Unemployed New Bedford City Council Candidate Carlos Felix Berating City Councilor Brian Gomes For Looking At Him And Sexually Harassing Women At Debate Is So New Bedford It Hurts


Two years ago SSTG published a two part blog on Carlos Felix – the unemployed pretend journalist who runs the New Bedford Live Facebook page.

As he’s done previously, Carlos is running for City Council this year. He’s not a serious candidate, but in this country anyone can run for anything, so he gets a seat at the table. And this week at a debate he made headlines for his closing statements directed towards incumbent Councilor Brian Gomes.

Before we get into that, let’s just point out that Gomes is an extremely controversial person. In 2017 he was fired from his job as an operating room assistant anesthesia technician at St. Luke’s Hospital after allegations of sexual harassment came to light. He’s now suing Southcoast Health System and is represented by George Leontire, the same attorney who is representing Jennifer Azadnia in her frivolous, time consuming lawsuits against both Turtleboy and Tara Winterhalter’s Ritual Sweat Society yoga studio.

Just like he’s done to both Tara and I, Leontire is one again trying to depose a ridiculous amount of people in a desperate attempt to invade people’s privacy, and inconvenience them in a wild goose chase to find something he can work with.

The investigation was conducted after a co-worker filed a sexual discrimination and harassment complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and Leontire was seeking the co-worker’s personnel files, the personnel files of all employees listed in the MCAD complaint, details from the settlement agreement between the co-worker and Southcoast Health, and notes from the alleged 16 interviews that were part of the hospital’s independent investigation.

Freeman told the judge that Gomes had brought a two-count complaint, breach of contract and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which he called “narrow claims” to use as a springboard for an extensive discovery that would include 29 depositions with individuals such as the CEO of Southcoast Health Kevin Hovan and several physicians.

This comes after Leontire asked for and was denied discovery requests for private personnel files on several other employees. This is a similar tactic to the one Leontire has taken with both Winterhalter and I. He’s attempted to get the court to force me to hand over access to my Facebook, Gmail, and private text messages. He’s deposed two women who sent us emails, as well as myself, hoping to find something he can work with.

Aaron Hernandez, Jennifer Azadnia, and now Gomes have hired George Leontire. That about sums up the company Councilor Gomes is in. So it’s perfectly normal to have a problem with this guy.

However, Carlos Felix is not the guy to do this. And in his typical attention seeking fashion he went about it in the worst possible way at the 4:45 mark of this video.

It’s hard to convince anyone that you’re the good guy if you show up to a debate dressed like you just won a shopping spree from a bootleg Cabella’s.

A grown man with a chinstrap wearing a hat indoors in a formal environment. Nuff said.

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Any valid concern Carlos had with Gomes was thrown out the window the second he started complaining that Gomes was trying to “intimidate” him by looking at him. Newsflash Carlos – you are irrelevant. No one actually takes you seriously, and Gomes certainly doesn’t consider you to be a political threat. He certainly didn’t look at you during that video, because you don’t matter. If he wanted to intimidate someone it would be a young woman at a hospital, not a man in his mid 40’s who buys his clothes at Trump R Us.

This sort of public behavior is par for the course with Carlos. You can read SSTG’s story about him here for more details. I agree with her take – he is a useful idiot and I find his New Bedford Live Facebook page extremely entertaining. At the same time I can’t find it in me to muster any respect for a guy who doesn’t work and follows people around on the police scanner all day pretending to be a reporter.

The irony is that he pretends to be doing a public service by calling out degenerates (much like we do), but he himself is more ratchet than anyone. This is a man who was arrested for shoplifting and blamed it on kleptomania.

He has the “disease” that makes you steal, while calling out people who have the other “disease” that makes them steal, and somehow is too jaded to see the hypocrisy in that.

But he’s also just a terrible human being with no respect for anyone but himself. In January 2016 while running for City Council the police considered filing criminal charges against him after he barged into this son’s school and berated several people who actually work for a living.

Vicente said Felix “yelled and screamed” at school staff, who contacted the principal and she spoke with him. Felix continued to yell at her and she said she felt ’intimidated”; he was escorted from the building. As he was leaving the school, Felix said, “remember this face. This isn’t over,” according to Vicente. Felix said he was upset about an incident concerning his child and the bathroom. He admitted he was loud but said he was exercising his rights when he spoke to the principal. “I’m a parent and we have authority,” he told The Standard-Times.

He then went on WBSM and doubled down, defending his behavior, while humiliating his son by repeatedly mentioning that he he allegedly soiled himself during school. He had the audacity to blame the teachers for getting him riled up.

As a former teacher people like this disgust me. Parents like this are the reason people leave education – because they like helping kids learn, but it’s not worth it to be verbally abused by degenerates like Carlos Felix. I don’t believe for a minute that his son was forced to sit in his own feces for four hours. Carlos made that up because he is a pathological liar.

Speaking of that, let’s talk about the time that Carlos lost miserably in his City Council bid, but still demanded a recount (which they obviously don’t do for landslide elections). When he didn’t get his way he victimized himself by claiming that Gomes mocked him, then got kicked out of City Hall, made up another lie that Gomes’ brother Richie punched him, and verbally berated a cop. This video is enraging.

The cops clearly are not arresting him for his behavior because they think it’s not worth it to deal with him. But Carlos has shown time and time again that he is a volatile, dangerous man who blames everyone else but himself for his poor life decisions.

This part was my favorite.


Yea, you’re the unemployed grown man in his mid 40’s on SSI with a medical marijuana card who thinks he’s saving the community by shaming ratchets, but is actually the most ratchet person in New Bedford.

He had the never to take issue with the police officer because the cop wouldn’t let him hit Gomes’ brother back (even though Carlos was obviously never hit in the first place).

Therefore it was OK for him to yell at the cop like that. How dare the police officer attempt to deescalate a volatile situation with a madman. Carlos clearly believes that increased volume makes him right, and I can only imagine the horror he put his child’s teachers through.

Then there was that time that he followed the scanner to a murder scene, crossed the police tape line, and began yelling at cops and alleged drug dealers for what they were doing to “his” neighborhood.

He thinks he’s a legitimate reporter because he posts videos of junkies giving BJ’s on his Facebook page. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve used his videos in the past and will continue to because many of them are entertaining. But we make it clear when we’re doing a simple ratchet blog that is here for your amusement (category Hoodrat Heroes), and a blog that actually investigates legitimate matters of public concern (Turtleboy Investigates).

Carlos is very important in his own mind, which is why he felt he could block traffic outside of City Hall in another incident in which he demanded that he get a meeting with the mayor.

According to a criminal complaint filed by New Bedford Police in Third District Court, Felix was arrested on William Street late Tuesday morning after he stopped his vehicle in front of City Hall. Responding officers say Felix was blocking traffic and pushing his car horn while screaming at police officers demanding to speak with the mayor.

Oh look, he’s screaming and yelling about how important he is. Shocking.

I don’t follow New Bedford politics closely enough to make any sort of endorsement in this race, and they have the luck of being close enough to Jasiel Correia that their politicians avoid the spotlight that Fall River has on it. But the fact that voters have to choose between Carlos Felix and Brian Gomes sums up why New Bedford is the dump that it is today.

SSTG hates Carlos, but I will have a conversation with him on tonight’s live show, or any live show, if he would like to come on.


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