Monica Cannon-Grant Fired By Violence In Boston Board Of Directors, Says She’s Suing For Dissolving Nonprofit


Breaking News: The board of directors for Violence in Boston INC has voted to completely shut down (“desolve”) their operations as a result the federal indictment of CEO Monica Cannon-Grant on 18 counts of fraud.


It was originally stated that Monica would still work for Violence In Boston until her trial in March, she was just banned from touching any of the money as per the conditions of her release. This is the currently listed board of directors for VIB.

Andrew Swain is the executive director of the Boston Boys and Girls Club.

Jordan Berg Powers is a Worcester activist and has served as the head of various nonprofits.

Although they are ideologically aligned with Monica they aren’t stupid. Being associated with VIB was OK as long as Monica wasn’t doing her usual unhinged, violent race baiting. But if she continued to use VIB as a platform to spout off then it would put the reputations of the other nonprofits in jeopardy. They likely figured that Monica would tone it down considering the fact that she is facing 20 years in federal prison and would be best advised not to talk about her case on social media.

Instead she has done the exact opposite. She blamed people who want to sleep with her, made a website she claimed was being run by 27 unnamed suburban women to raise money for her legal fees, wrote herself a fake hate note and demanded the AGO investigate Turtleboy for it, illegally raised money in violation of her conditions of release, and doxxed the small children of people who criticized her for committing federal crimes.

The new leadership at VIB was tasked with cleaning up the image and distancing itself from Monica as much as possible. But Monica still had access to their Facebook page and frequently used it to raise money for her legal defense. Last week she was looking for 700 people to donate $100 in “reparations” to the fake organization she claims is run by 27 suburban women.

She continued to use VIB’s platform to criticize and call out City Councillor Julia Mejia, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Attorney General Maura Healey, WBUR, the Boston Foundation, the ACLU, and other progressive organizations for not having her back as they previously did when they propped her up as civil rights leader.

In fairness, she has a point. Monica Cannon-Grant would never been able to use VIB to defraud the community if it weren’t for influential political figures and institutions promoting her. She’s just too dumb to realize that these are people who only care about themselves, never cared about Monica, and only kissed her ass because it was politically useful to do so.

She also continues to use VIB’s Facebook page to criticize those who criticize her, claiming that such criticism is racism.

This is not behavior that people with a lot to lose can afford to be associated with. Monica is just now realizing that she’s no longer useful to these people since Turtleboy completely destroyed her credibility.

She also posted and commented on her personal Facebook page, calling out the board of directors for firing her without ever stepping foot in the building Marty Walsh gave to her for free, and ignoring the petition with 200 signatures that Monica started.

She also claims she signed a NDA preventing her from talking about any of this, but she says that is now null and void because she was fired, so she’s smearing them for turning down more grant money that Monica would’ve liked to get her hands on.

She says that she was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack, missed a board meeting about finances, and that they threatened to take her to court for refusing to cooperate.

She also may have illegally wiretapped the board members telling her that they don’t care about VIB and “just want it to be done.”

According to Monica the board put strict restrictions on her by not letting her handle the money, she claims she’s being extorted by former employees she never paid, and says the NDA papers she signed in exchange for a salary were like “slave papers.”

Monica told a commenter that after this was all over and she is acquitted she will be suing the board of directors.

But Monica would be wise to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence since her guilt is undeniable, and the feds have put together over 1 million pieces of evidence proving her guilt.

Monica may have lost all of her influential supporters, which is why she can’t raise money like she used to, but she does still have support from random nobodies in her comments who believe that she is the victim here.

All she does for the community? She defrauded and stole from the community, which is why she’s going to jail, silly.

Professor Ukraine is devastated.

At least Monica has that going for her.

MCG has gotten to where she is because she’s good at mobilizing mobs that scare powerful people into giving her free stuff. Although her supporter numbers have dwindled she is still trying to use these same tactics to get them to attack the board of directors.  A handsome young lady by the name of Tray Rock is quite upset with them.

Nuff said:

The hat. Tells me everything I need to know about this angry womxn Brother Muzzone cosplayer.

She also has the support of his guy:

His name is Datruck, as in “Get dat truck off my lawn or else it’s gonna look like Bret Killoran’s apartment,” and he’s a self described “street n***a, foot soldier on the battlefield” whose “hood general” is Monica.

So that’s good.

And let’s not forget the legal defense being provided by her gang banging rapper son Reese.

Checkmate feds.

If Reese’s defense doesn’t work out she plans to go with the “my racist white accountant Zeina Merchant didn’t do my taxes right” defense.

Her biggest supporter remaining is a white woman named Paula Kelly, who harasses people at their job after Monica doxxes them.

She is heart broken from the fact that VIB is now gone forever.


There is no hope for people this stupid.

With Roe vs. Wade being overturned, a rash of mass shootings, and a black man being killed in Akron after firing on police, you know that it’s just killing Monica not to be out on the streets leading protests. This is how she made a living defrauding the community for so long, and it’s the only thing she knows how to do. Unfortunately for her she poked the turtle and now she’s lost everything and is going to jail for a long, long time.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.


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