Woke DA Candidate Ricard Arroyo Looking To Replace Rachael Rollins Doesn’t Remember Being Investigated Twice For Sexual Assault, Michelle Wu Refuses To Take Back Endorsement


This is Boston City Councillor Ricardo Arroyo.


He is the son of former City Councillor and current Suffolk County Register of Probate Felix Arroyo Sr.


He is the brother of Felix Arroyo Jr, the disgraced former health services director in the Marty Walsh administration who was fired in 2017 after being accused of repeatedly spanking a woman’s ass and choking her over a 2 year period.

“Felix Arroyo has been terminated from the City of Boston after a comprehensive internal investigation,’’ Laura Oggeri, City Hall spokeswoman, says in a statement. “The city will immediately begin to search for candidates to fill the chief of health and human services position and we hope to announce an appointment soon.”

His ouster comes after a female employee alleged that the prominent City Hall aide and former mayoral candidate “grabbed my bottom on several occasions and spanked it frequently,” and that when she confronted him about his behavior, he threatened her, “grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed it very hard.” The woman, who has not been identified, names Walsh and the city in her complaint to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, which alleges harassment, retaliation, and a hostile workplace. She says she endured harassment since 2015.

“We are disappointed in this decision,’’ spokeswoman Colette Phillips says in a statement. “Felix is adamant that these allegations are baseless and retaliatory and will continue to fight to clear his name and is looking forward to fully cooperating with the MCAD.”

Ricardo is running for Suffolk County District Attorney against “moderate” Democrat Kevin Hayden, who was appointed to fill the position after Rachael Rollins was confirmed as US Attorney for Massachusetts. He is the latest George Soros funded candidate for DA being propped up to undermine law and order and turn our cities into third world hellholes. He is the chosen candidate of the woke, presenting himself as the progressive candidate who will continue on the Rollins legacy of investigating police officers while letting criminals go free. He has the endorsement of almost every major political figure in the Boston area, including Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Ayanna Pressley, Michelle Wu, Joe Kennedy, Kim Janey, Julia Mejia, Kendra Lara, Tito Jackson, and Tania Fernandes.


He also has the endorsement of Monica Cannon-Grant, and was a big supporter of hers. Ricardo called Monica “family,” and he said that the endorsement from the disgraced nonprofit executive currently facing 18 felony fraud charges in federal court, “means a lot to me.”

By all accounts he was cruising to victory. But on Twitter people have been alleging for months (and in some cases years) that the media was covering up allegations of sexual assault from when Arroyo was a teenager. Arroyo was inexplicably thrown out of school while he was a student at J.D. O’Bryant and ended up getting his GED.

Then yesterday the Boston Globe did something they rarely do – actual reporting on accusations that Arroyo sexually assaulted two girls while he was a student at O’Bryant in 2005 and 2007.

A high school student told police in 2005 that she was sexually assaulted by her then-classmate Ricardo Arroyo, now a candidate for Suffolk district attorney, according to police and school records obtained by the Globe. Two years later, a second teenage girl reported to police that she believed Arroyo may have raped her after she got inebriated at a party, records show. In the 2005 case, the accuser, then 17, told police that Arroyo, then 18, pressured her to perform oral sex on several occasions over the course of four to six months, according to the police records. Both cases were referred to the district attorney’s office, and that both were investigated. The 2005 investigation was closed without criminal charges after eight months; the 2007 investigation was closed without criminal charges after five months. 

In the second case, a 16-year-old girl told police in May 2007 that she thought she had been sexually assaulted by Arroyo, then 19. The girl had been drinking at a house party on Geneva Avenue and told police she could not remember everything that happened. She said that after the party she found herself barefoot in front of her home, unsure how she got there, and that her “private area” hurt the next day. She said she was “not [a] hundred percent sure if she was raped.”

