Uxbridge Business Owner Cristina Yakimowsky Reprimanded By Judge For Showing Up To Felony Wiretapping Sentencing Hearing On Zoom


On Friday I went to Milford District to attend what was supposed to be the final hearing of Uxbridge business owner Cristina Yakimowsky’s felony wiretapping case. The mother of two and owner of Royal Thermal View windows illegally recorded a conversation with a woman I wrote a blog series on in 2019 named Hadassah Robeson, then sent that video to me and I replayed it on the Turtleboy YouTube channel, which alerted Hadassah.

Hadassah called the police, Crissy admitted to doing it, and was charged with two felony counts of wiretapping. The court ordered that Crissy have nothing to do with Turtleboy as terms of her release, but for the last 2 years she was an administrator for our Facebook pages, and continued to feed me information about Hadassah to use in blogs in order to influence her behavior before court days. She falsely claimed her lawyer said that he wanted me to do it.

I have very little sympathy for Hadassah, considering she’s brought me to court multiple times (and lost every time) for writing blogs about her boarding house. But what Crissy did to Hadassah was part of a long pattern of deceptive and illegal behavior. For the last year or so Crissy pretended to be my friend, but she was manipulating me like she did so many other people because my blog was useful for her court case and her obsessive vendetta with Hadassah. When I was severely depressed and took time off for mental health Crissy frequently checked in and offered to help in any way she could.


But it was all part of her long con in order to get me to trust her. Months later she began to send screenshots of our private conversations to ratchets I previously blogged about. I noticed something was amiss when these ratchets began repeating verbatim things Crissy and I said in private conversations on YouTube, which spooked me. To explain why they knew certain things these ratchets would claim to have a source “on the inside,” which I believed they were lying about in an attempt to get me to start a witch hunt.

Crissy then began to convince me that her phone was hacked and that she believed mine was too. She “cried” several times, pretended to be worried, and urged me to go to the police and the FBI after finally convincing me that my devices were hacked. She even encouraged me to write a blog warning turtle riders about the alleged hacking (which I did), and urged me to shut the blog down altogether, which was all part of her plan. We moved our conversation to the encrypted Signal app because I believed my Facebook account was compromised.

But it was all a lie. She was laughing and working with ratchets I previously blogged about as I freaked out and wasted the police’s time. I also got a new phone, router, and computer at her encouragement. She reported everything I was saying back to them in a desperate attempt to seek the approval of some of the worst people on the planet.

Based on what I told them the FBI agent and State Police detectives I spoke with were convinced I was hacked as well. But I later found out the truth (that there was no hacking, and that Crissy was just feeding information to them) when screenshots of our private conversations from Crissy’s perspective were published. It was the most betrayed and violated I’d ever felt, and only a deranged sociopath would spend months something like that.

I later found out that Crissy used an account called Teresa Mendoza on YouTube and Facebook to post extremely personal things about me on social media. She accused a number of other people of being behind the Teresa Mendoz account in our private conversations. When Teresa stated during a Live Show that she knew I had gone to a specific police department that day I only became more convinced that I was hacked and followed.

On December 9 an anti-Turtleboy video posted by Theresa Mendoza was made in a Turtleboy fan run Facebook group. This was alarming because one of our trusted admins had to approve the post before it could be seen. Crissy blamed a close friend of her’s named Joelle, who was an admin on the page, and said that Joelle was very sorry for what she did.


A month later, after the hacking was revealed to be Crissy the whole time, Joelle reached out to me with text messages sent by Crissy, showing that Crissy was the one who posted it using the Teresa Mendoza account.


For telling me the truth Joelle was then harassed and threatened by ratchets we’ve previously blogged about.

Joelle is sick, and Crissy has made her life a living hell since then, constantly harassing her and urging her neighbors to file frivolous restraining orders against her in court. Prior to this happening Joelle also considered Crissy a good friend.

Finding out what Crissy had done brought back intense feelings of anxiety and depression that I’d been working hard on managing. She knew this as we’d had conversations previously about therapy.  To be betrayed by someone you trusted and confided in (again) is so violating.

