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Wareham Man Who Called Us Liars For Reporting His Culpability Abandoning Woman In Jet Ski Crash Gets Arraigned Four Months Later


We have an update from a story we covered this summer.

NBCA woman nearly killed in a jetski crash on a pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts, this summer spoke out Tuesday while the man who allegedly took off in the vehicle after the crash faced a slew of charges, including leaving the scene of a boat accident. Talia Morini said she Jared Sherman the day of the crash, July 20, and realized only after accepting his invitation for a jetski ride on White Island Pond that he was impaired and driving dangerously close to his friend’s jetski.

“I had asked him to take me back and he declined. So he was showing off on his jetski in front of his friends,” Morini said of the last moments she remembers before the two jetskis collided.

A firefighter in a nearby pontoon boat had stablized her after the crash, before she was rushed to the hospital. Images she shared of herself there show her bloodied and braced. Morini spent three weeks in the hospital and is still recovering from extensive injuries.

“I had surgery on my face. A lot of bones were broken. I had jaw surgery,” Morini said, adding that her nose was broken as well.

According to police, Sherman took off in the jetski and went to the hospital, where he was found to be under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, with a 0.13 blood alcohol level. The crash came just days after Sherman had been arraigned on a drunken driving charge in Wareham. Now, Sherman’s facing eight charges in the jetski crash, including causing serious injury while drunken and drugged boating and leaving the scene of a boat accident. He’s being held on $5,000 bail.

Sherman’s lawyer maintains Morini was driving the jetski when it crashed and that he drank alcohol only after the crash. Morini said Sherman hasn’t tried to reach out to her since the crash, but still wants to know what was going through his head.

“Months have gone by and I haven’t heard anything. I just want to know what he was thinking,” she said.

I hereby extend an invitation for Tammy Morey to come on the live show and apologize for demanding an apology from us for telling the truth.

Tammy was using the interview Jared Sherman did with WBZ, in which he lied and claimed that he was also knocked unconscious during that crash, as Gospel. But she was taking the word of a career criminal who was drunk that day, got a DUI days before that, has multiple prior arrests including one for selling Viagara, clearly has a drug problem, and wears flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats.

Nuff said.

We reported the truth from the beginning – Jared Sherman offered to give Talia Morini a ride on his jet ski in an attempt to impress her. But after seeing how reckless he was she asked to go back, he refused, he crashed into a friend on another jet ski, left her in the lake to die, and then abandoned the park while an off duty Milton firefighter saved her life.

He then went home andposted this on Facebook.

And in the comments he blamed her for being the driver while victimizing himself for the injuries he got while breaking the law.

It’s OK to doubt us, because we’re not perfect and occasionally we will get something wrong. But if you’re going to demand apologies from us and then we turn out to be right, you should probably just suck up your pride and offer an official apology. Let me know when you’re ready Tammy.


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