Rhode Island Libertarian Films Himself Whining To Johnstown Cop About Harassment, Then Goes To The Cop’s House, Takes Picture Of Wife’s Car, Posts It On Her Facebook Page

Remember this thing?

His name is Joseph Hart, AKA Joa Orga, but we named him Grundlestiltskin last July. He’s a perpetually unemployed Rhode Island resident who goes around filming the cops and asks his cop block friends to hit up the Patreon with some donations for doing so.

Of course he’s a “libertarian,” which means he thinks that he’s a sovereign citizen and he constantly misinterprets the Constitution.

But for whatever reason he keeps the panties moist for “libertarian” women everywhere.


Unbeknownst to him the cop he was harassing was actually a hero who recently saved a 3 year old and a bunch of other people from a burning building.

After we made him Turtleboy famous he hid his video in shame on Facebook, which is totally what a real libertarian would do – run and hide.

But it’s been 6 months now, and it was really only a matter of time until he got back into the cop block game. It started last week in Johnstown he was pulled over for having illegal plate frames on his vehicle. Watch this video to see the amazing restraint the police officer had while this waste of space was demeaning him for no other reason except that he could.

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He refuses to identify himself.

He calls him a pig and a piece of shit several times.

He insists that what he’s doing is legal, even though it’s not.

He says he’s scared, even though the only reason a pussy like him would speak like that to a cop is because they’re living in a free country where people don’t have to fear the police. He would never, ever, ever think about doing this in a non-Western country. Ever.

After that he filmed himself at the police station filming them and whining for an hour about all the other people who allegedly had license plate frames.

Because when you don’t have a job to go to, what does time matter?

Well, he apparently kicked it up a notch this time around and couldn’t stand the fact that the cop who interviewed him was polite, respectful, and professional. The goal of these Kyle Shockley cop block chuds is to get a rise out of the cops. They want to get hit by them because a civil lawsuit is their only chance of ever making money. He couldn’t provoke the Johnstown cop into stooping to his level, and when you compound that with the copious amounts of punching the clown/Fortnite sessions he engages in on a daily basis, he got angry.

So what did he do? Simple – found out where the cop lived, went to his house, took a picture of his wife’s car, found her on Facebook, and then posted a picture of it on her page.

Perfectly sane thing to do. Sounds like he’s really scared of the cops.

Hey dipshit – you should come on the Live show this weekend. The cops can’t tell you how they really feel, but we can. Of course you’re probably not going to because you know that. Vagboogers like you only go after people who can’t fight back.



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