Crissy’s choice to do this a month before a February wiretapping hearing was extremely bad timing for her. Prior to that I was willing to do whatever I could to help her, but now I was going to do the opposite. I don’t know why she thought it would be a good idea to do this to me, of all people, weeks before her next court date, but it was a huge mistake on her part. I contacted the prosecutor, the Uxbridge Police Department, and the Milford probation office, and informed them that Crissy had been violating the court order prohibiting her from being on Turtleboy for the last 2 years.

Any leniency she might’ve received from the court was now compromised.

During the hearing on Friday I received this text message from a burner account:

I was wearing pinkish colored shirt, which you would only know if you were in the courtroom, if you were watching outside as I walked from my car to the courthouse, or were watching on Zoom as I testified. It was an attempt to intimidate me from testifying, and my guess is that Crissy was making burner accounts from home to harass me during her own criminal proceedings.

Further mucking the waters was the fact that I had referred Crissy to her attorney, Michael Maloney. Attorney Maloney ran against Rachael Rollins for Suffolk County DA in 2018 and I had him on my podcast when he was unfairly called (you guessed it) racist by the road rage queen. He later represented me in a March 10, 2020 hearing in Attleboro District Court when an alcoholic woman who lost 2 of her kids due to abuse attempted to get a harassment order on me.

We won.

But according to SJC Professional Conduct Rule 1.9, Attorney Maloney cannot represent a client whose “interests are materially adverse to the interests of the former client.”

In other words, if I became a witness in these proceedings Maloney would have to withdraw.

Friday was supposed to be the day Crissy plead guilty, since she has no shot bringing it to trial (she confessed to the police already). But she showed up remotely with Attorney Maloney since she didn’t want to face me or Joelle.

This was not a good idea. The judge on Friday was no nonsense. When the prosecutor explained who I was the judge invited me to testify, and I explained how Crissy had been violating the order for 2 years by urging me to write blogs about Hadassah before court dates for the expressed purposes of affecting Hadassah’s behavior and altering the outcome of hearings. Joelle also testified, and based on the judges mannerisms and reaction he found it quite compelling. Crissy was not just some innocent woman who taped a phone conversation without knowing it was illegal. What she did to Hadassah was part of a long pattern of abuse and criminal mischief on the Internet, in which she caused chaos behind the veil of anonymity while carrying on as a respected mother and business owner in real life.

When it came time for Maloney to speak he started off by saying that Crissy had no criminal record. The judge became upset and interjected, accusing him of lying to the court because Crissy had DUI, motor vehicle, and larceny charges on her record. The judge was visibly upset and raised his voice repeatedly.

He was also upset about the fact that Crissy was doing the hearing remotely, since this was supposed to be resolved on Friday. The maximum sentence was 5 years in jail, and although that was unlikely she needed to be there because it was a possibility. When Attorney Maloney told the judge that he didn’t think she’d be getting sentenced to prison the Judge became enraged again, reminding Maloney that he was the one who would determine sentencing. You could tell that he was offended that Crissy’s absence showed how arrogant she was, indicated that she was not taking this seriously, and he pointed out how compelling our testimony was.

At this point Maloney was flustered as he had no idea Joelle or I were going to testify. He was also shocked that both Hadassah and Joelle said in their statements that they wanted Crissy’s guns taken from her because she’s so mentally unstable and dangerous. Crissy’s guns were previously taken from her in 2015 when she pointed a loaded gun at her ex-husband and threatened to lie about being raped by him in a bid to get custody. (Her ex-husband walked in on her having sex with another man, and she flat out denied this happened because she is a pathological liar.) Maloney attempted to blame me for the wiretapping and claimed she was an employee of mine acting on my behalf, but none of it worked with the judge. 

Finally the judge said he wouldn’t resolve the matter until she was in the courtroom and set another court date in late July.

Crissy Yakimowsky is a dangerous, psychotic criminal who deserves to be in jail. She lied to her own children about the severity of this case and they are now no longer living with her. Her boyfriend and lead carpenter left her. Her lawyer will have no choice but to leave her as well. In the meantime she continues to masquerade as a legitimate business owner in Uxbridge. Her business, Royal Thermal View, sponsored a youth softball team in town.

Children’s sports leagues should not be promoting a soon to be convicted felon, and any current, former, or future customer of Royal Thermal View deserves to be alerted to who they are dealing with. Customers should assume that any phone conversation they have with Crissy is wiretapped. Feel free to leave a review on Royal Thermal View’s Facebook page, or on their Google reviews to warn others.


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