Weymouth Woman Who Once Faked Own Kidnapping Says 12 Week Old Miscarried Son’s Ashes Were Stolen, Then Partly Returned, “Sister” Seeks Donations For Her


Last summer SSTG published a blog published a blog about a woman named Amber Carmark who was suspiciously asking strangers if she could live at their house for free for a little bit.

It was suspicious largely due to the fact that Amber had previously bound and gagged herself in a ravine off of Route 3, and was arrested for the fake kidnapping scheme that was all over the news. For that she was charged with a variety of crimes.

Police picked Carmark up from the emergency room Thursday and brought her back to the station, where she eventually admitted to making the assault up “because she was scared and just wanted somewhere to stay for the night,” the report states. On Saturday, police obtained surveillance footage from the Walmart in Weymouth showing Carmark purchasing duct tape and a backpack the morning of the incident, according to police.

She had also previously posted about being hit by a car while roller blading in the dead of winter, while contradicting herself in other posts in which she said she was not hit by a car.

She messaged our Facebook page several times, asking to have the blog removed and explaining why this was a misunderstanding. But her explanation didn’t make sense and I got the feeling we were being lied to again. I’m not afraid to take a blog down if the person is truly remorseful and has turned their life around, but I also understand that the people we write about are often skilled in the art of lying. I feel vindicated about my decision after a recent blowup this week on the Weymouth is Everything Facebook group.

A girl named Kayla Murphy was asking for help on behalf of Amber Carmark once again. This time she alleged that several invaluable items were stolen from the dumpster behind her apartment in Weymouth, including a baby’s cremated ashes, ultrasound pictures, and baby clothes.

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Kayla tried and failed to get the media to pick up on the story.

Possibly because the last time the MSM reported on a story involving Amber she was pretending to have been kidnapped.

There are numerous red flags with this story. Why would you take a picture of the items left by the dumpster? That doesn’t make any sense. Why would you leave your most valued items by a dumpster and act surprised when they disappear in the first place? The baby was 12 weeks old, and she was still in the first trimester. Who buys baby clothes, knows the gender and name, and cremates a 12 week old baby that died due to a miscarriage? They’re two inches long. When you couple this with the fact that she’s gone out of her way to seek publicity and draw attention and pity to herself using social media in the past, she shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt for anything.

I also realize that although miscarriages can be a traumatic event (I’ve experienced that, as have millions of other people), Amber has been milking it more than I’ve ever seen someone milk a miscarriage.

We found out our kid’s genders at 20 weeks. Perhaps there is some new technology I’m unaware of that lets parents find out at 12 weeks now, but Amber already had a gender and name, and you’ll never guess who she named the baby after.

Deceased police officer Michael Chesna. In case you weren’t inclined to give her attention and pity already.

In Amber’s post she calls Kayla her sister. Except as you can see in Amber’s grandmother’s obituary, she doesn’t have a sister named Kayla. A lot of people who sent us this story speculated that Kayla Murphy isn’t real, and that she’s using someone else’s pictures as her own. But we’ve also spoken with people who have met her in real life, so they are in fact separate human beings.

Also of note is the fact that on the day that the miscarriage allegedly happened, Kayla Murphy shared a fundraiser for her “sister” Michelle, who also had a miscarriage on the same exact day. And in the mother of all coinky-dinks, they too wanted a cremation.

It raised $0 and is now closed.

Then, miraculously on October 20, Amber and Kayla announced that the stolen goods had been returned, with just a couple missing things. Kayla said that the ashes for the baby came back, just not the box, and asked people for name brand clothing donations because of what was not returned.

Many people took notice that the story didn’t add up.

It’s also noteworthy that in June Kayla was looking for clothing for her “brother’s daughter” who is 17.

Those just happen to be the exact same sizes of clothing she asked for for Amber too.

Total coincidence.

When people openly questioned Amber they got a mouthful in return, as she told the haters that she didn’t need donations and could buy her own clothes.


Even though Kayla was actively posting on multiple pages, looking for clothing donations for Amber.

When a turtle rider shared the blog about Amber from last year so that people could be made aware before donating, Amber messaged her to have it taken down and called her a c*** when she didn’t. 

Amber also said that an anonymous stranger who was following her posts on Weymouth is Everything “found” the stolen goods, but reiterated that there was a “little bit” of ashes missing.

So if you’ve seen some dust on the ground in Weymouth please let her know, because it’s a small fraction of the 2 inch baby she had cremated and she’d like it back. Cremation isn’t cheap, but imagination certainly is.


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