West Warwick Mother’s Pursuit Of Justice Continues, Proposes Outside Of West Warwick Police Station She’s Been Protesting, Fights With Neighbors, Prepares Lawsuit


Two weeks ago we published a blog about West Warwick wonder woman Amanda Sawyer, who made headlines by driving around town with a special message for the police on her car.

It’s a long and complicated story so I’m not gonna rehash the whole thing. Just go read it. But the long and short of it is that she got in the middle of her son’s breakup with his ex-girlfriend Autumn (who she is fond of) who took out a RO against him, she wants to get a RO against Autumn’s mother (who she hates), she’s keeping her child out of school until it happens, she’s dissatisfied that the WWPD have not taken action against Autumn’s mother and blames them for being corrupt, and she was offering to drive drunks around at night so long as they listened to her “evidence.” For the record, she never actually picked up any drunks, as they were willing to risk a DUI to avoid the one-sided conversation they would’ve had to endure. Since then she’s contacted the governor, AG, and State Police, but her fight for truth and justice continues.

We had her on the live show and she was one of the most entertaining guests we’ve ever had.

Since then we’ve gotten a lot of messages from both Amanda and the legion of people who witness her public spectacles on Facebook every day and want us to write about it. We could honestly do an Amanda blog every day, since her life seems to be the most dramatic and eventful in the history of humanity. So allow me to give you some of the highlights of Amanda’s last two weeks in West Warwick.

She’s been going at it with the guy across the street, who is now mad at her for saying that he has a bad memory. On top of that she’s been beefing with the neighbors down the street, who seems lovely, and referenced Turtleboy in an argument with her which she filmed.

She filmed the police for 17 minutes when she called them to her house to report the mountains of evidence she has, and told them that she wanted to adopt her son’s ex-girlfriend who took out a restraining order against him.

She filmed the police at her neighbor’s house and ranted about the usual stuff – she’s the good guy fighting corruption, she has mountains of evidence that prove this grand conspiracy against her, etc.

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She changed the message on the back of her truck and started her own Facebook group for dedicated citizens fighting corruption.

She asked me what I thought of this and I advised against it. “Ask me why?” Girl, do you know what a time commitment it is to talk to you? You’re not the kind of person to have a 5 minute chat with. You’re Alex Jones with tits. Maybe put a website or your Facebook page instead so they can find you without actually interacting with you. Because I’m one of the few people that can talk to you without my head exploding. Just sayin.

She signed her son out of school, but instead of signing her name she wrote “BS,” and explained to him why. Luckily her CBD calmed her down.

She’s been camping outside the WWPD, washing her car in a Savage shirt.

Another perfectly normal and productive day of unemployment in the books.

She’s been going at it with a West Warwick cop on Facebook, and is plotting her next massive lawsuit.

She tried to get DCYF and the AG to protect her from the harassers and the WWPD.

She says she’s willing to lay down in front of the governor’s car until she gets her way.

She’s getting all her motions in order.

Her new “attorney” tells her she has a slam dunk federal case they’ll be pursuing.

She’s color coded and taken notes on all her screenshots and printouts.

As neurotic as this may seem, Michael Gaffney had a stack 5 times that sense which was also color coded. This is his peer group.

If you EVER thought about saying a bad word about her on a West Warwick Facebook group then she’s already screenshotted it and highlighted your deformation of character.

And yes, she has color coded her block list as well.

Just look at all those colors and sticky notes. How can she possibly lose whatever it is she’s doing?

This week she began dressing up as Wonder Woman to drive around town and let the townsfolk know about all the corruption in West War-wack.

And then finally today her fairy tale love story continued as she proposed to her event planner boyfriend in the only place a girl would ever want to propose to their boyfriend.

In front of the West Warwick Police Station.

Some may say that Amanda Sawyer needs serious psychological help and probably shouldn’t be in charge of children. But those people are wrong and are actively engaged in victim shaming.

So please guys, stop the victim blaming here.

Will she come back on this weekend for live? We will find out shortly.


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