Xaverian Baseball Coach Charged With A&B For Preventing Player From Being Ejected For Arguing Balls And Strikes


Fox 25 News: A baseball coach at a private school in Westwood has been suspended after an allegation of assault during a game. Xaverian Brothers High School confirms Gerry Lambert, a teacher, and graduate of the school was involved in “a physical altercation” with a student-athlete. Lambert has been charged with one count of assault and battery. The incident happened during a baseball game against St. John’s Prep. A witness told Boston 25 News the student was arguing with the umpire and Lambert walked out, grabbed him by the neck and pulled him off the field. 

“We do not condone aggressive behavior by any member of our school community,” the school’s headmaster, Daniel Skala, said in a statement. 

Lambert has been placed on leave and the school says it is cooperating with authorities. The victim is a 17-year-old and a junior at the school. 

“Last night he was okay to the extent that we could see visibly, and by that I mean it wasn’t the type of case where we show up and someone has broken bone, thank god, or bleeding or a black eye, something that required medical attention,” Westwood Police Chief Jeffrey Silva said. “It was an unconsented to touching, and therefore it’s an assault and battery.”

Police say they haven’t seen any video of the incident. Lambert is charged with “simple assault,” meaning he won’t be arrested unless the assault is witnessed by a police officer. 

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Oh for fuck’s sake. We’re doing this again? It’s Xaverian. They turn boys into men, and they don’t put up with crappy behavior. It’s why parents shell out top dollar to send their crotch fruits there – because they’re allowed to discipline kids in ways that public schools can’t. And Fox 25 News is showing up at this guy’s house like he’s a child molester, shoving a camera in his face.

The kid was arguing balls and strikes. If you do that you get ejected. The coach wanted to save his player from getting ejected so he walked up behind him and pushed him towards the dugout, and in order to have leverage he used ONE HAND to grab the BACK of his neck, not the front. When people kill other people by choking them do they ever choke the back of their neck? Nope. Because you can’t kill someone that way.

This is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard and shame on the Westwood Police for CHOOSING to do this. Normally I support law enforcement but this is a gross misuse of police powers. Some idiot parent called up and complained about this, but they didn’t have to arrest him. They chose to. No one got hurt. There was no bruising or cuts. An adult at a sporting event just saved one of his players from getting ejected.

Here’s my question – if the player had refused to leave the field what would’ve happened? Eventually the cops would’ve been called. And if he refused to move for them they would’ve grabbed him, possibly by the neck, in order to bring him into custody. So it’s OK when they do it, but it’s ASSAULT AND FREAKING BATTERY when the coach does it. Makes sense.

Gerry Lambert is another one of those coaches who has been at his school since the beginning of time, leaving a long legacy of players behind him who vouch that he was a fundamental part of who they are today. Read all these glowing things other coaches are saying about him hereThis is exactly what helicopter parents and society in general doesn’t want today. They would prefer we raise an army of pussies, and want coaches and teachers who let kids “express” themselves. Instead of being a hard ass they want coaches to sit down and talk to kids about why they’re misbehaving. Public Schools have no choice but to buy into this because they work for the public, but if private schools like Xaverian have to as well then we have completely lost the culture wars.

If you know who the parent was that actually called the cops to complain about this then email us at [email protected] or message TBNews on Facebook. We’d love to make them Turtleboy famous. This type of behavior from parents needs to end before it turns this country into an army of soy drinking beta males.


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