UMass Vice Chancellor Says Theta Chi Riot Was Peaceful Protest, Angry Feminists Want Me To Die For Defending Due Process Rights


This is Brandi Hephner LaBlanc, the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Campus Life at UMass.

She makes over $300,000 in taxpayer money, and we’ve written about her before when she expelled two students for the crime of taking a picture together outside without masks on.

She is completely useless and has responded to the blog published earlier in the week about the lawless rioters who assaulted brothers at Theta Chi, threw rocks through their windows, attempted to invade their home, and flipped over cars in the parking lot. You would think that someone who was willing to expel 19 year old girls for not wearing masks would come down on hard on students who took part in rioting, assault, and property destruction, but instead she’s calling them peaceful protesters.

They literally threw a bottle at someone’s head in broad daylight as the mob cheered it on.

This is not peaceful protesting, it’s gaslighting from a useless, overpaid administrative hack, desperately trying to appease a mob. Not one member of that fraternity has been accused of rape, never mind charged or convicted. This is all coming from an anonymous post on Yik Yak that you are I could create ourselves if we had a vendetta against Theta Chi.

A member of the fraternity was apparently paralyzed over the summer and a GoFundMe was started in his name. Look what one of these mob members wrote on it below.

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These are the disgusting, useless wastes of space that UMass administration is siding with. Both the University and the world at large would be a better place if they simply stopped existing.

The mob is also being egged on by Barstool Sports’ Zoomasschicks social media accounts, which issued this press release condemning the frat for doing nothing wrong.

Besides the irony of working for an organization that invented “rape culture,” Zoomass Chicks were just at Theta Chi last weekend filming a party there.

But yea, they care. I’d still love to know who runs that account. Message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected] if you know who they are. Time they became Turtleboy famous too.

Meanwhile, my inbox is on fire with feminists sharing their thoughts on the blog.

Jay seemed nice.

Look Jay, I get why you’re mad. Every Dad who finds out he’s having a boy gets excited about the idea of throwing the ball around in the backyard, teaching him how to tie a tie, and giving him advice on girls. Then you came along and were a constant source of disappointment to your old man, which left you angry and bitter. But that doesn’t mean my son should grow up fatherless. Have some perspective ma’aam!

Abby Jo Brooks says I’m the scum of the earth for respecting due process and opposing riots.


Oh dear, I’m sorry you’re going through your angry goth faze of life, and that it’s hard for you to find a decent guy when you insist on wearing combat boots on first dates, but if you’d just stop trying so hard to be a Manson freak you might actually get invited to a party before you graduate from UMass.

I’d recommend not dressing up like a washed up like an ICP groupie and calling yourself a they/she though.

Alyssa Pandolph from Fitchburg thinks I’m defending rapists, so her and I had a productive back and forth.

I’m blown away that people this stupid got into college. Then again, Maxine Waters and AOC are sitting members of Congress, so dumb people can pretty much do anything these days. And who told these poor girls that installing a door knocker in their nose was attractive?

You look like a rodeo bull. What guy has ever looked at his woman and said, “Ya know, I’m really attracted to you right now, but if you got this horseshoe lodged in your nostrils I’d be hard in 3 seconds.” Also, you’re a chick, not a they/them.

That’s not how biology works girl!

Hannah Davis sent me a respectful F you.

She’d probably be a lot less miserable if she ate at a little bacon and did something about those bangs.

Another she/they who goes by Mea McDermott added me to her story. It’s gone now, but I’m sure it was positive thoughts about Turtleboy.

That she/they looks like my kind of people!

And finally, Zach Leach is an ACAB he/him who works for the Daily Collegian newspaper and is really mad that I have opinions on rioters.

Evidently he was here to defend Julia Morton, the purple short haired they/them who took part in the insurrection and was featured in Tuesday’s blog.

Theta Chi’s national chapter needs to immediately get these boys an attorney so that they can go on the offensive. The school is clearly treating them like the bad guys, when in fact they are the victims. As long as they stay on the defensive the mob will continue to come after them, as will the school. Time to fight fire with fire. The brothers of Theta Chi should use their dues to lawyer up and stop being victims. Burn them all.


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