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The Scary White Supremacists Who Marched The Freedom Trail On Saturday Are The Same Morons From Idaho 3 Weeks Ago


Over the weekend a bunch of people claiming to be from the white supremacist group “Patriot Front” marched through the streets of Boston.

If your immediate reaction to stuff like this isn’t to immediately assume that the Feds are playing dress up again, then there’s pretty much nothing you won’t believe.


Three weeks ago men dressed in the same exact outfits were arrested in a UHaul truck headed to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

And wouldn’t you know it? It appears but those same gentleman turned out to be the ones who visited Boston over the weekend. They even used the UHaul truck again.


You know white nationalism is a HUGE problem when they have to fly the same 30 morons and their FBI friends across the country to make it seem like this is some sort of movement with widespread acceptance.

You know why I’ve never heard of any of these people before? Because none of them matter. They’re some of the most insignificant people in the country, they have no political power, their views on race aren’t accepted by any major political parties, and their message isn’t catching on with anyone.

For all the talk about how white nationalists are the biggest domestic terrorist threat to our country all they seemed to do was walk the Freedom Trail while carrying their cute little flags and cosplaying. A couple liberal hardos like Rod Webber (a 48 year old unemployed man who lives in his mother’s house in Needham) and something called James Meickle tried really hard to get some Twitter applause by heroically filming themselves yelling at these unemployable virgins and their fed friends.

Imagine thinking that someone who Rod Webber isn’t afraid of is the biggest terrorist threat in the country today.

Regardless, their presence gave useless politicians like Ed Markey and Michelle Wu the perfect opportunity to virtue signal about how they condemn white supremacists and are committed to love and equity.

Thank you for clarifying. I was totally wondering where they stood on white supremacy. Very, very bold of them to take a stand against such a popular and well liked movement.

Today they went one step further and held a press conference outside Boston Police headquarters.

If you’re looking for racists in Boston you need only look at the people standing behind Michelle Wu. Elected officials like City Councillor Tania Fernandes Anderson, State Rep Liz Miranda, and US Attorney Rachael “Road Rage” Rollins.

The media is reporting that the very scary white supremacists attacked a black man named Charles Murrell, and they keep posting these pictures:

But as you can see, it just shows him flailing his arms and putting his hand in one guy’s face, so it’s hard to tell what’s even happening there. If they attacked him then they’ll be arrested. But I have a feeling there’s more to that picture considering the dress wearing, flue playing activist somehow found himself in the middle of these goons.

The Cincinnati Feds took the train from Malden, which the City of Malden and the Malden Police Department posted about on Facebook. Of course legal geniuses who don’t understand how the First Amendment works were upset that they weren’t arrested for wrong think.

Yea, they should be arrested for…..something. Ya know, because they’re the “correct” people to arrest, and they/them Sunni Kreuger doesn’t agree with their views on race.

Greg Slawson wants them to go to jail because he feels unsafe walking the streets of Malden after a bunch of losers from Oklahoma showed up in his city to park their cars for a couple hours.

Don’t worry Greg, you’re white, you got your commie cold jab, and those socks will prevent you from getting blisters in your boat shoes, so I think you’re pretty safe.

Not everyone can be as brave as Rod Webber.




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