State Police Colonel’s Son Gets Firearms Charges From Magistrate After 2 Month Coverup First Exposed By Turtleboy Daily News


Three weeks ago we broke the story about Mass State Police Colonel Chris Mason’s son Reid Mason being found passed out drunk in his car in Barnstable with at least four guns in the vehicle. Sources reported that his father was alerted and attempted to take the guns with him. This incident happened in the early hours of February 28, but the Barnstable Police did not contact the DA’s office until more than 2 months later. The DA’s office told BPD to apply for a criminal complaint to be heard in front of a magistrate, but no public statements were made about it until we reported on it.

Yesterday that hearing was held and the magistrate ruled that there was probable cause to charge Reid Mason with improper storage of a firearm.

Is Reid Mason a dangerous criminal who needs to be taken off the streets? Probably not. But this story isn’t about him so much as it is the corrupt system that protects people like him. Reid Mason certainly got consideration that no other person would’ve gotten in that situation because of who his father is, and this whole thing was one huge coverup. Five years ago we first reported on the Alli Bibaud arrest report coverup, which only happened because her father was a judge, and led to the resignation of the highest ranking members of the State Police. Five years later and the new head of the State Police tried to use his influence to help his son get out of a similar incident. And he would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for that pesky Turtleboy!

Police are still not saying who the person is that picked up Reid Mason, or why it took more than two months for anything to be done about this. But it’s quite obvious that this was going to be covered up until we reported on it. No field sobriety tests were given, despite the fact that he was hanging out of his car in the dead of winter, and miraculously Reid Mason’s unnamed family member knew to come down and pick up his son without anyone calling them. Coincidentally BPD Lt. Mark Mellyn, who acts as the department’s spokesman, bought a house of Colonel Mason.

Now all of a sudden the media has an interest in it.

“25 Investigates.”

More like Turtleboy investigates, and Fox 25 News shows up once the wheels of justice are in motion. According to them news of this encounter were “leaked to several media outlets.”

The hearing wasn’t scheduled until after word of the encounter leaked to several media outlets.

They were only leaked to one media outlet, and we all know what that media outlet was.


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