Saving Metro Narcisi Part 2: Restraining Orders Against In-Laws, Kathryn Narcisi Ruins Metro’s Career And Reputation, “Businesses,” “Diseases,” And Fundraisers


If you haven’t read Part 1 of Saving Metro Narcisi, click here to catch up.

Last time we left off we were going through Kathryn “Failure Swift” Narcisi’s long list of divorces and ex-husbands she has left behind. This woman is suing us in Wakefield, Rhode Island Superior Court for libel, and has a temporary restraining order out against me ordering that all blogs about her come down. Of course I have never spoken to this woman before, she was simply blogged about on Turtleboy. The reason that I’m being sued for libel isn’t because of what was written about her (which is all factual), it’s because she blames us because third parties (commenters and others who read the blog) messaged her afterwards and “harassed” her. In reality she asked for the media to write about her removal from Kent Hospital in Warwick after a doctor determined that she didn’t really have a stroke.

Metro Narcisi is just her latest husband, but he was the first she was able to successfully get to adopt her remaining children. She attempted to get some of the other men she married to adopt them, such as “Big Daddy” (one of “the Michael’s” as she calls her numerous ex-husbands by that name) to step up to the task, but all she got was this lousy fundraiser.

This is the beach house they got evicted out of when she was married to him.

He knew he could not afford it, but she pushed him to rent it anyway.

As mentioned in Part 1, Metro was a well respected musician in the Rhode Island music scene. He was also the music teacher at North Smithfield High School, but he lost his job at the end of the 2017-18 school year, as was reported by the Valley Breeze, and many students came to his defense.

The news did not report the specifics as to why Metro “resigned,” since it’s a personnel matter. However, we do know from speaking with credible sources that her public behavior on Facebook is a big reason why the school put so much pressure on him to resign. In public posts Kathryn has accused him of cheating on social media, and although those accusations have since been taken down it’s consistent with the abusive way she treated him in this video, where Metro accuses her of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from him.

That video is demeaning and humiliating, and there’s not justifiable reason for a woman who allegedly loves her husband to post it for the world to see on Facebook. That’s not how you treat the man you love, who took you in and adopted your children when no one else would. Clearly she has no issue with humiliating Metro for the world to see, and airing the fact that she’s meeting with lawyers behind his back, stealing his money, and plotting to take his house.

She’s also done this to other ex-husbands, like Michael Leandro. And just like with Metro, she called the cops on him and alleged domestic abuse. She used this as an opportunity to fundraise of course.

Just a year prior to that she was posting about how her “Big Daddy Mike” was such a great husband for not leaving her, despite her alleged illnesses.

Keep in mind, Metro was very successful before she came around, he was frequently hired for gigs, he had a high level of respect in the community, and he owned a nice house in Ashaway.

Kathryn, on the other hand, was living in an apartment in West Warwick with her kids, looking for the next husband to pawn them off on, according to our sources. At the beginning of 2016 she was single, because of course no man (especially her litter of ex-husbands) was good enough for her.

She met Metro online sometime later in 2016 and saw a vulnerable and successful widow who needed companionship. He was an easy target. Within six weeks of meeting him she had moved herself and her kids into his house. As a source describes it, “she saw Metro as a gold mine.”

After moving in she quickly threw out all of his wife’s personal belongings and photo albums, which Metro had kept for sentimental reasons. There was so much of it that it required a dumpster. According to sources she said that Metro was “living in the past’ because Michelle’s stuff was still in the house, and to this day Kathryn frequently complains on social media that Metro’s family and friends loved his wife Michelle more than they do her.

Metro’s family does miss Michelle, as they were close to her. But Kathryn Narcisi doesn’t like to be upstaged.

Kathryn wanted to get married quickly, pressured him into buying her an expensive ring, and by Christmas of 2016 they had gotten married at home, without Metro’s family being there.

Metro’s family wasn’t there. They, like many who can see her bizarre public behavior, believe she needs psychological help. When Metro’s father, who is in his late 70’s, suggested this to her, she took out a restraining order against him. Lots of loving wives take out restraining orders against their in laws, driving a wedge between their husbands and families.

Perhaps she was angry since she previously asked her father in law for money, but insisted the money go into her account because “Metro doesn’t know how to handle money.” In fairness, I was not there to hear her say that, but Metro accuses her of stealing and hiding money from him in that video.

And just like with several boyfriends and husbands before Metro, she “just started getting sick” as soon as they were wed. She made a video about it, complete with sentimental music and everything.

The video can best be described as “me, me, me, me, me, me.”

Her videos all generally have the same theme – “I’m on death’s door, but I’m still alive because I’m so strong and inspiring.”

She claims she gets chemo injections from Metro at home.

Yet her hair is not falling out, she just shaved her head. Don’t worry, she has an explanation for that.

