Thug Who Jumped Autistic Boy In Sturbridge Woods Identified As Lorenzo Valentin, Sturbridge Police Chief Attempts To Discredit Reporting He Chose Not To Report 


Yesterday we published a blog about a vicious beating of a 13 year old autistic boy who was lured into the woods by a classmate, only to be jumped by the other boy and his 17 year old brother. We now know the older brother who repeatedly kicked a defenseless child in the head during the recorded beating is Lorenzo Valentin.

We originally reported that the 17 year old was 18, which we have since corrected. The Sturbridge Police Department made no mention of this orchestrated, racially motivated assault when it happened on April 19, but they felt it necessary to post something this morning in response to the article.

This is what victim blaming and deflection looks like. They say the 13 year old child was not lured there, but that he went to fight. In other words, it was partly his fault. They even felt the need to write “NOT” lured in ALL CAPS. The only reason to do that is to make the violent thugs seem less dastardly.

But then in the next breath the Chief says that the victim was jumped when the older brother jumped in. In other words, the 13 year old autistic boy was LURED there by a classmate who told him they would be fighting one on one, but who had no intention of fighting him one on one because he knew that his 17 year old brother would help him assault the boy.

They didn’t “lure” him there, they just lied about what was going to happen so that they could film themselves viciously assaulting him while yelling racial slurs.

Does this look like a consensual fight?

The kid looked like an ISIS prisoner waiting to get his head chopped off. Do kids who agree to get in fights walk away, cover their heads, and not throw a single punch?

There is also one other boy who appears in the film, as well as the person filming it. That’s four on one. They did nothing to stop this and were encouraging the beating. This was clearly planned, and it’s disingenuous for Chief Dessert to suggest that it wasn’t.

On top of that the young thugs then assaulted the victim’s stepfather after he responded to help his son, AND Lorenzo Valentin threatened to attack the victim with a machete next time they had an “encounter.” Here’s a video of that assault.

They’re being charged with a bunch of felonies, which are meaningless because they’re being charged as juveniles.

In other words, it was actually much worse than I originally reported. Yet Chief Dessert felt the need to use language like “false information,” in an attempt to discredit reporting that was entirely accurate, and that he chose not to report about when it happened. He did that because he wanted reactions like this from people like Lauren LeClair:

“I wish people would stop reading turtleboy, they only care about shock and awe value, not facts.”

Tell that to Karen Read.

She makes a good point though – criminals and corrupt officials would LOVE it if you all just stopped reading Turtleboy Daily News. Far too many of her scumbag friends have been exposed and brought to justice as a result of our award winning journalism. Jen McCabe and Brian Albert approve of this message.

David Almeida was inspired to ask Chief Dessert what would be happening to me for not contacting the police about an incident that happened in April.

Presented without comment.

These are the kind of people Chief Dessert was hoping to appeal to with this post:

The bottom line is our reporting was completely accurate, except for the fact that the violent thug who assaulted an autistic boy was 17 rather than 18, and that he also assaulted the victim’s father. In other words, we reported news that the Sturbridge Police Department chose to keep under wraps, and forced them to tell the whole story, which they initially had no intention of ever doing.

P.S. Chief Dessert appears to have messaged me this morning prior to publication but unsent the messages.


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