Wachusett School District Paying For Teachers To Attend Seminars Hosted By Authors With Documented History Of Racism Who Want To Defund The Police


I am currently running for one of three seats in Holden to represent the town on the Wachusett Regional School Committee. As a parent I’m very concerned about the direction of our public schools and I refuse to abandon them. Instead I will fight for not only my own children, but for all kids in the district to receive a quality in-person education without being subjected to unhealthy politically driven brainwashing. In particular my two main reasons for running are:

  1. Our School Committee didn’t open until January 19, in defiance of the science and data showing it was safe to re-open
  2. I’ve seen the wave of critical race theory infecting school districts across the state, and I want to fight to keep this dangerous, racist, and divisive ideology out of the public schools

However, it appears as if #2 is already here.

This is Deputy Superintendent Robert Berlo.

In 2016 he was unanimously voted in by the School Committee and makes a salary of over $132K a year. This week he sent out an email to every teacher and principal in the district, alerting them to professional development seminars that the district is paying for for professional development. PD is supposed to help teachers get better at their jobs, and this year in particular that time could be put to good use since there are record failure rates for students. But instead they will be brainwashed with critical race theory by two women (Tiffany Jewell and Ijeoma Oluo) who have made a lot of money off the racism-industrial complex.

The books will be provided by the district, courtesy of the taxpayers, and the speakers will be paid by them as well. The two presenters make a living do this, and they’re not good people.

Ijeoma Oluo is one of the most racist people on the planet, and has made a lot of money by peddling seminars like this to mostly white workplaces. In her book (which teachers will be given for free courtesy of the taxpayers) she explicitly says that white people cannot question a black person’s assertion that something is racist, or about race.

Which works out great for her because it means she cannot be questioned, and white people must simply shut up and listen. It also gives her license to say really racist stuff like this:


If you walk into a Cracker Barrel and see white people with cowboy hats and assume they won’t “let your back ass walk out of there,” then you are a racist. These poor kids can’t go out to eat without white people trying to murder them.

This was intentionally divisive and she said it hoping people would respond negatively towards her so that she could self-victimize. And she did exactly that, even when the responses were reasonable.


“Oh to be white.”

Silly white people. You can’t question whether or not she assumed the white people at the Cracker Barrel would murder her for being biracial. You’re not allowed to question people of color. It’s in the book, and soon it will be taught in your children’s classroom after the Wachusett School District writes her a check to brainwash teachers with this.

Ijeoma has a long and documented history of saying bigoted and racist things on social media, and we have to assume she will teach the teachers to teach this stuff to your kids. She “doesn’t give a fuck about Trump supporters.”

Which comprise over 40% of the district.

She didn’t like when Botham Jean’s brother hugged the cop who killed him.

She wants to be paid reparations, which ironically she’s basically getting now since she’d never have the opportunity to do this if she was white.

She often uses foul language online.

She subscribes to “fuck the police.”

She told white people after the death of George Floyd that their moral outrage and sadness was not enough – they had to pay her too.

In response to criticism of the Minneapolis riots she said this:

When naive white people attempt to support what she does for a living online she often is rude and combative, and dismisses everything they have to say because they are white. Look how she treated this woman:

Here’s another woman who got similar treatment, and was told that she needed to shut up and pay Ijeoma.

Here’s another woman who got smacked down for not being a supporter because she didn’t shut up and listen.

Stop trying to impress people like Ijeoma Oluo. They make money belittling you, and you must simply sit there and take it because you are white.

She often uses words like “whiteness,” as if being born white is some sort of disease.

She’s half white and half black, but only identifies as black because there are no benefits to being just another white woman. However, if she identifies as black then she can claim to be oppressed and sell diversity training seminars where she can tell white people that they cannot question her.

In the context of nationwide rioting and looting last summer she made it clear that she has no desire for civility.

And she believes that all white people perpetuate white supremacy.

Then there is the second presenter with a book to sell, Tiffany Jewel.

Despite clearly looking like Rachel Dolezal’s long lost sister, Tiffany also identifies as black. Over the summer she participated in and profited off of protests and riots for George Floyd. However, a month before that she accused people who were protesting for the ability to open their business and be free of being “a clear example of the dangers of white immunity.”

How dare those peasants think they can just leave their homes when they want to. If only everyone could make $15,000 to hold a Zoom seminar with public school districts in different states.

Jewell’s book, “This Book Is Anti-Racist,” looks like it was written by a child. The premise of the book is that kids must be fought to focus on their racial and social identities, which defines them.

It teaches kids that the first thing they should talk about when introducing themselves is their racial and sexual identity, before mentioning hobbies and other things that really define a human being.

Identity is all that matters to people like this, and she includes it in sample lesson plans teacher can use in class.


Privilege is taught as a fact, not a theory. And of course no one has more privilege than straight white Christian men.

This sort of thinking eliminates the concept of meritocracy. It teaches kids that they can’t succeed in life if they don’t have privilege, and it gets them to demand handouts and benefits to level the playing field. The goal is equity, not equality.

