Turtleboy Attorney Marc Randazza Writes Scathing Letter To Wachusett School Committee Threatening Legal Action, Communists Accuse TB Of Being Terrorist, Demand Police Arrest Me 


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Last night four members of the Wachusett Area Social Justice Alliance violated my First Amendment rights, attempted to intimidate me from attending a public meeting, tried to take my phone, and told me to go back to Worcester because I was recording public speakers at a Wachusett Regional School Committee meeting in Holden.

The four people were:

  • Soudie Tahmassebipour – the owner of a DEI consulting firm, President of the social justice nonprofit, and an attorney
  • Tom Curran – a member of the Board of Selectmen
  • Jennifer Lish – a child psychologist
  • Brendan O’Malley – a teacher at University Park School in Worcester

Soudie in particular should understand that the law permits me to record in public, but it’s really more common sense than anything.

Chairwoman Sherrie Haber should have immediately reprimanded them and alerted the communist aggressors that the First Amendment and open meeting laws permit me to record public meetings. Instead she said that I had to disclose that I would be videotaping prior to the meeting, prior to taking a 5 minute recess to review the law. Here it is from a different angle, as they interrupted a woman telling an unconfirmed third hand story that she claims her daughter told her about black kids at school being called racial slurs.

After the recess Haber came back and announced that the law said I had a right to record from that point on, suggested that she was “allowing” me to record, and told me to delete the footage I had already taken.

I told her I would not be deleting anything.

In response to Haber’s statements, and the intimidation tactics used against me as an award winning journalist and concerned and loving parent, my Attorney Marc Randazza issued a scathing letter to her and the people who attempted to silence me:

2023.01.31 MJR Ltr to Wachusett re TurtleBoy

We understand that you belatedly gave Mr. Kearney “permission” to record the meeting. However, Mr. Kearney does not require your permission to record a public meeting. Therefore, he rejects your “permission.” Permission implies a grant of a privilege. Mr. will no sooner accept your grant of “permission” to record meetings than he would accept your “permission” to engage in any other First Amendment protected activity.

Mr. Kearney therefore rejects your permission. He expresses the most extreme disrespect possible for it. No free American would ever accept “permission” from the government to engage in a clear First Amendment right. That you would even imagine that you had the right to grant or withhold permission is offensive to the Constitution, and it carries neither weight nor authority with us.

During the meeting, as you granted your “permission” for him to record, you conditioned it on him deleting the footage taken prior to that. Thereafter, Chairwoman Haber insisted that he had to delete his footage. He did not. He will not.

Mr. Kearney not only rejects your demand, but mocks it. Mr. Kearney will not only refuse to comply, but he has published the footage online, and he will not stop doing so. In fact, he intends to now publish it more widely than he otherwise might have, simply as an exercise of defiance against your unjust attempts to exercise your non-existent authority

Free men do not seek the permission of tyrants to be free. Marc is an excellent attorney and is currently defending me in a frivolous lawsuit filed by Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia. If you would like to donate to my legal defense fund please click here.

Soudie Tahmassebipour is now using her platform to attack the two Holden Police officers in attendance, one of whom is the well-liked school resource officer, for not arresting me. She foolishly used the Massachusetts wiretapping statute in a post today as evidence that I committed a crime.

Many people have tried and failed to have me charged with wiretapping because they don’t understand how the law works, but this woman is an attorney and should know better. Wiretapping involves secretly recorded conversations. Since public meetings are not only in public, but recorded and live streamed on the town’s website, it would therefore be impossible to wiretap a School Committee meeting.

Soudie is intentionally misstating the law to the public, which could be a violation of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Responsibility. Perhaps the Board of Bar Overseers should be alerted about her behavior, because her army of Karens trusts her legal advice:

Annemarie Gova’s husband is a member of the School Committee from Rutland who voted in favor of the DEI policy last night.

This proves that the School Committee worked in concert with the activists who violated my First Amendment rights.

Erin Ottmar is also the spouse of a School Committee member from Paxton named Karl Ottmar, who she forces to wear a mask during meetings.

She is also part of the group that brought these communist thugs and suggested that my presence at a public meeting intimidates children from speaking out in behalf of her political causes.

