Worcester Police Arrest Woman We Identified For Robbing, Attacking Nursing Home Employees, Perp’s Mother And Friends Attack Rival Baby Mama For “Dry Snitching”


Yesterday we identified Worcester resident Elanna Williams as the woman seen on video robbing and attacking workers at a nursing home on Bell Hill.

The Worcester police put out a press release today that Elanna Williams was arrested, which has caused quite the controversy.

According to her supporters Elanna dindu nuffin and was actually there to apply for a job.

According to Desiree Baez the victims should apologize because these crazed slop donkey knocked over three of them and left with a purse that didn’t belong to her. You’ll never guess what Desiree does for work.

A CNA who excels in the art of Snapchat filters. How original.

Another supporter is Shaylene McClain.

You know you’ve made it in life when your glamour pics are all shot in Great Brook Valley. Here’s what she had to say.

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How could anyone believe the “media?” It’s not like there’s video evidence of Elanna committing a crime. And Rose Dawson is out here blaming the vicitms for “holding her against her will,” while Elanna robbed them, and talking a big game about “deformation” of character. Girl, do you think we forgot about what you did on the Titanic? There was plenty of room on that board for Jack.

This is Elanna’s mother, Victoria Dimery.

That’s what your typical Belmont Street grandmother looks like, and these are the kind of things they post on Facebook.

Who can’t relate to their grandmother announcing to the world on social media that she needs a good d***ing? My Nana often complains that her biggest regret in life was that she didn’t sample enough mushroom tip. Her spelling game is strong too.

Don’t you dare accuse her of being on her periottt. That’s just the way she talks.

Victoria obviously did a world class raising her children since one of them targets the elderly and another one was arrested five years ago for robbing, assaulting, and shooting a rival 15 year old gang member at the Welfare Inn on Lincoln Street.

Grandma Hog Jockey took to Facebook to accuse another woman, who was impregnated by the same baby daddy that her daughter was inseminated by, of snitching on her.

The woman she’s accusing of snitching goes by Lay Layna on Facebook, and she had some thoughts of her own.

I have no idea what any of that means, but I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t be able to meet any of their high standards for eating box. That’s a lot of pressure quite frankly. Perhaps if their boyfriends had just stuck to that they wouldn’t be reproducing as much.

Evidently these two fine ladies were quarreling when Elanna was pregnant by the same baby daddy and wanted to fight Lay Layna.

Trying to fight while pregnant. It’s the Plumley Village circle of life.

Lay Layna is very unpopular right now in ghetto circles because when she saw that the Worcester Police were looking for her arch rival she understandably pointed out that it was the gestation genie who wanted to fight her whilst carrying a crotch fruit in utero. She shared their post and people were quite upset about it, calling her a snitch. More specifically this is known as “dry snitching” to the LG-EBT mafia.

“Dime Dan.”

The hat. Nuff said.

Can I just take a moment to point out how gay ghetto culture is? If these two girls are rivals, why wouldn’t she “snitch?” If I hate you, I’m going to use every weapon at my disposal to take you down, including the police. I can understand snitching being frowned upon for close friends or family. But if the woman who tried to fight you while she was pregnant and then fraudulently called DCF on you is seen robbing an old folks home on the news, and you don’t “snitch” on her because you want to “keep it real,” then you are very, very gay.

Lay Layna made it clear that dry snitching didn’t qualify as real snitching.

She has Grandma Hog Jockey blocked on Facebook, so Grandma Hog Jockey had to use the Facebook page belonging to the woman who’s currently sleeping with her non-incarcerated son Dime Dan, in order to fire back at Lay Layna.

You can tell things are getting serious once the CAPS LOCK breaks out. Perfectly normal way for a grandmother to behave on the Interwebz.

So where was baby daddy Jamaal for all this? The guy who’s so bad at being a Dad that his baby mama has to resort to robbing nursing homes? He chimed in too.

What a culture. Sure, you live in poverty, nobody knows their Dad, half of your friends and family are in jail, everyone’s missing teeth, no one lives past the age of 50, and a shower consists of copious amounts of Axe body spray.

But at least they don’t snitch. Because…priorities.

Question – is it snitching if people come to TB Daily News? Because where do you think we’re getting these screenshots from? There is a subculture within this culture that realizes what I do – “no snitching” is wicked gay. Some people should be snitched on. And they know that the best way to get justice isn’t to go to the cops first, it’s to go to TB Daily News.

On the bright side, Jamaal seems like he’s going to be a great father based on his posts.

Definitely worth fighting over.

I think we can all agree the real losers in all of this aren’t just the victims, it’s the offspring that didn’t get to choose who they grew up calling Mom and weekend Dad.


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