When Dating Your Heroin Dealer Goes Wrong: Westerly Man Exposes Cops To Fentanyl After Abandoning Baby And Fiance During Traffic Stop


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Westerly SunA Westerly man who exposed himself and police to fentanyl from a ripped bag was arrested Friday night after a foot chase from a traffic stop on Ashaway Road near Route 78. The man, Andrew K. Bookataub, 27, of 3 Michaels Way, was charged with manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. He was arraigned Monday in Fourth Division District Court and was ordered held without bond. He remains in custody at the Adult Correctional Institutions in Cranston.

“Our officers and Bookataub had to be monitored for several hours following the incident,” said Westerly Police Chief Shawn Lacey. No one appeared to suffer any ill effects from exposure to the drug, he said.

The police said Bookataub was a passenger in a Lincoln SUV that was stopped for speeding at about 6:45 p.m. The police said a woman was driving and their 2-month-old child was secured in the back seat.

Smelling marijuana, the officer, Brian Bruno, spoke with the driver, who indicated that she had a medical marijuana card, a fact that was later confirmed. However, Bruno is a K-9 officer and his dog, Niko, hit on a spot next to the front passenger’s side door.

“These dogs are not trained in marijuana detection,” Lacey said. “The fact that he hit at all indicated to the officer that there was something other than marijuana present.”

The officer summoned backup and the two were asked to leave the SUV while a search was conducted. Lacey said police found several bags of white powder inside a larger bag, as well as a scale with a white powder residue. Bookataub then took off running into a wooded area before the officers could question him, the police reported, and Bruno and other officers caught up with him when he reached a chain-link fence. In a struggle with the officers, Bookataub grabbed a bag containing more white powder and bit a corner of it in what the police said was an attempt to dump the powder. At that point, the police said, an officer used a stun gun to subdue him and he dropped the bag. The officers asked repeatedly what was in the bag, and Bookataub told them he believed it was cocaine, according to the police report.

While at the hospital, police said another bag of the white powder was discovered on Bookataub’s bed and seized. The police said they believe he had it hidden on his person rather than in his clothes. Lacey said the white substance was field tested and did not test positive for cocaine but did indicate the presence of fentanyl. 

The driver was cited for motor vehicle violations but is not facing criminal charges. Lacey said because of the circumstances, the state Department of Children, Youth and Families was notified.

Andrew Bookataub, AKA Andrew Kyran of Westerly, is what it would look like it “Bro, you got a cigarette?” had a face. He looks like every heroin dealer ever. He once sold a bad batch to a 19 year old, found out that the kid had OD’d, and began furiously texting him to make sure he was alive so that he didn’t go to jail. Little did he realize that his customer’s mother was the one receiving the texts.

Stephanie Rathbun, the driver of the car, has a 6 year old and the two month old baby with this winner. Four years ago she nearly killed her son (who was just 2 years old then) by crashing the car while riding around with heroin.

Since she’s got the “disease” then obviously the perfect choice for her to settle down and mate with is the friendly local heroin dealer whose body looks like an out of shape etch-a-sketch.

I’m sure she’s not in it for the free product or anything like that.

These two decided to engage in unprotected intercourse, because obviously they’re in a fine position to have another kid since he sells heroin, which comes with a great pension plan.

They of course have another child because people like this are more fertile than the great plains, and decide to use her medical marijuana card to roll blunts and drive around with heroin and a 2 month old baby in the car. But it’s cool because he’s reformed now with a manbun, and they got professional pictures over the holidays.

They’re a loving family now.

He’s somehow managed to stay out of jail despite having a plethora of Google trophies.

Almost like he’s a rat.

Anyway, it’s Rhode Island, which means he’ll be out in a month and DCYF will let them keep their kids. She’ll keep sleeping with him for product and they’ll both keep endangering the lives of their children until something really bad happens.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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