Red Sox Put Up Black Lives Matter Billboard Outside Of Fenway Park Despite Recent Actions Showing How Little They Care About Black People


The Red Sox have made headlines by putting up a new sign promoting black lives matter outside of Fenway Park overlooking the Mass Pike.

The comments section is the usual battle between woke BLM supporters and conservatives who understand that BLM is a Marxist organization that wants to abolish the police, jails, capitalism, and the nuclear family. But these people on both sides are overlooking the most important part here that the Red Sox hope you will be distracted by with the sign – the Red Sox have never cared about black lives. Putting up a sign like this is nothing more than divisive virtue signaling meant to garner attention towards a sport that is losing younger fans by the day.

Here’s some examples of just how little the Red Sox care about black lives.

1. Ownership and upper management at the Red Sox is almost exclusively white. Almost every person listed on their website as front office is employees is white, and the vast majority are white males.

This is the Fenway Sports Group.


2. They just traded a black MVP in the prime of his career (Mookie Betts), along with black World Series hero David Price, for an unproven white player with a history of domestic violence (Alex Verdugo), because the black player wanted to be paid a fair market rate that reflects his talents. The white ownership refused to pay him what he was worth because they did not want to have to pay the luxury tax. He wasn’t cheap, but management could certainly afford him. They just didn’t want to pay a black man that kind of money if it meant money out of their pockets.


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3. For years the Red Sox covered up for pedophile clubhouse employee Donald Fitzpatrick as he used Red Sox memorabilia to specifically target and lure young black boys, and sexually assaulted them at Red Sox facilities. The Boston Globe, which owns the Red Sox, first reported on this on July 7, 2020. But BET reported it in 2011. They’ve resisted efforts to pay survivors.


4. The Red Sox rarely do anything to bring inner-city youth to games. However, they do put on events that are likely to bring in white people with money, such as post game yoga sessions for $60 a pop on the field. Their tickets are among the most expensive in MLB, which makes it harder for black children to become accustomed with a sport that has seen a declining percentage of black players over the years.


5. The COVID crisis has killed black people at a disproportionate rate. While Patriots owner Bob Kraft personally flew his team plane to China to pick up millions of PPE equipment, the Red Sox largely stood by and did nothing, despite having the financial resources to seriously help the community. A month after the crisis began they announced that they would be providing some relief to the community, but the process for obtaining help was complicated and required approval from the organization.


6. In response to the death of George Floyd the Red Sox put out a generic statement offering their support for black lives matter. The press release urged people to donate to a number of “charities” that help black people, including the Minnesota Bail Fund which mostly bailed out white Antifa who were arrested for looting. It also urges people to donate to Monica Cannon-Grant’s illegal non-profit Violence In Boston INC, despite the CEO’s long and documented history of racism and abuse directed at black women.

It urges people to read the historically inaccurate 1619 project from the New York Times, except they’re so unfamiliar with it that they list it as the 1916 project.

It urges people to read a book called “So You Want To Talk About Race,” written by an overtly racist woman named Ijeoma Oluo, who once posted on social media that she believes white people in a Cracker Barrel were going to kill her for no reason other than the fact that she is black.

They asked fans to ponder the following:

  • How can you support people of color in your community?
  • What are your local politicians’ policies on ending police brutality? 
  • Were you ever taught about race and culture? If not, how can you start to educate yourself? 
  • What is your plan to help end racial discrimination and systematic oppression? 
  • How can you effectively prepare yourself to have progressive conversations with friends, family, colleagues and peers? 
  • How can you be actively anti-racist instead of simply “not-racist?”
  • What do you want to learn more about?

This is nothing more than pandering nonsense that does nothing to help save black lives. All it does is line the pockets of multi-million dollar organizations who profit off of the racism-industrial complex, and make white people feel good about themselves.

The Red Sox don’t care about black people. They care about making and saving themselves money. They support BLM because BLM it’s likely to play well with Uber-liberal Massachusetts residents. They think they’re helping race relations by calling their fans racist when they pretended to believe Torri Hunter and Adam Jones, who both made up lies about being called the n word at Fenway Park. They think they’re helping by changing the names of public streets in Boston because a previous owner from a hundred years ago was racist.

They’re not.

At the end of the day the Red Sox are an organization that has the power to empower the black community, but instead they do nothing for them and put billboards on the Mass Pike for woke points.


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