Keep in mind, Metro’s first wife died from cancer, and Kathryn is extremely jealous of the fact that Metro’s family and friends speak highly of Michelle, but not of Kathryn. I’m not saying she’s faking cancer to keep up with Michelle, but with her attention seeking behavior it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. It’s the newest of her many afflictions, and it only came after she married Metro.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with her ailments, which have been going on since for at least a decade, as far back as her half dozen Facebook pages take you.

The video also contains an automated message she believes was personally sent to her by Diamond Dallas Page.

After allegedly getting cancer she started a GoFundMe entitled, “Help KC live for her children,” that raised over $1,000.

While complaining about being sick she of course made sure to sprinkle in some of her “business” posts, which get no likes or comments because posting on Facebook isn’t the same thing as owning a business.

But despite being deftly ill and having no money to fight off these never ending diseases, she was still able to fight through it all to go to Disney World with Metro, who she refers to as the latest “Daddy” of her children.

After getting back from Disney it was right back to “I’m dying, please give me money.”

Now imagine your kid has Metro for a music teacher and you’re watching this unfold every day on Facebook. He brought her along for a school band trip to Disney according to Kathryn. She was around other people’s children. No wonder they urged Metro to resign. He was fine on his own and when he was married to his first wife. But Kathryn is hellbent on bringing him down with her and destroying whatever was left of his reputation.

Nevertheless, despite her deadly ailments she was still able to get in the car and drive to Georgia to see her older children and grandkids, who luckily seem to be raised by their father and first ex-husband Joseph DiPrete. Just listen to how nice Metro is in this video and you realize what a pushover he is.

She also claims that her diseases only exist in certain states. Coincidentally she is fine in fun states like Florida, but when she gets back to Rhode Island she’s sick again.

Once she got married she insisted that Metro no longer just be a jazz saxophonist, but rather form a jazz duo for hire with her.

This has dried up another source of revenue for Metro, since obviously no one would ever hire her to sing at their wedding. Watch her American idol tryout video to see why.

Her jazz singing is equally as cringeworthy.

As mentioned earlier, Metro lost his job at North Smithfield High School largely due to parent complaints about Kathryn’s Facebook “business” pages, and her frequent accusations that he was cheating on her. For years now she posts 2 basic things on Facebook: 1) posts about how sick she allegedly is, and 2) spammy posts about her “business” that get almost no interaction or customers.

Every parent in North Smithfield knew who she was, gawked at the train wreck that was her page, and saw her selling lingerie.

As well as a bunch of other stuff that just screams “pyramid scheme.”

“Next 25 people who join my business.”

“Entered into a raffle.”

“Need to get some bills paid QUICK?”

These are not the type of things a legitimate business owner posts. Coincidentally, if you search for her name on the State of Rhode Island’s corporate database page, you won’t find any businesses listed. And as Metro mentioned in the video his wife posted on Facebook for the purpose of humiliating him, “No there’s no your money. I noticed that you have no deposits for the entire month of April. You’ve taken $800 out of the ATM. You’ve given $200 to….”

Her business doesn’t make money; it just costs money. Because generally that’s what pyramid schemes are.

Also, it should be noted that on the lotions that she made many of the things she’s peddling do not have the ingredients listed, which would be a FDA violation.

She launches “companies” all the time. Like “Dixie Diva Productions.”

Today, despite the plethora of strokes she claims to have had in a single week, she claims to be certified “holistic reiki healer,” as well as being on her way to being a “certified DDP Yoga instructor.”

She has been trying to get on disability for several years now, but has been denied, likely because the government isn’t buying into her “I’m dying” routine. Instead she tried to get her child on SSI so she could make more money off the taxpayers.

A couple weeks ago she posted about how Metro and his family were trying to “sensor” her, by urging her not to spam so much on Facebook, but the 30 day Russel Brunson funnel challenge was too much to pass up.

This woman is completely delusional. Here are some other examples.

She believes that men are lining up to be with her, but says she’s not interested in them because she’s a “business woman,” and doesn’t like being fawned over.

She believes she is known worldwide by “thousands” of people because of the success of her “businesses.”

She says she was “discovered by a talent scout” who was researching her on Facebook.

Months later she had a record label CEO who coincidentally was “like me.” Naturally this talented and wealthy CEO had to resort to an online fundraiser to promote his star musician.

She’s written several books, including one on her inspirational quotes, and another on her quest to find true love.

And my personal favorite, she either believes, or wants people to believe, that she’s “close personal friends” with Zac Efron, and that he gets her to run his social media accounts when he’s sick.


According to our sources while Metro was speaking to a psychiatrist she burst into the office and ended the session because she found out that the doctor told Metro that his wife was a problem. That doctor, just like the doctors at Kent, didn’t know what they were talking about. But Kathryn Narcisi does. In a sane world this woman would be institutionalized with or without her consent, since she’s such a danger to herself and other people. But because we’re not living in a sane world she’s allowed to abuse and tie the court systems with frivolous lawsuits like this one.

Tonight I am scheduled to do an interview with Metro’s brother, which I will be recording. The final installment of Saving Metro Narcisi will follow shortly thereafter.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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