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Woman Who Berated Fan At Bruins Game Was Promoted Twice At Vision Government Solutions By Current Boyfriend, Former Boss David Gordon


Northborough resident Carey Leone was identified as the woman seen in the video berating and cussing at a man at a Bruin’s game for allegedly spilling mustard on her jacket and face, which seems unlikely given the physics of it all.

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She is a 2000 Auburn High School graduate.

And according to her LinkedIn she is the accounting and HR Manager at OnPage Corporation in Waltham.

She also has some interesting credentials in what appear to be completely unrelated fields that she’s allegedly qualified to work in.

Medical assistant, “Microsoft Office Specialist,” business analysis planning, and human resources specialist. She can pretty much do it all, as long as it doesn’t involve a mustard facial.

Where did she acquire all of these skills while working the pole?

The Salter School of course. Is there anything they can’t do?

She also claims to have graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, which some of her coworkers who reached out to us dispute. We’d love to have her on the live show to clear up any misunderstanding about that.

Carey has worked for a variety of legitimate corporations as an accountant in recent years.

How does someone who behaves like this publicly, and who so many people claim to have seen act like this before, get jobs like this with legitimate companies? This is her boyfriend, who was at the game that night.

David Gordon is the CFO of Aerodyne Research, and is obviously very successful.

This begs the question, why were they sitting in the nosebleeds of the TD Garden where his girlfriend had to endure mustard facials? Couldn’t spring for the 100’s? No one gets mustard facials there.

He also used to be her boss at Vision Government Solutions.

Look at the recommendation he gave her.

This is inappropriate for obvious reasons. The #MeToo movement highlighted the ugly reality that women in the workplace often feel pressured not to deny sexual advances from powerful men who have the ability to promote them. Men like David Gordon. Makes me sick just reading that.

“constantly looking to expand her responsibilities.”

She was expanding her responsibilities alright.

“able to handle those additional tasks without issue.”

If there’s one thing Centerfolds alumni know how to do, it’s multitask.

“Her product was always reliable.”

Oh, I bet it was. I’m sure your product was even more enjoyable for her.

This is the really disturbing part.

“I promoted her twice during this period from staff accountant to senior staff accountant to accounting manager.”

This is grounds for termination. The fact that this man is a CFO of a company like Aerodyne Research is a black eye for them. It is never OK for someone in a position of power to date a subordinate in any field at any time. This needs to end. Imagine working your tail off at this company and watching this woman get a job over you? You cannot possibly tell me that she should’ve received two promotions in such a short amount of time. David Gordon advanced the career of a woman who represents her employer in public, and does so in the manner seen in that video. Yet while under his employ she received two promotions in such a short amount of time. How many more qualified candidates or employees were passed over in favor of the woman who was dating the CFO? Feel free to contact Aerodyne and ask them for yourself.

It didn’t just end with that job either. She was able to use her quick advancement as a resume builder. This looks impressive to other companies and makes her a more desirable candidate for jobs that others are likely more qualified for. Sue us all you want, but we won’t stop fighting to end sexual harassment in the workplace. Perhaps the AG’s office should investigate? Remember, “Time’s up.” Or was that just a catch phrase when Harvey Weinstein was a thing?


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