Tony Branch Loses Bid To Impound Divorce Documents Containing Allegations About Raping 15 Year Old Girl, Compares Himself To Lynching Victims, In Denial About Being Banned From Graduation


Last week the Southeastern Regional School Committee voted 7-3 to ban Chairman Tony Branch from the stage at graduation after several parents said at the most recent meeting that they did not feel comfortable allowing their children to shake hands with a pedophile. Tony Branch is in complete denial about what happened, calling the vote “fake news,” and is having a meltdown on Twitter over it. On Wednesday he compared himself to lynching victims “hanging from a tree.”

He dismissed anyone who objected to this offensive comparison as compromised due to their “white privilege.”

The best part is all his tweets have one like, and they’re all from him. Not only does this guy vote to protect himself on the School Committee, he likes his own tweets to make it seem like there are still people out there who will back him up.

To make matters worse for Branch a judge in probate court this week denied his motion to impound his divorce documents containing the allegations that he had sex with a 15 year old girl, which 2 judges have now called “substantially true” and credible.

Branch Denial

It is clear from the judges tone in the denial that he is sick of Tony Branch’s shenanigans and abuse of the court, as he mentioned that Branch has now filed 129 motions since the 2016 divorce. The judge also said that the allegations should not be impounded, and that the public should be able to access them since Branch is the chairman of a school committee and has “significantly diminished privacy interest,” because of his access to children.

“As a Chair of the Southeastern Regional School Committee, Plaintiff participates in making policy and decisions affecting children. Consequently, the public has an interest in full disclosure of all information which is relevant to his character, particularly if and as it involves children.”

“Allegations of potential embarrassment, or the fear of unjustified adverse publicity, are not sufficient.”

Sorry Tony, just because you’re embarrassed by the fact that your own court documents prove that you are a pedophile doesn’t mean you have the right to hide them from the public.

He is not bothering to defend himself and still has not handed over any discovery in his frivolous lawsuit against me. Instead he is taking a different route of attempting to smear my character. He dug up a blog from February of 2014 published in the St. Bonaventure student newspaper in order to do this.


Wait….what? We’re not trying to Jim Crow you Tony. Some people just don’t like their children to be around pedophiles at their high school graduation.

It’s also an interesting choice of articles to share. When I first started writing Turtleboy Sports anonymously I actually wrote about sports a lot. I’m a UMass basketball fan and they were actually good that year and made the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1998. We were ranked 19th in the country, and lost our first game of the season to St. Bonaventure, who sucked. I used to crap on their fans all the time because they’re insane and their team wears poop colored uniforms. This did not go over well with a freshman student newspaper reporter named Hannah Gordon, who wrote this hilarious article smearing Turtleboy. She was really mad about the poop comment, and the fact that upstate New York to me is all the same thing:

If you want someone to take your opinion seriously, the first thing you have to do is disregard all spelling and grammar rules. Next, forget what anyone told you about fact checking. No one cares if what you say is true or can be supported with real information. Oh, and you should definitely make your point by attacking irrelevant information.

The above paragraph is nonsense, just like TurtleBoy Sports, a blog about sports and entertainment (, who said he blogs under the name TurtleBoy to protect his family.

“TurtleBoy needs to make sure his family is safe from obviously mentally unstable and possibly psychopathic St. Bonaventure fans,” TurtleBoy said. “St. Bonaventure is not the first program or person I have called out, and they won’t be the last. Thus I choose to remain anonymous.”

TurtleBoy’s newfound opinion of Bonaventure is harsh.

“I really had no opinion about St. Bonaventure fans until recently,” he wrote. “I mean, who gives a (expletive) about a school of ZERO relevance? Now I can say with absolute certainty that I hate them.”

That’s how TurtleBoy began his Jan. 30 blog post rant about St. Bonaventure following the UMass/Bonaventure basketball game, which resulted in a 78-65 win for the Bonnies. Our unranked team won against a nationally ranked team for the first time in 14 years.

After that loss, it’s understandable that UMass fans were upset, but TurtleBoy took to his blog and wrote a post attacking St. Bonaventure University, its students and irrelevant details of the game, like the color of our jerseys, which are, according to TurtleBoy “the color of poop.” Bona’s brown represents the color the friars wear because Bonaventure is a Franciscan University.

Other inaccuracies in TurtleBoy’s post included Bonaventure’s location. According to TurtleBoy, Bonaventure is not only in Buffalo, but all Buffalonians (including Bonnies because they are all from Buffalo by his geographic understanding) are “nudniks,” and “animals.”

So, please, TurtleBoy, keep saying Bonaventure is in Buffalo. Bonnies will keep laughing. And keep saying our rural university of 2,000 students is small and therefore stupid. St. Bonaventure has produced five members of Congress, where UMass has one, and six Pulitzer Prize winners, where UMass has three, according to their respective websites.

In a follow-up post, TurtleBoy replied to the comments from Bonnies and clarified that we aren’t in Buffalo.

“They’re somewhere in upstate New York,” he said. “Doesn’t really matter where though since upstate New York is a completely irrelevant part of the United States of America. That’s why God just dumps a (expletive) ton of snow on it every year. He doesn’t want anyone living there on account of it sucks so bad.”

TurtleBoySports makes no sense in his post. He didn’t fact check himself enough to know where St. Bonaventure is located. He attacked the colors of the school instead of the way the team played. He ranted instead of making a valid point because he was mad that UMass lost.

We aren’t irrelevant. We aren’t stupid. We’re proud to be Bonnies, and if you don’t like that, then tough luck. We’re the WolfPack, and that means we support each other and our school no matter what. Go Bonnies.




There have been countless attempts to smear Turtleboy and take us down since then, but it all began with a student reporter at a school no one outside of the Atlantic 10 has ever heard of. Of all the hit pieces Tony Branch could’ve chosen, he chose this one. That’s where he’s at right now.

Not looking good for Brother Branch.


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