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Rian Waters And Charlotte McFarland Filed Criminal Complaints And Restraining Orders Against Me Again In Court


I received two summons to court today in the mail that I wanted to share with you guys so you can see what a day in the life of Uncle Turtleboy looks like. Here’s the first one:

I drove to Brighton District Court on March 8 to fight a bogus restraining order that Charlotte McFarland was attempting to get against me. I’d never spoken to this unhinged individual before, nor was she featured in a blog. She’d been harassing me for years, which is why I blocked her on all social media accounts. She also posted threats on Facebook like this one:

Since I’d never contacted her before the RO was denied, but afterwards ADA Margaret Hegarty came out into the hallway and threatened to use the power of her officer to “get” me because she didn’t like the judge’s ruling.

I then took out a harassment order against Charlotte McFarland and was granted it in Leominster District Court less than two weeks later.

Since then the Holden Police have filed criminal charges against her for threatening, largely due to the threats and the fact that she plays with fire for a hobby.

Now this perpetually unemployed loser is trying to get a restraining order against me again. Evidently Brighton District Court doesn’t have the ability to search in their computers and see that I already have a harassment order out against her, and that being forced to drive to Boston to be in the same room as a woman who has threatened to kill me, makes me the victim in this situation. When this one gets denied too can she do it again next week? Apparently.

Then there was #2, which is scheduled for the day before in Springfield.

As promised, Rian Waters is attempting to file a criminal complaint against me. This is what happens when you go to your local police department and they tell you they can’t charge the person with a crime. Rian is upset because Bristol and I exposed him for beating his baby’s mother, who he has never paid child support to, and killing her dog in a violent fit of rage. The judge who dismissed his frivolous lawsuit against my company in June made it very clear that she believes he got away with his crimes based on the testimony of the veterinarian who did the post-mortem examination on the dog.

But people like Rian and Charlotte don’t have jobs, and this costs them nothing, so they’re allowed to use the courts to harass law abiding productive citizens such as myself. Because God knows I don’t have anything better to do on those days next week.

Luckily I don’t need a lawyer for this one, although free legal advice is welcomed if you’d like to email [email protected] This is a mockery of our judicial system, and clogs up the courts so that real victims are denied real justice. If you’d like to come to court on either of those days you are more than welcomed to attend.


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