She flat out lies and says that because she’s a woman she will be paid less for equal work, while lecturing teachers whose salaries are entirely based on number of years teaching and educational advancement.

Kids will be taught that “racism is everywhere,” and have redefined it as “prejudice + power,” which coincidentally means that only white people can be racist.

She teaches teachers that they themselves are racist and don’t even realize it, especially if they hold students of color accountable in the same way they hold white students accountable.

She sells these seminars online to anyone, and you must pay $100 to attend.

Tiffany has posted dozens of times on social media about how she wants to defund the police.

She herself has promised never to call the police, and urges people to redistribute money to black people.

In the email sent out by the Wachusett Deputy Superintendent it outlines Tiffany’s stated goal of her presentation:

“The goal is to encourage educators, elementary through high school, to discuss personal identity, racism, and anti-racism with their students.”

Teach teachers how to take the things she wrote in her book and push them on students as facts, rather than as her radical opinions.

The word “anti-racism” is a component of critical race theory and a dog whistle for racism. New York Magazine describes anti-racism as “just peddling white supremacy.” The Atlantic wrote that anti-racism is “tearing people apart.” For example, watch this video of a New York educator at the 42:26 mark, berating another white teacher for having his friend’s black baby on his lap during a Zoom call.

“It hurts people,” she said, “when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap and they don’t know the context!”

Broshi stated, “Proximity to color does not mean you’re not racist,” adding, “Did you read Ibram Kendi? Did you read How to Be an Antiracist? All people are capable of racist behavior. We apologize when we offend people of color and they get upset and log out of a meeting immediately because they see white people exhibiting their power over people of color. How can I convince you if you won’t even read a book about white fragility or Ibram Kendi?”

These people have a disease, and they are attempting to spread it to a school district near you. Don’t let them.

This graphic was shared by the taxpayer funded African-American History Museum on “whiteness.”

As you can see it stereotypes white culture as ambitious, individualistic, selfish, timely, respectful of authority, and centered around a nuclear family where the mother stays home and is subordinate to the husband. Ascribing identical characteristics to hundreds of millions of people based solely on their race is the actual definition of racism, but it’s a core tenet of anti-racism.

The Buffalo Public Schools teaches anti-racism and students are taught to “confront whiteness in their classrooms,” and reflect on their privilege.

Anti-racism and critical race theory has also manifested itself in health care. Last week two Boston doctors at Brigham and Women’s said that the hospital will begin to offer preferential care to patients based on their race.

Amid a resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and internationally, an explicitly racially-based health care program will be implemented later this spring at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a globally known medical center in Boston. The currently unnamed program is discussed at length in a March 17 article (“An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine”) authored by Bram Wispelwey and Michelle Morse and published in the Boston Review.

According to the article, the new “pilot initiative” uses a “reparations framework” that focuses on “Black and Latinx patients and community members,” who, according to the authors, have been “most impacted by unjust heart failure management and under whose direction appropriate restitution can begin to take shape.” They insist, moreover, that the Boston initiative be a “replicable pilot program” to be launched in hospitals across the country.

The program would offer “preferential care based on race” and “race-explicit interventions,” according to Wispelwey and Morse.

Both authors are aware of the illegality of their proposal. “Offering preferential care based on race or ethnicity may elicit legal challenges from our system of colorblind law,” they write. They then attempt to justify their attack on the Civil Rights Act by asserting the existence of “ample current evidence that our health, judicial, and other systems already unfairly preference people who are white,” and that “our approach is corrective and therefore mandated.”

“Implicit bias training and checklists offer indirect solutions where more direct forms of race-explicit action are available; the objectivity aspired to in clinical criteria is also inevitably tainted by the pervasiveness of structural racism,” the piece states. “What we need instead, we have come to believe, is a proactively antiracist agenda for medicine.”

Last week in Worcester the YMCA gave out COVID vaccines, but only for non-white people. The city literally called it the equity vaccine.

A Millbury elementary school cancelled an immigration lesson because it wasn’t inclusive enough.

The Mayor of Oakland is handing out monthly $500 reparation checks to poor people of color, while excluding white people living in poverty.

The Wellesley public schools have school sanctioned racially segregated clubs they call “affinity groups,” which only ban white students.

A football coach in Dedham was fired for voicing his objection to a blatantly racist “anti-racism” curriculum being taught in his 12 year old daughter’s class.

I could go on and on. But this is why I’m running for School Committee, and it’s why you should only vote for candidates who vow to stand against this dangerous ideology. I won’t sit back and watch as the public schools teach my children that their racial identity defines them, and that they just shut up and listen every time they’re wrongly called racist. Schools should be places where kids learn science, math, history, and English. A place where they can make friends and develop social skills. But that’s not what they’re becoming anymore, and you must fight to make sure the anti-racist agenda doesn’t pollute the brains of your children.

Feel free to email superintendent Darryll McCall and Deputy Superintendent Robert Berlo to let them know that the taxpayers should not be paying racist, hateful people like Ijeoma Oluo and Tiffany Jewell to infect their racist ideology onto teachers and our children.

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