White Women Of Roslindale Protect Community By Calling Authorities On Small Business For Not Making Customers Wear Masks


This is Amelia Bye from Roslindale:

As you can see, she looks like every BLM supporting white liberal in Rozzy, who has chosen to not to live Roxbury for obvious reasons. Her Facebook page filled with disinformation looks exactly as you imagined it would.

She recently went into a store in Roslindale and saw that people were breathing air freely. Naturally then she did the only thing she could do – alert the authorities and post about it on Facebook.

To review:

  • She went into a store and saw that nobody was wearing masks
  • She called the store afterwards to complain about it and told them she wouldn’t go there anymore if people were allowed to breathe air freely
  • The store owner acquiesced and said they’d wear masks if she wanted them to but wouldn’t commit to forcing masks otherwise
  • She called the authorities on them so they could be inspected by an intrusive government agency

I think we can all agree that she’s vaccinated and has proudly gotten the booster, yet she still lives in fear of a virus that had a 99.9% recovery rate before the vaccine and natural immunity were common. She’ll never consider pondering what that says about her belief in the efficacy of the vaccine because she is incapable of independent thought. She just likes rules, she doesn’t like when people defy them, and she is a useful puppet for statists. And because Roslindale is a communist village in a communist city, most in the group agreed that she did the right thing.

If you told these people what the KGB did, and asked them if they’d support using an agency like that to enforce mask mandates and arrest people they disagree with, they would do it in a heartbeat.

Of course the white woman who wore a mask for her sons’ graduation photo while standing outside, and the other white women who virtue signals about every left wing cause possible including her vaccination status, think that it’s a good thing to send the government after a local business during the holiday season.

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“As time goes on it is easier to get complacent.”

Yes, that’s called living, Kathleen. There is nothing these people fear more than a return to normalcy. Nothing. They are firmly committed to live in fear for the rest of their lives, but they are even more committed to forcing you to go along with them. And they always look the same.


Some seem to think that it’s now against the law to breathe air freely.

They have no idea what the difference between a law and a mandate is, nor do they care. They just like to be told what to do and snitch and those who don’t. They don’t care that both Mayor Walsh and Mayor Janey got caught violating their mask orders and laugh at people who actually take it seriously, they just enjoy the ability to criminalize those who have the audacity not to listen to them.

Govern me harder Daddy!

In fairness, there are plenty of white men with equally as bad takes.

AIDS Santa here seems to believe that COVID is the same as AIDS.

“Individual rights are OK but keep away from everyone else.”

These people would’ve fit right in in the deep south during Jim Crow.

“Black people should have rights, just stay away from white people.”

Continue to be free, refuse to wear masks, get vaccinated if you want to, and laugh at these people every chance you get. They are here for our amusement and nothing more.



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