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Salem Ogre Seen On Video Shooting Manchester Man In Face After Being Kicked Out Of Bar Is Why You Should Never Go Out At Night In Manchester


Last week a Manchester man named Timothy Pouliot was shot and killed outside The Goat Bar and Grill in Manchester by a man named John Delee, who has since been charged with murder.

The Manchester community is reacting to a shooting that happened in front of dozens of people early Saturday morning and left a 24-year-old dead. The shooting happened 12:50 a.m. Saturday morning on Old Granite Street. When police arrived, Timothy Pouliot had been shot multiple times after what was some sort of dispute inside The Goat Bar and Grill, investigators said. He later died from his injuries. Sunday night, the attorney general’s office confirmed Pouliot’s cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds, and his manner of death was homicide. Officials said John Delee, 22, of Salem, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. He’s scheduled to be arraigned 11 a.m. Monday.

Leadership at The Goat Bar and Grill said that while DeLee did have some sort of verbal altercation while inside, Pouliot was not involved at the time.

“The person that was shot outside The Goat was not in an altercation inside The Goat. He was in an altercation in the street,” said owner Al Fleury.

Fleury said his teams made sure to have the suspect escorted out of the bar by their police security detail.

“We want our patrons to feel safe,” Fleury said.

Gotta love how someone got murdered outside this bar and the top concern for the owner was making it clear that it happened OUTSIDE the bar, not inside. Therefore his bar is safe. Sure, they attract the kind of crowd that packs heat and kills each other during last call, but that happened OUTSIDE the bar, so you’re perfectly safe going there.

The bars in Manchester might be the most dangerous bars in the world. Four years ago Tanya Hall was shot and killed after her boyfriend Jeremy Winslow got into a fight with armed bikers and tried to run one of them over. Three years ago bouncers at another bar were arrested for curb stomping a good samaritan on video who was trying to break up a fight. The Manchvegas night life scene sounds more dangerous than a 1994 Tutsi birthday party.

Bars don’t just attract people like this on accident. They can keep the riff-raff away away by implementing dress codes, not playing certain kinds of music, and not giving off the vibe that they’re the preferred watering hole for wannabe New Hampshire hoodrats. The fact that this guy felt the need to bring a gun with him, and that the bar doesn’t have any sort of way to prevent people from bringing guns into the bar, says a lot about them.

The shooting itself was caught on tape as well. WARNING – this is extremely graphic, but will definitely be used as evidence in court.

Pouliot, who is much smaller than Delee, punches him in the face.

Within a split second Delee has already reached into this hoodie pocket.

He then immediately pulls out a loaded gun and shoot Pouliot directly in the face at least 5 times.

Big tough guy is now going to spend a substantial portion of his life behind bars in order to prove that he was in fact that toughest guy at this random bar in Manchester one night. Hope it was worth it.

Delee’s supporters are saying this was self defense, but it clearly wasn’t.

According to others Delee was outside looking for a fight after getting kicked out of the bar.

There’s also a video from inside the bar showing Delee being kicked out. He seems drunk and disoriented as 4-5 guys have to move him out of the bar while he was shouting “who just punched me in the face” over the music. You can see Pouliot in the video as well, although he seems to be watching and isn’t involved.

“Come fight me! Come f***ing fight me.”

That’s not going to help the self defense argument. He lured someone outside under the pretext of fighting him with fists, knowing full well that the second he was punched he was going to shoot them with the gun he had in his pocket.

Delee is well over 6’5″ and probably had at least 100 pounds on Pouliot.


He would’ve been well within his rights to knock Pouliot out, who appeared to be alone in the shooting video. Instead he pulled out a gun and shot him in the face. He then kept shooting despite the fact that Pouliot was unarmed and was no longer a threat to hit him. This idiot is used to being a hardo because he’s bigger than everyone else. He never smiles for pictures because he constantly has to prove what a tough guy he is. Not so tough now probably.

This is what happens when people who don’t grow up around firearms, end up acquiring firearms. Anyone who knows anything about responsible gun ownership realizes what a clown John Delee is for this. Why would you bring a loaded gun with you to a place where you and other hoodboogers are gonna be drinking? He was looking for a fight, he found it, and instead of actually fighting he committed murder.

As for Timothy Pouliot, I have little sympathy for him. The media and his friends are all portraying him as a loving father, and this picture with his daughter and baby momma appeared in the newspaper at the arraignment that Delee waived.

What kind of loving father is picking fights with ogres outside of ghetto bars in Manchester? Pouliot was not kicked out of the bar, but he followed a drunk man who was much bigger than him out of the establishment, and then sucker punched him in the face. And I’m supposed to feel bad for this person because they reproduced? Sorry, not gonna happen.

These people think that being a parent means taking cute selfies with your kids to post on social media. Once you have kids you need to start acting like a parent because someone else is counting on you. Now this girl is going to grow up fatherless because of the actions of two stupid people.

The baby momma Carisa Vitello seems like a guttermuppet herself.

A year and a half ago, after she was already a mother, she was arrested by Londonderry Police for violation of a protective order.

So there’s that.

I don’t know much about Timothy Pouliot the person, but I do know that the company he kept was trashy. Look who commented on this picture from 5 weeks ago:

His friend Dawson Boston.

If that name rings a bell it may be because Dawson is a well known heroin dealer and aspiring rapper who plead guilty to distributing fentanyl in federal court in July, and is still awaiting sentencing. We have written about Dawson Boston a number of times prior to that, including an incident when he was visited by Secret Service for threatening to assassinate President Trump. He later came on the Live Show and made jokes about killing himself in order to have me charged for making him kill himself.

The fact that Timothy Pouliot associates with someone like Dawson Boston, had a baby with someone like Carisa, and follows a nutjob like John Delee out of a bar in order to sucker punch him while his daughter is sleeping at home, tells me everything I need to know about him.

A website was created to honor Timothy Pouliot, and brag about what a great person he was. This is how they describe the incident that led to his death:

John Delee was attacking as well as instigating people within the bar Saturday night resulting in him being thrown out. He proceeded to taunt people on his way out Timothy being of the victims. One thing lead to another Timothy acted on the taunt with a punch and John Delee decided to pull out his gun and take the young father’s life. His death has impacted hundreds of people all around and even across the country.

Timothy was the victim of being taunted? Boo-hoo. I watched the video. John Delee didn’t speak to him or towards him, but he “acted on the taunt” by punching the drunken ogre. It also doesn’t help his cause that he’s trained in martial arts, which is typically used for self defense, not aggression.

You can tell the kind of background he came from based on his mother’s posts:


If your “loving father” son dies, and the first thing you feel the need to do is go on social media and brag about how he “would rocked your ass,” then I understand how your son ended up like this to begin with.


Meanwhile, John Delee’s mother changed her profile picture the day after her son was arrested as well.

I understand sticking by your son, but to do this on the day he murdered someone seems to be in bad taste.

The bottom line is two trashy people who couldn’t hold their liquor acted like savages over something stupid that didn’t really matter, and now one of them is dead and the other is going to spend a solid chunk of his life behind bars. The moral of the story is, never go to the bars in Manchester unless you like getting shot.


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