Weymouth Man Sought By Police For Murdering Elderly Couple In Marshfield Has Long History Of Violence And Drugs, Norfolk County DA And Quincy Judges Dropped Charges

Editors Note: We have an update to this story.

State Police are on the lookout for 27 year old Chris “Crispy” Keeley from Weymouth, who brutally murdered an elderly couple in Marshfield last night and stole their car, which was later found abandoned in Avon.

It’s only a matter of time until he’s caught, but if you live in the area you should be on guard because he has nothing to lose. Seventy year old Carl and Vicki Mattson were stabbed and bludgeoned to death, and apparently knew Keeley, although it’s unclear how. DA Tim Cruz says it was a targeted attack, and I will opine it involves robbing them in order to fuel his drug habit.

As usual, the double homicide could’ve been prevented if this life long criminal was locked up on prior offenses like he should have been. He’s been charged with a plethora of crimes in Quincy District Court, including carrying a dangerous weapon (gun and brass knuckles), conspiracy to violate drug laws, having an unregistered car, driving an uninsured car, driving with a suspended license, license plate violation, unarmed robbery, felony breaking and entering a building during the daytime, malicious destruction of a motor vehicle, and more.

This is the same court that repeatedly allowed violent offender Manny Lopes to remain free, leading to the murder of Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna. It’s one of the most notoriously lenient courts in the state, which is why State Trooper Angela Guerrera moved her DUI charge there in 2017.

In the 2016 case Keeley and 3 of his junkie friends beat and robbed an autistic man:

Four Weymouth residents are facing charges after they allegedly beat a 21-year-old autistic man, kicking him in the face and hitting him with a bottle before stealing his cellphone and wallet, police said. Christopher Keeley, 21, and Tiago Teixeira, 19, were charged with unarmed robbery, assault and battery causing serious bodily harm, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy, according to a Weymouth police report. Both men appeared Monday in Quincy District Court. The judge set bail at $5,000, with various conditions, including GPS monitoring. The judge also revoked Teixeira’s bail on a 2015 assault and battery case out of Hingham, officials said. The four friends were driving around in a car on Aug. 22 when one of the young women received a message from the autistic victim, asking to meet up and smoke marijuana, the woman told police. The woman agreed and made plans to meet him near his home at House Rock Park, a frequent meeting spot for teenagers in the area, police said. “She stated that the four occupants of the car devised a plan to rob him,” the report said. Keeley and Teixeira got out of the car and hid in the woods, the report said. The two young women stayed in the car. The victim arrived at the park and tried to get into the car, police said, but the doors were locked. The two men then emerged from the woods and allegedly started beating the victim, police said. One of the women “stated that [she] eventually stopped the assault because she knew he was getting hurt and never meant for that to happen,” the report said.

Police found the victim at South Shore Hospital, lying in a hospital bed and covered with blood, the report said.

“He had noticeable swelling in his face, mouth, and eyes,” the report said. “He was also secured in a neck brace.”

He had been walking from house to house after the attack with a bloodied face until he reached his home and his mother drove him to the hospital, the report said.

On Aug. 24, Keeley and Teixeira turned themselves into the police department, police said.

“Keeley stated that they never meant for that to happen,” the report said.

He’s such an animal that the girl who he plotted with to rob the autistic man had to jump in to save the man, or else this savage would’ve killed him. But despite having priors Judge Kevin J. O’Dea dismissed all the charges against him.

Howie Carr previously ranted about Judge O’Dea in a 2010 Boston Herald column.

On Tuesday, after listening to the arguments of Rep. Jim Fagan, he dismissed charges against a bachelor Taunton city councilor accused of trolling for gay sex in a condom-littered public park in Brockton. Before becoming a judge, O’Dea contributed to a pol named Jeff Locke who is now . . . a judge. He also ponied up for Shannon O’Brien, whose late father, Eddie O’Brien, was at the time on the Governor’s Council and voting on judgeships . . .



In 2020 the Pubestache Pinata was arrested with his friend, driving around with a stolen gun and prescription drugs while wearing brass knuckles.

Christopher M. Keeley, 25, of 53 Copeland St., Quincy, and Austin M. Keaney, 25, of 70 Durant Road, Weymouth, were arraigned Tuesday in Quincy District Court on charges included possession with intent to distribute both marijuana and the prescription anxiety drug alprazolam. Keaney, who police said had a stolen gun on him, was charged with having a gun without an firearms identification card as a subsequent offense, having ammunition without an firearms identification card, receiving stolen property and improper storage of a gun. He was held on $10,000 cash bail. Keeley was held on $5,000 cash bail. Both are due back in court February 25.

The pair were arrested just before 10:30 p.m. Monday after a Quincy police officer pulled them over on Marriott Drive for having improper plates on their car, according to a police report filed in court. Police said officers found a loaded pistol in a bag near Keaney’s feet in the back seat, marijuana in the center console and brass knuckles near Keeley, who was driving.

The plea was offered by Norfolk County DA Michael Morrissey’s office, who has spent his career as a political hack in the State Senate, before getting elected DA as a Democrat in 2010.

Had Judge Coven and Michael Morrissey evaluated Chris Keeley’s body of work they would’ve realized that he was a violent, drug addicted offender, who had shown he was willing to rob and hurt anyone to get his next fix. He ws driving around without a license, with a stolen gun, wearing brass knuckles, and selling drugs. What did they think his intentions were? Why would they cut someone like this a break?

Now two elderly people are dead because of this Dukakis appointed career hack, who will retire comfortably on his taxpayer funded salary:

Crimes like this do not happen in a vacuum, but they are completely avoidable. Two judges accepted plea deals from the Norfolk County DA’s Office that allowed this violent sociopath to remain free. It was only a matter of time until something like this happened.

Editor’s Note: Story update here.

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