Arroyo claims he had no idea he was ever investigated by or spoke with the police:

Arroyo, a city councilor currently locked in a heated campaign to be the district attorney in the jurisdiction that includes Boston, said in an interview that he only learned of the accusations and the investigations when he was questioned by the Globe

“I want to be clear — I never did what has been alleged, then or ever,” Arroyo told the Globe. “I was never made aware of either of these allegations. I was not questioned by either Boston Public Schools or any law enforcement officials, or disciplined in any way in relation to these allegations or otherwise.”

Arroyo denied last week ever speaking with law enforcement. “I know I would remember that,” said Arroyo, who declined to make his mother available for an interview, citing her health.

But this was a provable lie:

In the course of the hour-long interview and in written responses to follow-up questions, Arroyo offered several responses that ran counter to police records and official statements. Police records explicitly state that a detective spoke to Arroyo and his attorney in the 2005 case. And a spokesman for Kevin Hayden, the current Suffolk district attorney, said Arroyo was contacted back then regarding both investigations. 

The girl and her mother first brought the allegations to school administrators, who referred the matter to Boston police. Two detectives visited Arroyo’s childhood home on Nov. 3, 2005, and spoke to his mother, according to a police report. Arroyo was not there, but he spoke later that evening to one of the detectives by phone and told her he planned to hire a lawyer, records show

And he could be in trouble professionally (much like his gropy brother) for the lies.

If Arroyo was aware of the allegations, he could face serious professional repercussions. When he applied for his law license in 2014, Arroyo claimed he had never been investigated for any crime — misdemeanor or felony. Arroyo signed his completed petition for admission on May 7, 2014, attesting that each of his answers was “true, complete and candid,” according to a copy of the 18-page document the Globe obtained through a public record request. 

The state Rules of Professional Conduct dictates that any attorneys who are dishonest or “knowingly make a false statement of material fact” on their bar application can face discipline. Sanctions in such cases have included a suspended bar license for six months or more

The application asked Arroyo whether he had “ever been charged with or been the subject of any investigation for a felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic charge? The question was unambiguous: Applicants must disclose “any investigation.” Arroyo wrote no. 

What the Globe failed to point out was that his father was a well connected city councillor at the time of the investigation. The elder Arroyo raised two self entitled brats who think that women are play things who exist to provide them with cheap thrills.

The Globe did point out that he already had a lawyer though.

In the police report, the detective from the Sexual Assault Unit noted that Arroyo had an attorney, Jose Vincenty. Vincenty told the Globe last week that he had represented Arroyo at the time, but declined to comment further, citing attorney-client privilege

Ricardo he wants people to believe that he not only has no memory of being investigated by police for sexual assault, he also forgot he had an attorney. Because lots of 18 year olds have a lawyer on retainer that they forgot about.

The Globe ended up finding the second accuser and contacted her via Facebook. Then somehow, through the power of woke psychosis, Arroyo reached out to her despite claiming to have no idea who made these accusations that he has no memory of. Miraculously after Arroyo reached out to her she stated that she didn’t “associate” her assault with Arroyo.

The next morning, reporters spoke with Arroyo, and told him of the allegations against him. Reporters did not share the names of the alleged victims, and Arroyo did not ask. He was steadfast that he knew nothing of either case. However, about five hours after he left the interview, Arroyo contacted the woman who made the allegation in 2007. The woman shared with a reporter a Snapchat message from a friend, saying her landlord was looking for her number to give to someone named Ricardo. The woman said she felt harassed by all the people looking to talk to her.

Then, the woman sent a screenshot of a Facebook message from Arroyo himself, asking to speak. “Hey it’s been a long time! I need to speak with you can we talk?” he wrote. A little more than an hour after the woman received the message from Arroyo, she wrote to the reporter again. 

I did not speak to Arroyo because like I told you earlier I do not associate any assault from my youth with Ricardo,” she wrote. “For clarity purposes. Ricardo arroyo did not assault me ever. I do not know who did or what happened.

Translation – he got ahold of a woman who wanted to be left alone, offered her something (protection?), and in return she suddenly remembered that she was raped by someone else.

