Tape: David Leavitt’s Police Call After Swansea Target Tori Wouldn’t Let Him Steal Toothbrush Is As Hilarious As You Would Imagine


It’s been a week since blue checkmarke gamer David Leavitt called the police from the Swansea Target after they wouldn’t let him steal a tooth brush and he subsequently shamed the manager named Tori on his Twitter account with 210K followers. Tonight I received the police call, and he sounds how most people likely believe he sounded.

I didn’t think it was possible to sound worse than he did in those tweets, but he found a way. Remember over the summer when the SJW outrage of the day was over people like David calling the cops on black people over harmless things? Turns out it happens to white people too.

Leavitt: This is not an emergency at all, but I’m at the Target in Swansea and I’m trying to make a purchase. They have it advertised as a price and they’re not honoring the price. And the store manager is saying that they can’t honor the price. And I showed them the Massachusetts state website that says that they have to honor the price that’s listed in the sign.”

Dispatcher: Yup. 

(Awkward silence)

Dispatcher: So if they’re not honoring it there’s nothing we’re gonna be able to do if they don’t wanna honor it. You’re probably gonna have to go through the BBB or something along those lines

Leavitt: It says it on the Massachusetts.gov website for retailers that it’s state law that they have to honor the price that’s listed on the signs. 

Dispatcher: OK. Alright, we’ll send an officer.

Leavitt: Umm….yea…I mean, it’s not an emergency so it’s not a rush. I tried asking them multiple times to honor the price.

Dispatcher: Alright we’ll send someone over. 

The mere fact that he made a call in the first place should be grounds to be arrested.

He should be arrested for using the police line for non-police business. I know he’s dumb, but I don’t believe he’s THAT dumb. He knew he was trying to steal that tooth brush, and he knew the cops wouldn’t be able to help him. He just called them to scare Target Tori some more before weaponizing his Twitter to attack her.

The awkward part moving forward is that David Leavitt works in the same plaza as Target Tori. He is gainfully employed at the Marshall’s in Swansea, so he’ll probably keep seeing her. Sources tell us that they moved him there from the Marshfield Marshall’s after he was confronted by another low wage worker whose boss was publicly shamed on his Twitter because she wouldn’t let him steal a soda.

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It would be a real shame if that happened again, or if people started messing with his job the way that he messed with Target Tori’s job.

Let’s also not overlook the factor that you could argue that Marshall’s and Target are in kind of competitors. They’re just a notch above Ware standards. People go those places to feel better than people who are shopping for the same things at Walmart. It begs the question, why is an employee of Marshall’s trying to steal from a competitor and weaponizing his Twitter account to attack employees of that competitor?


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