Sources: Josh Abrams Beaten Badly By Billy Tibbetts In Jail After Starting Fight With Former NHL Player


As previously reported, repeat criminals William “Billy” Tibbetts and Joshua Abrams are currently incarcerated in the same Nashua Street jail. This weekend we received a message from a DOC employee with intimate knowledge of the situation who informed us about the new found and short lived friendship between Josh and Billyl.

Reader Email: Josh Abrams and Billy Tibbetts fought Thursday. Abrams cut Tibbetts’ nose then Tibbetts pulled Abrams’ shirt over his own head and went to town on him. I work for the department. Figured you guys would find this pretty hilarious considering all the stories written on the two and they end up fighting, it writes itself.

Yes, this story does indeed write itself. I’m with SSTG on this one (she wrote about it on TBS) – I was rooting for Billy Tibbetts. That’s not to say that I condone anything that he has done, and I’m sympathetic towards his victims. But there are degrees here, and overall Josh Abrams is a more destructive and vile all around individual. Billy can occasionally be a amusing, because his accent is so ridiculous, and the fact that he lives in his mother’s house and ran for town selectman was too hilarious not to appreciate.

Josh, on the other hand, has no likable or amusing qualities whatsoever. He harasses homeless women with no teeth under the guise that he is “auditing” them. He lies to his own supporters and followers in order to defraud them out of what little money they have. He has a long and violent criminal record, and is so repulsive that he was rejected by both the police and Antifa at the same rally at the same time.  He talks a big game about hating the police but then runs to them the moment he feels threatened by a homeless woman.

It was fate that Abrams and Tibbetts would be locked up together. It was fate that they would initially be friends. It was fate that eventually this would ware off as that much time spent with Josh Abrams would drive any man insane. It was fate that Josh, thinking he’s a tough guy, would start a fight with a former NHL player known exclusively for fighting. It was fate that Billy Tibbetts would treat him like every person he fought during his short lived and failed career by pulling his shirt over his head and beating him like a red-headed stepchild.


And we are all sitting here enjoying the fact that Josh is finally getting his comeuppance.



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