Victor Pena Has Been Pretending To Be Obsessed And Abused Ex-Girlfriend On Her Facebook Page, Claims She Married Him To Get Papers So He Dumped Her

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The media is telling us that Victor Pena, the man who kidnapped 23 year old Olivia Ambrose after finding her walking drunk around Boston and holding her for 3 days, is Puerto Rican. Because of the focus on illegal immigration in contemporary politics many immediately question the status of any Latino arrested for a high profile crime like this. It’s no secret that a common tactic to sneak into the US illegally is for Dominicans to sneak into Puerto Rico, obtain paperwork, and thus they can come to the states “legally” since Puerto Ricans have American citizenship. Thus many rumors have spread about whether or not Victor Pena is here legally. Based on my research, he is not an illegal immigrant, but he is a controlling psychopath who has victimized woman after woman after woman. Here’s why.

If you’ll recall from the previous blog, he bragged about sleeping with a woman named Lychee, about 9 months ago, after being accused of being a disgusting bastard.

Well, we found a Facebook page for a woman named Lichi Lachapell, and his pictures are all over it, because evidently they dated. And by the looks of her Facebook posts you would think she was obsessed with him.

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She bragged about all the money he made, despite the fact that he was collecting disability and living in public housing.

Keep in mind, in July he was charged after cheating the slot machines at Twin River Casino.

On December 3 she posted that she’s Dominican and wanted to marry him “for the papers,” but when he found out he left her so now she’s looking for “another Dominican younger than me.”

“Another Dominican.” Thus implying that he might in face be Dominican.

On May 1 she shared an image of the two of them together “in the Dominican Republic.”

On October she posted a picture of her ID with the last name Pena put at the end of it, thus cementing the narrative that SHE wanted HIM, but he wouldn’t have her.

Those do not look like women’s fingers, which we will revisit later on.

On December 1 she wrote a really bizarre post about her brothers ruining her relationship with Pena because they were allegedly having some sort of gay orgy together.

Pretty crazy, right?

Well, here’s the thing. She posted all the time in 2018, but had not posted before that since 2016. And 7 weeks ago after she posted something one of her friends named Maria showed up in the comments.

She’s saying that you’re stupid if you think this is actually Lichi’s account, because she hadn’t used Facebook for over a year. She claims it’s actually Victor Pena using her account, taking “porquerias” which is like talking out of your ass nonsense. She says it’s ridiculous that anyone would fall for his bullshit anymore.

“She” even changed her gender to “his” and thought no one would notice.

It gets crazier. Her videos are exactly like his – loud music over some random shit as he walks around in public, including on the MBTA, where he was a well known menace.

Pause it at the 1:52 mark and look who you see in the reflection.

It’s him. This controlling psychopath took over this woman’s account. Several of his ex-girlfriends have come forward and said that he was abusive and controlling. Considering that almost all of the criticism levied against him happened around the time he took over this woman’s account, it’s safe to say that he abused her as well, and likely demanded access to her social media accounts. I’d bet money that he changed the passwords after she dumped him, and he began pretending to be her, which is why she CONSTANTLY heaps praise on him like he’s the last penis on earth.

Many of the pictures she posted in April from the casino…..

Are the same ones he posted on his page.

Except she isn’t in any of them, meaning he was using her Facebook page and pretending like he was this amazing boyfriend who allowed her to live the good life.

This man is a master manipulator and a psychopath. Do not be fooled by the act he put on in court today, where he was crying and sucking his thumbs. He’s trying to get out of this by pretending to be insane. And although I agree that he is crazy, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing with Olivia Ambrose, and he knew that it was wrong. God willing he’ll be sucking a lot more than thumbs for a long, long time but you never know with judges in Massachusetts, who have repeatedly given maggots like this chance after chance after chance.

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