Tisbury Police Chief Reinstates Veteran Crossing Guard After Illegally Confiscating Guns, New Principal Is Married To School Resource Officer Who Was Criticized


We have an update on the story we reported on yesterday about the Korean war veteran and retired police officer who was fired from his job as a Tisbury elementary school crossing guard and had his guns and LTC confiscated by an overzealous police chief.

He has been reinstated, thanks in large part to all the people who voiced their concerns about a waitress eavesdropping in on a private conversation between patrons, then misrepresenting what they were discussing to the police chief so that his civil rights could be violated. Does this man look like he’s a threat to the safety of children?

Only if breaking hearts is felony.

According to the article he had no idea all this outrage was going on because not only does he not own a computer, he also doesn’t own a phone, which is the best part of this story.

The villain continues to be Chief Mark Saloio.

He wrote this tone deaf email to the MV Times:

“The town, collectively, has expressed an outpouring of concern about Mr. Nichols, and his employment as a school crossing guard. We as well share those concerns. We wish to make you aware that today, Mr. Nichols was informed that he may return to his crossing guard duties tomorrow morning.”

He “may return?” It’s not up to him to grant this man rights. His rights are God given and inalienable. Nice to know that if you live on Martha’s Vineyard your rights are in the hands of an authoritarian police chief who is only there because he wants to retire in a couple years, and he has people all over the island ready to listen in on your private conversations and use the words that come out of your mouth to dangle your rights over your head and give them back to you when he feels like it. I hope Steve’s lawyer sues the police chief and the town senseless.

This is the statement in its entirety.


One important fact that’s not being reported is that Officer Scott Ogden is married to the school’s vice principal Melissa Ogden.

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She took personal offense that this elderly man had the audacity to criticize the job her husband was doing as a school resource officer while eating breakfast with a friend at a restaurant. It damaged her ego to the point where she was willing to conspire with the police chief and a waitress (who is a parent of a student at the school) to get this man fired, and take his guns and LTC.

The worst part is that this all happened weeks ago, and wasn’t reported by the waitress until last week. Clearly she didn’t see this as any sort of imminent threat and was just doing it out of pure vindictiveness. We’d love to know who this waitress is, so feel free to email me at [email protected] because she doesn’t deserve anonymity in this.

And just for the record, the concenrs that were voice in this private conversation by Stevey were completely valid. If you’re being paid to be a school resource officer then stay at the school. They have coffee in the teacher’s room, so drink it there instead of running to the Xtra Mart.


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