Stoughton Woman Featured In Blog Threatens To Sexually Assault Mom With Knife, Sends Pictures Of Guns, Invokes State Police And Mafia


Adrianna Mazza is a Stoughton resident who was featured in a blog yesterday after using politically incorrect language when describing her dissatisfaction with a recent plowing job, and then mocked children and down syndrome when several people voiced objection.

Evidently this woman has been threatening a variety of people online as well.

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She sounds lovely.

Shortly afterwards the blog was published she messaged our Facebook page (the entire thread is screenshotted below) and left us a collection of voicemails telling us (she didn’t specify which person in particular she was threatening) she’s going rape our mother in front of us, kill her, hide the body, rip out her reproductive organs, show up at our house with her state trooper uncle, and a variety of other lovely thoughts.

The messages are even more shocking if you can get through them all.


It truly is amazing the amount of obviously mentally unstable people there are roaming amongst us. There’s no way you could have a conversation with this woman and not take away from it that she should be locked in a mental institution. Yet here she is, threatening random people on Facebook in the most graphic and violent manner possible, while sending us pictures of guns and telling us she’s going to stick knives up Grandma’s hoo-hoo.

This is my life now. I have to be honest, I find these more entertaining than parent emails lecturing me about why their son or daughter deserved a better grade on their project.

Bristol did call the Stoughton Police for a wellness check, since the woman made it abundantly clear that she intended to slaughter the families of whoever it was she thought she was speaking to. Was she really going to kill us? Probably not, considering she didn’t seem to care who the person on the other end was. But when you threaten us, we call the cops. You might call it snitching, and that’s fine because I’m an adult, not some hoodbooger of the week, and I embrace this label.


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