Uxbridge Woman Violates Court Order Banning Her From Posting On Turtleboy While Facing 2 Felony Wiretapping Charges


Last night on Turtle Club we talked about Massachusetts wiretapping laws and how to avoid getting charged with violating them. (Click here to watch)  More importantly it was a reminder why it’s best just to read the blogs and leave the investigating up to Turtleboy.

In 2019 I wrote a 7 part series on a Milford woman named Hadassah Rose (AKA Hadassah Robeson), who was running an alleged shelter for women and pets on Cedar Street that many had complained about. Consequently Hadassah applied for a harassment order against me in Milford District Court, which was denied. Many turtle riders attended the proceedings.

One of those turtle riders is Uxbridge resident Cristina Yakimowsky.

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She was a long time supporter of the blog, but unfortunately she didn’t follow the number one rule for turtle riders – just read the blogs. On August 13 Crissy sent me an email with an audio file of a conversation between her and Hadassah about the blogs.

There was no message or subject, just an audio recording. I never asked for her to do this, but she wanted to involve herself in the blog, and now she’s in one. I listened to it and played some of the highlights on YouTube.

Hadassah heard that, realized she had been recorded without her consent, and went to the Milford Police Department. An officer called me to ask who sent it to me, I went full Tektashi 6ix9ine, and the next thing you know Crissy was facing two felony charges for wiretapping and disseminating wiretapped audio.

Just read the blogs.

Massachusetts is a one party consent state. If you call someone on the phone and record them you have to tell them you are doing so at the beginning of the call. If you video record someone you have to hold the camera so that the person you’re recording is visibly aware of what you’re doing. Hadassah attempted to file her own criminal complaint against me in Uxbridge District Court, but since I didn’t record her the magistrate determined there was no probable cause for a criminal charge.

In September Crissy was formally charged and the same Judge in Milford who exonerated me a month earlier released Crissy with certain conditions.

“Stay off Turtleboy Sports.”

I did not see this document until last week, and quickly became concerned because Crissy had been actively involved with Turtleboy for the last couple years. When I took a mental health break last year Crissy reached out a lot to offer support, advice, and help with the blog. She treated me like a friend and she invited me into a group chat on Facebook with 2 other women.

But as it turns out this friendship was just a way for her to gain access to Turtleboy and attempt to sabotage the company from the inside. Crissy is quite upset that she’s being charged with a felony and I’m not. She’s also upset that I did not raise money for her legal defense, even though she never asked me to. Regardless, I wouldn’t do that as she very wealthy mother bought the house she lives in with cash, and she inherited the family window business Royal Thermal View.

Prior to these felony charges she was a frequent commenter on the blog, using her real name. But afterwards she used a plethora of fake accounts such as Lisa Montessori, Camila Rodriguez, and Teresa Mendoza, to comment on and contribute to blogs.

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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause and the news you love.

I thought Crissy was an enthusiastic volunteer and supporter, and I was happy to have the help she offered. I trusted her a lot, and she volunteered to be an admin for the Turtleboy Sports Facebook page using her real account (Crissy Gone).

I was under the impression that the reason she wasn’t posting on Turtleboy using her real name was because her attorneys advised her not to, as I had not seen the actual order until recently. I sympathized with Crissy when I found out she was being charged with two felonies for recording a phone call.

“Yes but I sent (and) recorded it.”

It seemed rather excessive, and I asked her if she wanted me to write about it.


She was hesitant to contribute herself, and her attorney had advised her not to have me write about the wiretapping situation.

In July she began reaching out to a former resident of the Gan Rivkah Center named Lynda Andino, who had videos and pictures from inside the shelter that Crissy wanted me to expose. She would use the Camila Rodriguez account to communicate with Lynda. According to her it was her job to get into people’s heads, and my job to write about it.

She frequently posted publicly about the GRC, which is another violation of the order, using her Camilla Rodriguez account.

She described the blog as a “huge favor,” but I saw it more as a public service because I had issues with the shelter. Either way, if you have an active order from a court telling you to have nothing to do with Turtleboy, it’s best not to be feeding Turtleboy stories to write. But if you do decide to go this route, don’t betray and attempt to smear TB a month before your trial.

Crissy repeatedly stated that her goal was to make Hadassah go crazy in order to influence her behavior before court dates. And in Crissy’s opinion nothing triggered Hadassah more than Turtleboy blogs about her.

She was so obsessed with Hadassah that she said she was willing to break the law in an attempt to shut her down. She said she wanted to “destroy the bitch.”

She said that she wanted Hadassah to be institutionalized, and was worried about her mounting legal bills.

I look back on the comments about legal bills now and realize it was her passive aggressive way of asking me to raise money for her without asking me to.

I was busy and didn’t have time to get to the story, which upset Crissy.

She became impatient when the blog was not written right away and offered to pay me.

She began sending me all the videos and pictures for a blog in order to speed up the process and get it published before her August court date.

She specifically wanted me to call out the Milford Board of Health for not shutting down the GRC.

The blog containing all those pictures and videos was published on August 20. I stand by the blog, but it never would’ve been written if not for Crissy Yakimowsky going undercover with her Camilla Rodriguez account to get those videos from Lynda Andino.

Four months prior Crissy had used one of her fake accounts called Samantha Shea to message the Turtleboy Sports Facebook page with a tip about a Hopedale woman named Jillian Salvucci, who we ended up blogging about. Crissy was an admin on the TBS Facebook page and was the one who first “saw” this message from “Samantha.” She pretended that this story idea had come to Turtleboy authentically through “Samantha,” but she wanted us to write about it because she also knew Jillian Salvucci.

After the blog was published she posted it on her Lisa Montessori fake account, and began to use the blog to attack Salvucci on Facebook.

Last week I became aware that my Facebook account was not hacked. It was just Crissy sending out screenshots of private messages that were later broadcast on other platforms. I bought a new phone for no reason. I found this out after she convinced me that I was hacked and urged me to go to the police and blog about it in order to warn you all.



I was initially skeptical, but upon her urging wasted the time of the State Police, FBI, and Holden Police, and for that I apologize.

Just read the blogs.



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