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Worcester Non-Binary They/Them Seeks Donations To Start Christmas Shopping After Blowing Savings On $61 Breakfast


This is Nichole Perreault, AKA Nik Lynn from Worcester.

She/her is now a they/them.

They/them doesn’t have a job, collects disability for a living (because morbid obesity brought upon by years of not exercising or eating healthy isn’t your fault at all), and makes money by e-begging and selling Tarot Card readings.

As you may have noticed, they/them is extremely photogenic, and gets a lot of compliments on their style.

So basically it was born with a vagina, it turned into a fupa, and now it is taking free hormones from Planned Parenthood so it can grow facial hair. They/them has no job, and no plan of ever having one. That’s because the Blue Cheese Blimpnado claims to be “disabled” on account of gravity being mean to her.


A lot of feminist women want to tear down the patriarchy, whereas women who want to become men are joining the patriarchy. But they/them has a different philosophy altogether. She wants to eat the patriarchy, and got it tattooed on the 50 pounds of flesh that she calls a forearm.

Looks like she already did.

The Blue Cheese Blimpnado is a member of Mutual Aid Worcester, a group where perpetually unemployed gravy dumpsters like they/themself go to beg for free stuff, but never offer anyone help in return. With Christmas upcoming they/them needed to buy Christmas gifts for their omnisexual partner. The problem is that the SSI checks don’t come in until January 1 and the Blue Cheese Blimnado’s account is at negative $61.


But it’s not they/them’s fault because they had $67 in their bank account and only spent $61 on breakfast, so they should have $6 left.

Yes, that’s right. The morbidly obese cheesehog who constantly begs for money can afford $61 breakfasts, and has no shame announcing that information while also asking strangers to pay for her Christmas gifts.

Of course anyone who brought this up was told to stop talking, because we must never point out when freeloading deadbeats are taking advantage of other people’s generosity.

Nik Lynn apparently has no shame whatsoever and likely has never thought about who pays to keep they/them alive. They/them also drives up the cost of insurance for everyone by necessitating a PCA to come to her house, clean her bedroom, toss her hammock sized panties in the wash, and do the basic stuff she would do if she hadn’t eaten herself into a human landfill. They/them needs a new PCA, but they/them would prefer if it was a member of the BLT-123 community. Oh, and despite being broke and unable to care for herself at all, she still has two cats and a dog.

Because, why wouldn’t she have 3 pets in her house? They don’t cost anything, and if you do need money you can just beg for it on Facebook.

Begging for free stuff from strangers is pretty much a daily occurrence from the Blue Cheese Blimpanado. There always seems to be someone in they/them’s life who needs money for rent, medical bills, or because they just got robbed of $15K.

Nik is also a social justice advocate who spends they/them’s time policing the Internet, looking for things to be offended by. For instance, they/them finds the term “wheelchair bound” to be offensive.

Yea, she’s not bound to her wheelchair. She just gets stuck in it from time to time and requires the jaws of life to get out.

They/them also finds “psycho” offensive, because it stigmatized psychopaths like they/themself.


It’s such a coincidence that people who identify as made up genders all seem to be suffering from some sort of obvious mentally illness.

You would think that someone who contributes nothing but receives free things in return would be grateful to live in a country where they don’t have to worry about ever getting a job. But they/them has no sympathy for the lowly paid workers of Walmart who don’t get her groceries to her government subsidized apartment in time.

She’s starving!

The Blue Cheese Blimpnado is also a proud ally of the BLM community, and although they/them didn’t march in any protests (for obvious reasons), they/them has offered to stand in front of people of color and block them from receiving abuse from the KKK.

Trust me Nik, if you stood in front of a black person the Klan would never find them.

They/them also has no tolerance for people who voted for Donald Trump, and will defriend and block anyone who did.

“You’re dead to me.”

Yea, well, at the rate you’re going you’re gonna be dead to you within the next 5-10 years too. But to be clear, I voted for Trump specifically because fupabeasts like you didn’t like him.

If Nik looks familiar it might be because we blogged about they/them in 2020 when they/them became upset that Friendly House was giving out free menstrual products to women during the beginning of the pandemic, and although they/them needed these because they/them is a biological woman, they/them felt excluded. They/them was also very demanding about the type of free groceries that would be delivered to they/them’s high subsidized rise apartment in downtown Worcester.


Just remember when you go to work today – this is what your tax dollars go towards. Someone has to work so that the Blue Cheese Blimpnado can buy $61 breakfasts.


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