Worcester Bakery Owner Engaged To Man, Has Never Been With A Woman, Uses Business Page During Pride Month To Announce She’s Bisexual, Has Used Similar Tactics Before


Last year we published a blog about Jennifer Lasala, the owner of Jennifer Leigh’s Bakery in Worcester and Boston, who got a lot of free publicity from the media after complaining about how mean customers were to her, and whining that she wanted to shut down because of it. Her complaints came across as tone deaf to a lot of business owners who were not allowed to open at that time due to the lockdowns, while she could because donuts and cupcakes were “essential.”

She got what she wanted out of it though – free advertising and the ability to present herself as a sympathetic small business owner who was going to fight through adversity.

Yesterday, on the third day of Pride holy month, she thought it would be a good time to announce on her business Facebook page that she is bisexual. Except there’s a catch – she’s getting married to a man and she’s never hooked up with a girl before.

Some may think what I’m about to say is controversial, but I’m just going to say it anyway – if you’ve never blown a guy before then you ain’t gay. I know straight women who have had sex with women. It’s not like you’re a straight teenager who hasn’t lost their virginity. You’re an adult, and if you were really bisexual you would’ve acted on it by now. Your desire for scissoring would be too strong, and it would help you overcome any awkwardness you were feeling. If you’ve never had a relationship with a woman, never hooked up with a woman, and are about to be married to a straight man for the rest of your life, then you’re not bisexual. You’re just capitalizing on Pride month, appropriating the sexuality of others, and doing it for the purposes of online marketing.

What a coincidence she announced this at the beginning of Pride month too. A normal post on her business page gets about 20 likes and not much interaction at all. This post yesterday got over 600, and showed up organically in my feed without me liking the page. This is how you advertise on Facebook without paying for it. The exact same stunt she pulled last year.

Could she REALLY be bisexual? I suppose anything is possible. But as of now these are nothing more than thoughts in her head, and she could’ve easily just posted about it on her personal Facebook page. Instead she chose her business page because it’s good for business to do this during Pride month.

P.S. I would officially like to take this moment to come out as bisexual too. Although I have never taken a ride on the Reimer Railroad, I have thought about it once or twice, and you’ll just have to take my word for it that I would totally act on those impulses, even though I’ve only been with women. Now please shower me with praise and share my Facebook page so I can get more likes and convert them to sales.


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