Western Mass Women Demand That Cops Let Black Girls Get Stabbed To Death  


Yesterday I blogged about the death of Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot by a Columbus, OH police officer named Nick Reardon while attempting to stab another girl in the chest outside of their foster home. My take on it was the obvious one – the cop is a hero who saved the life of a black girl by shooting the girl trying to stab her with a knife.

I also went a step further and did what no other media outlet would ever do – blame the dead girl’s mother for doing such a poor job parenting. We don’t have a police epidemic in this country, we have a parenting epidemic. We don’t need more training for cops, we need training for parents. This girl was raised to think it’s OK to stab another human being when she’s mad, but there are people out here trying to say that she’s some sweet little kid because she makes tik toks. She was in a foster home because the mom is a deadbeat who only showed up once the cameras were running and didn’t really seem that upset. No one in the media would ever question her about that though because it doesn’t go along with their narrative. Nothing is ever the fault of people like this. Their lives are bad because of systemic racism and killer cops.

Another view of the shooting was released today that exonerated the officer even more. It shows the girl in the pink and her friend rolling up to the foster home, presumably because someone spoke ill of the other on Snapface, and the only way they could settle it was by knife fighting. A girl in black is waiting in the driveway when Ma’Khia came barging out of the home like the Kool-aid man and knocked her over like a bowling ball. While this was happening the cop was walking towards the scene, and as soon as he got there Ma’Khia got up and lunged at the girl in pink, while an unknown man started kicking the girl Ma’Khia ran over. It was chaotic and the cop pulled out his gun, saw that Ma’Khia was about to stab the girl in the neck, and neutralized the threat.


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Imagine being able to do that with all that chaos going on around you? The cop deserves a medal. We’ve yet to hear a thank you from the girl in the pink because likely she’s a horrible person raised by horrible people too. But in this case she was the victim so the cop saved her life.

This was the most open and shut case of justifiable use of deadly force I’ve ever seen. If you can’t shoot someone who’s literally about to stab another human being, then who can you shoot? And don’t give me that taser nonsense. That girl weighs at least 250 and she was on a mission to hurt these girls. A taser wasn’t going to stop her from stabbing anyone, and cops are trained to meet deadly force with deadly force.

What I didn’t expect to see on Twitter was all the “kids will be kids, so just let them have their knife fights” hot takes from blue checkmarks. Bree Newsome says stuff like this all the time, so it’s hardly surprising.

Kids have been stabbing each other to death with knives for “eons” where she comes from, because apparently this woman shared a room with Katniss Everdeen.

We all knew Kathy Griffin was insane.

“Oh, that never happened in your school or neighborhood.”

Right. Because Kathy Griffin is from the mean streets where knife fights happen routinely between children.

But this woman right here, who got Roseanne cancelled, worked for President Obama and had actual influence.

Which explains a lot actually.

Then there was LeBron.

I really miss Michael Jordan.

What a horrible person. If any conservative said anything remotely close to that they’d be banned from Twitter for life. But it’s OK when LeBron does it because he’s woke. All this tweet proves is that none of these people ever cared about George Floyd. They just hate cops, and they get off on seeing them go to jail. “You’re next” was clearly a reference to Derek Chauvin, because the courts will now be weaponized against the police, so long as the mobs and politicians can intimidate jurors into guilty verdicts.

LeBron is the same guy who said a month ago that he was the wrong guy to go at because he “does his homework.”

I guess that doesn’t include watching videos before commenting on them.

Keep in mind, LeBron James is barely a high school graduate and once told an NBA executive that he was ignorant for supporting democracy in China.

He’s the stupidest person on the planet, but he thinks he’s smart because ESPN washes his balls. No one on that network would dare call him out for threatening a heroic cop. Then again, maybe LeBron was brainwashed from watching NBC, which intentionally cut off the 911 call where they said that she was armed with a knife.

On a more local level they were talking about it in the 413 Stay Woke Facebook group, where the only people dumber than LeBron congregate on the Internet.

New rule – if you blame the cop for saving the girl in the pink’s life, then you have to just come out and say that you enjoy watching black girls get stabbed to death. Because that’s what you’re arguing for. That’s what Catherine Leavitt McDougal LOVES to see – murdered black teenage girls. Remember that every time you see this white supremacist’s face:

I did not see a single black or brown person in any of her Facebook groups, probably because she hates them and wants them all to be stabbed to death.

I did see pictures of her mocking Arabic culture with harmful stereotypes though.

According to Ku Klux Catherine it wasn’t OK for the cop to protect the life of a black teenager because “white mass murderers are taken into custody,” which is the stupidest talking point BLM has ever used. When you surrender you don’t get shot. When you’re trying to stab someone you do. And believe it or not black people who kill cops almost always get arrested without being killed.

Nevertheless, Ku Klux Catherine is an expert in de-escalation techniques and knows that there are ways to intervene that don’t require deadly force. She can’t name any, but surely they must exist. Plus, the girl’s ratchet auntie Hazel said she dropped the knife, therefore you can forget what you clearly saw with your eyes and believe her instead.

She was far from the only idiot in the group.

“She was wasn’t stabbing at the cops, she was trying to stop a fight.”

Translation – Darcy thinks it’s OK for cops to use deadly force to protect themselves, but if they see a black girl getting stabbed they should let her die, because black lives don’t matter to white supremacists from Holyoke like Darcy Lambert.

No, she was not “trying to stop a fight.” She started the whole thing by running the girl over, then trying to stab her friend. But Darcy Lambert will lie right to your face if it means making sure that more black girls are murdered. She really enjoys when that happens.

Ku Klux Catherine found a NPR article that said she didn’t have a knife when the cops got there though, so you can go ahead and forget what you saw with your own eyes on the video.

Just look at these morons:

If you know any of them you should mock them. They’re not serious people and they shouldn’t be treated with any sort of respect or decency. They’re liars, race baiters, and white supremacists who like watching black girls get stabbed to death. The only person in that incident who thought that black lives mattered was the cop.


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