Transgender Activists Upset At Feminist Facebook Page For Pro-Choice Meme Because Not All Woman Have A Uterus


A left wing Facebook page called “Lizzy the Lezzy” attempted to share a meme about why they think abortion rights should not be restricted by the government on Saturday.

The idea that women should have complete control over their bodies is a standard left wing talking point on this issue. And five or ten years ago it was a point of view that the left united on.

But then the left went off the deep end and began to cater to the most radical amongst them, and this post has received a plethora of comments from pro-choice leftists who found a way to be offended by it. Let’s see why.

“Our anatomy is female. Genitals aren’t gendered.”

So we’ve apparently moved past the “gender is a social construct” thing, and moved right into “biology isn’t a thing that exists at all.” Because for the last few years we were told that men who believe that they are women are female by gender, but biologically male. Now we’re just pretending that biology isn’t real. Got it.


“As a female who doesn’t have this anatomy, this is transphobic.”

If you’re a “female” who doesn’t the anatomy (female reproductive organs) then you’ll never find yourself in a position where you’ll have to contemplate abortion. And that’s ultimately what this meme was about.

“I’m literally shaking right now.”

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Upon further review of Guy and Kenneth’s Facebook pages these appear to be mocking social justice culture. However, it’s gotten a number of likes and loves, as well as people agreeing with them in the comments. That’s how you know you’ve gone off the deep end – when you satirize an opinion for the purpose of mocking it and still find people who agree with you.

“I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.”

Join the club. This is what I’m going to refer to myself as from now on. I’m a biological male attracted to women. How have I not cashed in on this?

There were other more appropriate terms that the mob found acceptable.

“Pre-transition trans men.”

“AFAB non binary.”

“Some intersex and cis woman anatomy.”

“They/them pronouns.”

Imagine explaining what any of this means to your grandfather? Because I got bad news for democrats – old people vote. And if the strategy to take back the White House is to rally behind pronouns and the denial of biological realities, then you better brace yourself for four more years of Trump. Because that’s exactly how you get more Trump.


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