Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins Investigates Police After Boston Cop Gets Shot By Violent Felon Out On Probation


Because of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax it hardly made a ripple in the media last week when a Boston Police Officer was shot by a career criminal during a traffic stop at 2 AM in Roxbury. The officers were fired upon first, returned fire, and killed the suspect, Kasim Kahrim.

The officer is recovering in the hospital, but Kasim, like too many criminals before him, remained free despite having over 40 charges against him in his lifetime. His resume includes:

  • A guilty plea to a violent carjacking
  • A conviction for selling crack cocaine
  • Violation of a restraining order against his ex-gf and baby momma.

    “March 31, 2007 approximately 3 a.m. the defendant called the victim repeatedly, rang her door bell several times. The defendant was screaming outside of the victim’s home. The defendant threw a brick and a rusted padlock at the home causing the windows to break and damage to the siding. The defendant also damaged the victim’s mother’s car and threatened to burn the house down,” court records show.

  • After that, and despite having 11 warrants out for his arrest, he was caught by police slashing his baby momma’s tires outside of the apartment where he had a restraining order from. When they went to arrest him he violently resisted, using a weapon.

    “Officers ordered the suspect at gunpoint to drop the knife and get on the ground several times, as the suspect ignored the officers and remained standing with the knife in his hand,” police wrote in the documents. Officers found 14 individually wrapped pieces of a substance believed to be crack cocaine when they searched the suspect.

  • He went to jail for this, but was released in 2012 after then State Rep Carlos Henriquez wrote a letter of support for him. We blogged about Henriquez in October. The disgraced elected official was convicted of violently assaulting his girlfriend (who he never apologized to and has not admitted wrongdoing against), refused to resign his seat (even though he was going to jail for 6 months), and had to be forced out by the state legislature. Last year he was given a $90K a year job by Marty Walsh in a position Walsh created out of thin air – Special Assistant for Communication. Henriquez’ mother is a big shot, so his letter carried a lot of weight.

  • In 2016 Kasin Kahrim failed to use his 37th chance at life properly when he was arrested for shooting an illegally owned firearm in the air next to a 88 year old woman in Roxbury.
  • Despite his long and violent record he only went to jail for 2 years, and was released a month after notoriously anti-police District Attorney Rachael Rollins was elected.
  • Despite being out on probation he was still riding dirty at 2 AM, with an illegally owned firearm which he used to shoot a Boston Police Officer.

Of course the tragedy here is not that a career scumbag is dead but rather that a police officer was shot. Luckily the cop will live and the scumbag will never breathe again. Obviously this is a good thing since all he did in his wasted 36 years on earth was assault women, play with guns, and endanger law abiding people.

But of course Rachael Rollins has never hid her disdain for law enforcement, so it was only a matter of time until she blamed the police and took the side of the criminal. This is a woman who announced 15 crimes she would not be charging people with when she became DA.

She was given thousands of dollars by radical anti-police activist Shaun “Wack Panther” King.

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Here’s what she had to say:

Any loss of life is tragic and this morning’s events on Gerard Street are no exception. I want to express my relief that the injured officer is expected to survive. I hope for his full recovery, and my thoughts are with his family at home and his brothers and sisters in law enforcement. I also want to express my deep sadness and sympathies for the family and loved ones of the man whose life was lost. They, too, are undoubtedly in shock at circumstances beyond their control. . . I want to assure the people of Boston and Suffolk County that I will be conducting an independent investigation into this incident and it will be full, fair, thorough, and impartial.

No, any loss of life is not “tragic.” The day Kasim Kahrim stopped existing was a great day for society, and a huge gain. The only thing he ever did while alive was inflict violence upon others. Now that he’s dead he can no longer do that. His family and loved ones are quite likely to be degenerates as well, because you don’t become a career criminal like this if you were raised properly.

It’s also noteworthy that Rollins employs another career felon named Christian White on her staff. We blogged about him in December when it was announced that he would be in charge of hiring new ADA’s, and one of the questions he said he was going to ask was, “do you think I’m a gangsta?”

And if you think for one second that she is going to give these two police officers a fair investigation (why is she investigating them instead of Internal Affairs if they got shot first?) then I have a horse ranch in Nantucket I’d like to sell you. Here’s what Christian White has had to say about the lawful shooting.

“I’m glad the officer gets to go home to his family, but I’m sad the other man doesn’t get to go home to his family either.”

Yea, generally if you shoot the police there’s a good chance you will not be going home to your family. Again, violent career criminal, illegally carrying a gun, shoots cop and ends up dead. Case closed. A District Attorney that actually respected law enforcement wouldn’t waste the taxpayer’s time with this. But when you employ a violent felon like Christian White, who clearly has nothing to do all day but bother the police and post incessantly on Facebook, you instinctively side with career criminals like Kasim Kahrim.

And look who’s hopping on the anti-police bandwagon.

The woman beater who makes $90K a year to work in a made up position because his mother was a powerful public figure. How’s that privilege working out for you Carlos? I have no felony convictions and the Mayor of one of the biggest cities in the country didn’t make up a job for me because of who my Mommy was, despite my “white privilege.”

Christian has also been calling cops “slave patrols.”

So I’m sure this police officer who put his life on the line and got shot by a scumbag who should’ve been in jail for life, will be given a fair investigation by Rollins.

Boston has been taken over by people like Henriquez, Christian White, Rachael Rollins, and Didi Delgado. They make more money than almost everyone reading this, they have complete control, and they believe that the cops are the enemy and that violent felons deserve unlimited chances. Keep voting for people like Rollins, and spineless wimps like Walsh who will do anything to get elected, and this is what you get.



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