Sixth Grade Somerville Students Must Ask Teacher For Permission Not To Skip School On Friday To Protest Climate Change Ending The World In 11 Years


Sixteen year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and several other children testified in front of congress today, and lectured the adults that other adults elected about how they’re not doing enough to stop the “climate crisis,” because they’re 16 and known everything. Watch this video of Jamie Margolin, a child who somehow has a blue checkmark because she’s the smartest person who has ever lived, telling members of congress how climate change affects her life.

“I already have like, underlying issues of anxiety, and it’s just like really hard to grow up in a world full of ifs.”

You don’t have anxiety. You’re just overly nervous like every teenager since the beginning of time.

“I’ll be talking to my best friend and she’ll be like, yea, I want to see this natural place sometime if it’s still around, ummm, I really wanna study to be this…if that’s still gonna be a possibility.”

Our government is supposed to enact policy because this child and her best friend had like, a talk about like, armageddon.

“There’s this fear in my generation where people are joking and saying like what is even like the point? The world is ending, what are we studying for, what are we doing?”

Why is someone this naive and uneducated speaking in front of congress? She actually means every word of this. They genuinely believe that the world is ending in 10 years because they worship AOC and this is the nonsense she’s been spreading. It’s not the first time it’s happened either. Remember when those 9 year olds, led by adults, marched into Dianne Feinstein’s office and demanded that she vote for the Green New Deal?

This isn’t education, it’s a cult. Not a single one of these kids has any clue what they’re talking about. They’re being used as pawns by adults, because those adults know that if you throw a kid up there then it’s a lot harder to say no to them. And if you do, then you’re the villain. You’re the guy who got “schooled” by a kid in a 60 second clip that Think Progress shared on Twitter, and adults on the adults on the other side of the aisle will use this child to dunk on you.

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This is why kids now believe the world is ending in 10 years – because adults are too afraid to tell them that it’s not.

“We do not deserve here.”

“This girl is an icon.”

No, she’s a wealthy, autistic girl who can afford to travel to exclusively western nations and lecture them about how their countries should be run. This girl has spoken in Austria, Germany, Britain, France, and now the United States. Guess who she hasn’t lectured? India, China, Brazil, and the entire continent of Africa. The first two are the world’s biggest carbon polluters. She hasn’t gone there because those countries wouldn’t humor her. China and India are going through an industrial revolution in order to try to uplift their countries out of poverty. They wouldn’t let a 16 year old who knows nothing about the world waste their time by testifying in front of their government. But in America we see a child brainwashed by YouTube videos and we let them lecture us on policy.

On a local level this Friday is a national walk out for the “climate emergency.” Because if you phrase this as an emergency you can justify skipping class. A science teacher at Kennedy Middle School in Somerville name Lindsey Tosches sent this email out to parents today:


I support public school teachers in general, which is why I call out bad apples like this. Not all teachers are left wing propagandists. There are plenty of teachers who see stuff like this and quietly keep their opinions to themselves because they don’t want to lose their jobs. Trust me, I was one, and there were many more like me. We whispered in the teacher’s room about it but dared not bring it up at faculty meetings.

What teachers like this fail to understand is that these children do not belong to them. They are not their’s to brainwash with political propaganda. It’s not their job to organize walkouts in the school to protest for political causes. It’s their job to teach the curriculum in an unbiased manner. You don’t get to pick and choose the political causes you skip school for either. Is the school going hold a walkout to protect Roe vs. Wade? How bout to protect gun rights? What if we start framing those topics as emergencies too?

But worst of all is the fact that student participation is the default.

“Students who do not want to participate will remain in-doors and will continue background climate research.”

In other words, if your kid doesn’t want to walk out of class to sit on the sidewalk for half an hour because they’re mature enough to realize that this is nothing but meaningless virtue signaling, it is incumbent upon them to ask permission to stay in school.

This is madness.

It also puts 6th graders (11 years old) in a position where they will be stigmatized and left out if they choose to do the right thing and ask to stay inside. No child should be put in that position, and shame on these agenda driven teachers for doing this to them. I’m disgusted as a former teacher myself, and as a parent, that the school would sanction this kind of event.

In the email they sent out the link to the climate strike’s website, which specifically says that the world is ending in 11 years if we don’t stop what we’re doing.

If we do nothing in the next 11 years, nothing will change. Absolutely nothing.

The website also says that we have to “halt all deforestation” by 2030.

Yet these same people are banning plastic bags in favor of paper bags at grocery stores.

It says we must “align human law with natural law to ban resource extraction.”

The gas and oil industries would be shut down overnight.

It specifically advocates for the Green New Deal, which is an incredibly unpopular political piece of legislation that no rational adult thinks is remotely possible for us to pay for.

Schools should not be organizing walkouts that advocate for congress to pass legislation that not everyone agrees with.

And my personal favorite, “welcome those displaced by the cumulative effects of the climate crisis, economic inequality, violence, and lack of opportunity.”

Translation – open up the borders and pretend that the only reason people want to come here is because their countries are being destroyed by climate change. This is a policy 6th graders in Somerville will be protesting for on Friday. It’s something that AOC has been preaching for months now, because she’s running the country.

Climate change is certainly real, and there are things that can be done to address it. But any plan that doesn’t involve forcing China and India to cut down on carbon emissions isn’t a “bold” plan at all. No adult takes the “Green New Deal” seriously, which is why a grand total of zero senators voted for it. Children have no concept of money or a budget and they think that the world is literally ending in 11 years. If you really, truly thought that, then it’s understandable that you’d want to spend trillions of dollars to murder farting cows and ban airplanes.

But instead of adults stepping in and telling kids that they’re not going to die, they’re encouraging this unhealthy lunacy that’s making kids not care about the future because the planet probably isn’t going to exist anyway. More alarmingly they’re also sanctioning truancy, and putting kids in a position where they have to ask permission to stay in school. Shame on the Somerville Public Schools and any other school district that’s promoting this.


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