Worcester Police Officer And City Council Candidate Gets Yelled At For Donating To Charity By Communist White Woman 


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Richard Cipro is the head of Worcester Police union and a candidate for City Council in District 1. His opponent is Sean Rose, an establishment machine politician who was disinvited from hero cop Manny Familia’s funeral by Familia’s widow due to Rose’s lack of support for the WPD. Rose’s signs are all over the west side and he has the backing of the McGovern machine, so it seemed like a given he’d win re-election. But then Cipro got more votes than him in the September primary so they are FREAKING OUT about that. Over the weekend Cipro posted a picture of himself filling a community fridge in District 1 and encouraged others to follow his lead.

Pretty standard campaign stuff right there. This is what you do when you’re running for office – shake hands, kiss babies, and do photo ops feeding the hungry. Surely no one could have a problem with that, right? You’d think so, but you forgot how deranged some of these people are. This is Maria Ravelli.

Maria is very impressed with herself, and seems to believe that giving to charity requires a purity test, so she let Cipro know what a world class a-hole he was for giving food to poor people.

How dare you try to (checks notes) donate food to hungry people! Only Maria, non-binary candidates for City Council who want to defund the police, and other people who aren’t cops are allowed to take staged photographs doing charity work!

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After all, this was never about charity, it was about communism!

Solidarity! But only if you voted for the right people.

It’s not like Maria interviewed for a puff piece on herself in Worcester Magazine, in which she allowed herself to be seen in staged photographs doing exactly what Cipro was doing.

Oh, and it’s OK for the Mayor to show up with some eggs, as long as he doesn’t post it on his own Facebook page.

The media will do that for him. Plus, he’s a communist so he passes the purity test.

Cipro then had the audacity to point out that the fridge was empty, so he (gasp) put food in it!


His promise to continue to donate anyway REALLY set her off.

Yea, people are starving to death in Worcester every day because the police had the audacity to unionize and collectively bargain their contracts. We should just eliminate public sector unions because that’s what our comrades the Koch brothers would want us to do!

Some of these sentences were just amazing.

“The fridges is not something that should be celebrated because community has come together.”

How dare you celebrate coming together as a community! You’re bad and she’s good! You have nothing in common!

“People like you are celebrating our resilience.”

Don’t you dare celebrate her resilience! She’s a God damn American icon, and you’re not allowed to appreciate her because you’re not a communist yet!

“It is SAD that community must come together to feed each other and meet our basic human needs because they city (and folks like you) have prioritized to fund police over people.”

Yea, the thing about that is that Richard Cipro isn’t on the City Council. Sean Rose is. So if you have a problem with how city resources are allocated you should probably talk to the guy who’s in charge of that, not the guy challenging that guy. Just sayin.

What she was most upset about was that Cipro wasn’t standing in solidarity with the “marginalized,” and making himself seem less harmful.

And there is NOTHING these people hate more than when police seem like good people. They want you to think cops are the enemy.

“This is extremely harmful to the communities that we are serving. One can not stand for the liberation of our communities while also supporting the entities that harm and oppress us.”

The face of modern day oppression.

If she actually lived in a crime ridden neighborhood and spoke to people who lived there she’d find out that they’re the last people who want to defund the police. The defund movement has always been upper middle class trust fund white people like her telling black and brown people that they’ll be safer with gangs patrolling the streets instead of cops. According to Maria (who HATES attention and making this all about her) on this interview with some sort of Worcester “comedian” with a bootleg firefighter mustache, she’s from Miami.



I don’t know what was more pathetic – her attempt to make herself the hero, or the forced laugher of the woke dude bros pretending like she was actually an interesting person worth talking to. You may recognize Bryan O’Donnell, who also is apparently a “comedian,” from a 2018 Turtleboy blog. Or you may recognize him from that time he was arrested for stabbing a guy. Either one. Seems like a really funny guy.

Maria Ravelli is a narcissistic attention whore who’s upset that someone besides her was getting good publicity. She doesn’t actually care about helping poor people, and wouldn’t be doing any of this if she didn’t get attention for it. But the ironic part is that Maria Ravelli and Sean Rose ARE the establishment. When the Mayor, City Manager, School Committee members, unions, State Reps, Congressman, and everyone else near the levers of power is supporting your campaign, then you’re no longer fighting for the little guy. You’re trying to crush the little guy.

Maria and Sean Rose seek the only thing that every communist that has ever existed has sought – power. Richard Cipro is not a communist, and thus he is a threat to their monopoly on power, which is why they don’t want him donating to their non-charity charity.


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