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Wealthy Non-Profit President Turns Down $100K From Bob Kraft For Haitian Orphanage School, Virtue Signals To Boston Globe 


The Boston Globe’s obsession with Bob Kraft’s unmentionables has reached a new low.

Still angered by a Judge’s recent ruling that the videotape of his alleged crime at a spa in Florida will not be made public, they decided to publish this puff piece about a wealthy narcissist who turned down a $100,000 donation from Kraft that would’ve helped needy children in Haiti. Here’s some highlights from the column.

The lack of self awareness is so obvious that only the Globe wouldn’t be able to see it. A deacon in the Roman Catholic church, which for decades has covered up sex crimes against boys in order to protect their abusers, feels virtuous because he turned down $100K for needy Haitian orphans because a sex scandal offends him. Truly remarkable.

By turning this down Patrick Moynihan’s life is no different than it was before. He’ll continue to live a comfortable life in the states and visit Haiti periodically. But by his own admission 50 kids in Haiti will be deprived of a year’s worth of education, lodging, and meals.

But it’s OK, because he feels good about himself for rejecting Kraft’s money.

The whole idea that you’re somehow virtuous for rejecting money because of where that money originated is ridiculous. The money actually came from Patriots fans who paid Bob Kraft jacked up prices for parking, beer, merchandise, and tickets. But more importantly, let’s remind readers who the primary source of revenue is for Patrick Moynihan’s Haiti project.

His brother Brian, the CEO of Bank of America. Bank of America was twice bailed out by the government during the Great Recession. They wrote thousands of predatory loans to people, knowing full well that those people would likely not be able to keep up with the mortgage payments. They did this so that they could collect interest payments, and when these people eventually lost their homes Bank of America suffered no consequences because the taxpayers bailed them out because they were “too big to fail.” Patrick Moynihan will take this money, but he won’t take Bob Kraft’s because Kraft is facing minor charges in Florida.

He justifies this because his brother also virtue signaled about the wages that BoA pays employees:

In other words, Bank of America is increasing the amount of automation and ATMs.

Of course the Globe never would’ve known about this lack of a transaction if Moynihan didn’t contact them. A person who was truly virtuous would’ve turned down the money quietly. A narcissist would run to the Globe seeking pats on the back.

How did Patrick Moynihan accrue his wealth, and find himself in the financial position where he is able to afford to play white savior in the Caribbean?

He was a commodities trader of course. And what he’s really upset about is that Kraft didn’t return his phone calls fast enough.

He’s rightfully taking criticism from a lot of people, but yet he continues to virtue signal:

Kraft should resign for his sins, but his brother doesn’t have to resign for his part in crashing the economy. Makes sense.

He says he wants to “empower” women in Haiti.

Which he could easily do by taking Kraft’s money and using it to help Haitian girls obtain an education. But it’s not about the Haitian girls, it’s about him.

Then there’s this headline from a column he wrote in a Providence Journal op-ed in 2016:

You guys don’t need that $100K because you can just kind of help yourselves. Good luck.


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