Most kids don’t speak at School Committee meetings because they’re too busy being kids and don’t have time to think or care about DEI policies. The only kids who are scared to speak are those who are opposed to the policy, because they know they’ll be labeled as bigots and bullied at school over their political opinions.

Only one student spoke at the meeting, and she was in favor of the DEI policy. She was clearly being used as a prop by the activists, and announced to the committee that she uses she/they pronouns, which makes absolutely no sense. Despite clearly being a girl she refers to herself as nonbinary, which is a completely made up thing that communists have convinced people is real. She also claimed that students at Wachusett have left her notes calling her a “f***ing faggot,” told her to kill herself, and stomped on a Pride flag in front of her.

This is the face that normal people make when a 15 year old says their pronouns are she/they.

This student was treated with respect. Clearly no students are scared to speak out at meetings.

According to this girl’s mother, not only is her daughter nonbinary, her son in middle school also has been “exploring his identity on the LGBT spectrum” by wearing nail polish to school, and has been ridiculed while “exploring the use of alternative pronouns.” She claims that her son is a victim because other kids understandably ask him why he’s wearing nail polish, because the answer is that she urges him to. She complains that other parents have told their children that there are only two genders. She then held up the note she claims that her child found in their locker calling them a “f***ing faggot,” which is likely made up and being used to push the DEI policy.

If one of your kids claims to be nonbinary and your other kid wears nail polish to school because you encourage them to explore their gender identity, as if it’s some sort path in the woods they’ve never gone down, then you are a groomer. Kids don’t end up this way naturally, they are trained to do this by their parents, who are using them as pawns for political purposes. They pretend that their children are victims and make up fake notes in order to play on people’s heart strings and affect public policy.  Every “transgender kid” you will ever see comes from a family where the parents are activists and encourage them to be something they’re not. The psychological damage they are doing to these children is criminal, and mothers like this should be rotting in prison.

This is Karen Moore Haynes.

She’s a part of the social justice alliance and is furious that the police didn’t take my phone and force me to delete content that belonged to me. She also wanted me removed.

This is what they want to do to anyone who opposes them. This is why it is accurate to call them communists.

Soudie then referred to me as a “terrorist,” claims that I play to people’s ignorance (despite the fact that it is she who is ignorant of the law), and alleges that I have destroyed many lives. Karen insinuated that she wants me dead by saying that she really hopes the “karma train hurries up and takes care of him.”

But I’m not a terrorist. I’m a concerned parent and an award winning journalist protecting his children from political indoctrination and reporting on a public meeting. And I’m not going anywhere, so you better get used to me.

During Soudie’s speech she said admitted that she seeks to financially gain from DEI policies because her consulting company could be paid by the district to teach DEI training to teachers and students. She went well over her allotted 2 minutes and refused to leave the microphone because she believes that rules do not apply to her.

I mentioned in the first blog that a teacher from Hopkinton High School used the Mikayla Miller tragedy to promote the DEI policy:

He said that we needed DEI because a black student at his school committed suicide. The student he was referring to is Mikayla Miller, who killed herself after suffering from years of abuse and neglect at the hands of her mother, Calvina Strothers, who was criminally charged for it. Miller was going through a breakup with her girlfriend and was severely depressed. Monica Cannon-Grant, Ben Crump, and the media spread the baseless lie that Miller was lynched by 5 white teenagers, and raised money off that lie. People like Monica are the ones who get paid to teach DEI. We first reported on emails Miller’s ex-girlfriend sent Miller’s guidance counselor, warning her that Miller was suicidal. The school that this teacher tonight spoke at did nothing about it. Now he has the nerve to blame her suicide on a lack of DEI training. Hopkinton High School still has Mikayla Miller’s blood on their hands, and it’s disgusting that a teacher would weaponize this tragedy.

That teacher’s name is Mike Wilander, and there is blood on his hands due to his school’s inaction in getting Mikayla the help and treatment that she desperately needed.

I really wanted to be civil with these people because I live in the same town as them and I may see them out in public places with my children. But it’s clear that they have no intention of doing that, as they are uncivilized communists, incapable of treating those they disagree with in a respectful manner.


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