Woman Behind Law Banning The Word “Bitch” Is Takiyah White, Recently Testified Pro Se In Front Of Supreme Court After Losing A Small Claims Case


Yesterday we published a blog about Dorchester State Rep Dan Hunt, after he proposed legislation that would ban usage of the word “bitch” in Massachusetts, and punish those who use the word with up to six months in jail.

In fairness, I am more than willing to call him a c**t if that’s his preferred pronoun. We talked about this at the beginning of last night’s podcast/YouTube live show.



Anyone with a basic understanding of the First Amendment knew how ridiculous this was, but the sad part is that in this political climate I would bet my children’s college fund (jokes on them, I would never pay money for them to go to 4 year indoctrination camp) that it would pass. I think people underestimate just how dedicated and serious many on the left are about legislating around feelings. They are more than willing to sacrifice civil liberties in order to protect people from words they don’t want to hear.

Many moderates on the left have told me that this is an unfair characterization, as they are liberal but do not agree with this proposal. To them I would argue that the democratic party no longer belongs to them. It left normal people a long time ago, and now officially belongs to AOC. Banning speech, words = violence, misgendering someone is hate speech, using physical violence to silence dissenting voices, calling people gang rapists without any evidence, and destroying the lives of children after a stolen valor lunatic bangs a drum in their face are generally accepted principles that the left by and large embraces in 2019.

After reading more about this process it turns out that Rep Hunt was doing this on behalf of a constituent. However, according to Inside Souces’ Michael Graham, Hunt didn’t have to do what he did. The woman who wants to outlaw use of the word bitch is named Takiya White. And this beyoch done lost her mind.

Takiyah White of Dorchester who works in community services, told InsideSources she asked Rep. Hunt to file the bill, and she absolutely believes using the “B” word should be a violation of the law. “I hear the word used every day, and I’m hurt by it.”

And is she OK with the idea of the government banning people from using certain words? “Oh, yes. Simply telling people they shouldn’t speak that way is not good enough. At the very least, using that word is harassment.”

You’re hurt by the word bitch? Lord help her if Ludacris ever comes to Dorchester. Regardless, the fact that she thinks the government should be able to outlaw words because a private citizen says she’s got a case of the hurt feelz is just mind blowingly ignorant.

Takiyah went on the Kirk Minihane podcast this morning, and I will admit she actually sounds like a very lovely person. Sure, she’s a moron, but she’s a nice, sweet moron. In an attempt to see if she understands the dangerous slippery slope implications at play here, Kirk asked her if she thought the government should be allowed to ban the n word too, since most reasonable people would agree that the n word trumps the b word on the offensive scale. Despite being black, she actually said no. Listen to the whole thing hereIt’s wild.

But here’s the thing – Dan Hunt didn’t have to actually put his name on the law.

Rep. Hunt declined repeated requests to speak to InsideSources on the record — an interesting decision for a government official proposing a government crackdown on speech. However, his office did confirm that he filed the legislation on behalf of a constituent, a common practice in Massachusetts.

White says she got no pushback over constitutional issues from Hunt or his office. “In fact, they said they wanted to make some changes to the language, to improve it,” she said.

That’s interesting because while it’s not uncommon for Massachusetts legislators to propose less-than-realistic legislation at a constituent’s request, usually they label the bill “by request” to indicate that it’s not a proposal they are necessarily prepared to support. Hunt’s decision indicates he found the bill worthy of serious consideration.

He chose to take this seriously. He put his name on the bill instead of her’s, because this beyoch was proud to ban use of a word that perfectly describes his b**** ass.

But wait, there’s more.

Takiya White somehow represented herself pro se in a lawsuit against Boston Municipal Court, which made it all the way to the Massachusetts Supreme Court. She testified in front of the SJC for 10 minutes, and actually sounded like she knew what she was talking about. You can watch her and the lawyer for Boston Municipal Court trade arguments by clicking here.

Here’s a rundown:

  • Takiyah was the defendant in a small claims lawsuit, and had a judgment made against her by an assistant clerk magistrate. The mistake, according to her, had something to do with “mathematics.”
  • The clerks name is Helen White, and according to Takiyah she seemed angry.
  • After not getting her way Takiya spoke to the supervisor, who according to her appeared undignified and dressed for a baseball game. The supervisor of the assistant clerk magistrate told her she can’t file a complaint.
  • The Judge who reviewed this matter said that there had to be a number of complaints to be made before clerk magistrates are investigated for misconduct, which Takiyah disagreed with by citing a law I haven’t researched.
  • She said that the clerk showed bias and prejudice against her by showing the opposing litigant favoritism.
  • She said that federal law states that pro se litigants are not to be exploited due to their inexperience, and should be assisted and offered advice during the process. Her constitutional rights have thus been violated.
  • The lawyer said that she did not have a legitimate complaint against Helen White, and that they reviewed and investigated the matter. The Chief Justice of Boston Municipal Court had investigated it and said that her complaint was without merit.
  • This short haired old lady Judge was clearly a bleeding heart who WANTED to side with Takiyah White.

The lawyer for BMC said that there is a form she could’ve filled out, but Tooth Bater Ginsburg grilled him about whether or not Takiya White knew about the process. In other words, this justice is one of those who believes that it’s the government’s job to encourage ignorant people to file frivolous lawsuits that tie up the court’s time.

Granted, she lost, but the fact that she argued in front of the SJC is wild. There’s a lot of lawyers who will never do that. Either way, the biggest joke here remains State Rep Dan Hunt, who took this beyoch seriously with her unconstitutional proposal to ban words that hurt her feelings.


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  1. This is not the fit time that she has attempted to outlaw the word bit*h. Although if you honestly want to get down to the nitty gritty of the story, it more than likely began when Middleboro was fining people for swearing. Also if you go to Chambersburg PA and say Damn you will get a $500 fine and that’s run by Republicans. Granted they are morons, but I want to make a point that it’s not just Democrats attempting to do stupid things.

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