Last night Arroyo released a statement bragging about the second victim’s sudden denial after he contacted her, repeating the obvious lie that he had no idea about the allegations, calling the Boston Public Schools and BPD liars, and without any evidence accusing his opponent Kevin Hayden of leaking the information to the Globe.

So he thinks people will be dumb enough to believe that he lawyered up for no reason in 2005, that the 2005 accuser is lying, that it’s a coincidence that the 2007 victim made her statement right after he contacted her, that he magically knew the identity of the 2007 accuser, and that he never lied to the bar in 2014 when asked about whether or not he’s been investigated previously.

Meanwhile, Mayor Michelle Wu and other city officials have been well aware of the allegations for weeks now, but have chosen to ignore them because mail in voting for the primary has already begun.



The politicians lining up to take back their endorsements began and ended with Joe Kennedy.

You have to be a pretty big ratchet for Joe Kennedy to pull back his endorsement of you. This is the same guy who stood by and actively courted the endorsement of Monica Cannon-Grant after watching a video of her threatening to murder a black female congressional candidate for the crime of “riding white penis for a credit score.”


The only City Councillor to denounce her colleague so far is Erin Murphy.

But most politicians have remained silent, hoping this goes away until after the primary. Mayor Wu is “watching to see how this story evolves.”

Whatever that means.

Today Arroyo held a press conference in Jamaica Plain announcing that he wasn’t dropping out of the race, and was flanked by communist City Councillors Kendra Lara (who wants to abolish the police and hire ex-cons to do traffic details) and Tania Fernandes (who is literally married to a convicted murderer who she married while he was serving a life sentence).

These are the same people who all blindly pretended to believe Christine Blasey-Ford’s obvious lie that Bret Kavanaugh dry humped her 36 years ago, despite witnesses denying her story and a complete lack of evidence. They believed that his alleged, undocumented, uncorroborated actions as a 17 year old disqualified him from holding public office. But now they believe that documented, corroborated stories about 17 year old Ricard Arroyo that he lied about for years, do not disqualify him from being the head law enforcement officer for Suffolk County.

Just in case it wasn’t plainly obvious, none of these people actually gives a shit about women or rape. They care about one thing and one thing only – power. They “believed” Christine Blasey-Ford because she was trying to prevent someone they didn’t like from obtaining power. They didn’t “believe” Tara Reade and smeared her as a Russian asset because she was making accusations that Joe Biden stuck his Delaware digits in her against her will, and this would’ve hurt their ability to obtain power. They don’t care if Ricardo Arroyo raped anyone because they care about rape victims about as much as they care about victims of “gun violence.” The only thing that matters is that his politics are the right politics, and making him DA would ensure that a member of their tribe would be in charge of the courts in Boston.

Ironically Ricardo himself likes to call people he doesn’t like sexual predators and accuse them of being rapists.

Speaking of rape culture, what do you call it when you’re the son of a city councillor, two girls accuse you of rape, you get investigated by the police, you lie about it to obtain office, and then intimidate one of your accusers before the media finally writes about it?

This is Colette Phillips.

She sells DEI trainings and would go broke if racism was ever a thing that disappeared, so she needs people like Richard Arroyo in power so she can keep getting contracts to teach white people about how racist they are.

She was on Ricardo’s Facebook page today calling it “irresponsible reporting,” and more predictably “racist,” for the Globe to write about a man who was accused of rape twice and wants to be District Attorney.

But that’s only because her company got over $2.5 million from the City of Boston because they couldn’t do diversity trainings during COVID.

Money. Power. Those are the only things these people care about. Race baiting is how they obtain both.

Then again, this is the same woman from above who defended Captain Grab Ass.

“We are disappointed in this decision,’’ spokeswoman Colette Phillips says in a statement. “Felix is adamant that these allegations are baseless and retaliatory and will continue to fight to clear his name and is looking forward to fully cooperating with the MCAD.”

Defending well connected men who treat women like objects is the only thing people like Colette know how to do. Besides cashing those DEI checks.


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