BLM Leader Who Forces White Women To Pay Her Reparations Starts $10K Fundraiser For Monica Cannon-Grant’s Legal Fees Despite Court Appointed Attorney


It’s been almost 2 weeks since Monica Cannon-Grant’s new house in Taunton was raided by the feds and her husband Clark was arrested for using donated funds to Violence In Boston INC in order to secure a mortgage, and for committing 78 consecutive weeks of COVID unemployment fraud.

Since then Violence In Boston had to cancel its annual turkey giveaway due to “unforseen circumstances so that our CEO can focus on maternity leave and very important private family matters.”

Except there isn’t much private about a public indictment or live streamed arrest, and just because she didn’t realize they’d catch onto her fraud doesn’t mean it was “unforseen” by the rest of us.

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It appears that in Monica’s absence VIB’s operations are being run by this woman:

Didi Delgado is the less filtered and less polished version of Monica Cannon-Grant (if that’s even possible). We first wrote about her in 2017 when we revealed that she was forcing her army of woke white women followers to donate their money to her monthly for reparations, which she spent on extravagant vacations, claiming that the money would allow them to use the n word and alleviate their white guilt.


Didi is good friends Monica, was previously associated with Violence In Boston INC, and was listed as a guest for VIB’s grand opening in February of 2020, despite the fact that she had published a column on Medium urging service workers to spit in the Boston Police’s food.


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Due to the bad publicity of this blog Monica sold Didi out and announced that she was no longer invited.

After Monica’s house was raided Didi announced that they were looking for volunteers for “data entry.”

Translation – we need people to fix the books (probably).

Then today she announced that she had started a $10K fundraiser for Clark Grant, even though Monica’s family raised millions of dollars in unreported income, and had a court appointed attorney. She of course didn’t name who the “activist” was she was raising money for because Monica asked for anonymity, but it was plainly obvious.


Even after getting arrested for using racism to defraud gullible white people, she’s still using racism to defraud gullible white people. What are you going to do with $10K, Monica? You’re being prosecuted by the federal government. A good attorney will blow through $10K billable hours in a long weekend. The truth is she doesn’t need money for legal funds, she needs money for her $4K a month Uber Eats bill now that her cash cow has been shut off.

Shortly after that Didi posted about how she was upset with her white followers for not giving enough money to her latest reparations scam – 40 Acres and a School – because “white folks owe us big time.”


“That’s all you’re willing to invest in my daughter’s future?”

Girl, your child has practically been raised by these white women while you sit home, unemployed, whining about how oppressed you are. It’s not their job to invest in your daughter’s future, it’s your job.

“How much of your savings account doesn’t belong to you?”

“There are at least 100 white people following me who have $1,000 that doesn’t belong to them.”

There are actually white women out there who don’t mind being talked to that way. They believe that being demeaned like this makes them virtuous, and that their money doesn’t actually belong to them. They can’t wait to donate, even though her fundraiser has already raised more than $100K.

Didi could literally take a massive dump on this self-described fat she/her’s face, and she’d just donate double.


In fairness, her followers are used to this sort of tone from Didi. After all, she once told them that it was OK to kill their white uncle and use his inheritance to bail 1,000 black women out of jail.

Keep in mind, she once refused to give any donated money to a homeless mother in need who had donated to her in the past, because the woman was white.

She’s also still doing fundraisers for non-existent transgendered black people, who she makes up back stories about and then pockets the cash.

They don’t seem to care that Didi will spend it on Kate Spade coats and plus sized Catgirl outfits, and she believes that it’s OK for black people to steal from stores anyway because this world owes them something.

Hey Didi, why don’t you ask your not so new boyfriend Montana, father of Yemaya and Shango, if he’d contribute to your reparations fund. Ya know, because you guys can afford glamorous nights at Mohegan together.




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