Jean Marie



14. New Bedford Indian Gypsies

  • Allowed teenage daughter to run wild around New Bedford for years, posting pictures on Instagram at clubs, drinking, smoking, and hanging out with drug dealers
  • Immediately started a GoFundMe the moment the girl went missing in order to pretend to be a loving and caring family
  • The man who kidnapped and killed was her aunt’s ex-boyfriend, and had been around the girl since she was 12, and probably had been having sex with her for several years. The family did nothing to stop it
  • Money raised to “help bring my daughter home” was not needed or necessary since the cops were handling it, and the likely pocketed the cash
  • Had been running away from home since she was 11, which the family monetized
  • Once went 25 days without alerting authorities that she was missing
  • Family claimed that the missing girl brought a knife with her because she wanted to rob the drug dealing boyfriend who ended up murdering her





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