Canton Cover-Up Part 117: Liberal Activists Upset With Left Wing Show Interviewing Me Tonight At 9 PM To Discuss Karen Read Case 


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Tonight at 9 PM I will be a guest on a YouTube channel called the Young Jurks, which you can subscribe to here.

The channel and podcast are run by a man named Mike Crawford, who I do not align with on much politically (he’s liberal, I’m a wartime conservative). However, the John O’Keefe/Karen Read murder investigation transcends politics. Both parties should be opposed to corrupt elected officials using their power to coverup murders and frame innocent people like Karen Read.

However, many of Mike’s friends and supporters are outraged that he would “platform” the award winning journalist at the center of this story, and they’re shaming him for it.


Criminal justice reform is at the heart of modern American liberalism. That is what I have somehow become one of the champions of, simply because I don’t like it when cops like Brian Albert kill people and use their connections to frame innocent people for murder.

It is disappointing that the people who lecture others about white privilege are sitting out a story that revolves around some of the most privileged people in our Commonwealth. Colin Albert is an 18 year old punk who goes around fighting people and making threatening videos. He grew up in an upper middle class suburb and had everything handed to him in life. His Dad is a Selectman, his uncle Brian is a Boston cop, and his other uncle Kevin is a Canton cop. He was inside the house when John O’Keefe arrived, but was never questioned by State Police or the DA’s Office because he grew up with the lead investigator. He is the poster child for privilege. He’s so privileged that he can not only murder a Boston Police Officer if he wants to, he also knows that a group of adults will risk their own freedom to protect his “bright future.” And if too many people talk about his involvement the most powerful law enforcement official in Norfolk County will issue a press release demanding that people stop talking about him.

I asked this question on the Live Show the other night, but how would the DA’s office react if Colin Albert was black? Imagine a black kid from Roxbury, who was inside a house where a police officer was found murdered, posting videos like this.

Would Michael Morrissey post a 5 minute video defending this poor, innocent young man from Internet speculation?

Liberals also profess to care about inequality in the criminal justice system. To that end I ask, what if Karen Read were a poor black woman (or just a poor woman in general)? She would’ve been forced to already take a plea at this point because her court appointed lawyer wouldn’t have the resources to hire forensic experts to prove her innocence. If they can do this to Karen Read, imagine what they can do to people who don’t have the financial resources to defend themselves.

Over the years I’ve been a firm defender of police because I have a lot of friends who are cops. I know them to be decent, honorable people, and I don’t think it’s fair to vilify police like BLM has done over the years.

But I will be the first to admit that this story has opened my eyes. I am shocked to my core about what these people have been willing to do to an innocent woman, simply because they can. It makes me wonder how many other people they have done this to who don’t have the money to fight back. Hell, I now believe as a result of this trial that if criminal defendants cannot afford forensic experts that the court should provide it for them. I do not know any cops like Brian Albert, Ken Berkowtiz, or Michael Proctor, and I believe people like this bring disgrace to an honorable profession.

Shouldn’t liberals be happy that a Trump voting right winger is on board with criminal justice reform?

But these people don’t actually care about any of that. They’re simply blinded by hatred of me personally, and are unwilling to put their personal grievances aside for a much bigger cause.

Ironically one of the objectors is Ernst Jean-Jacques, who doesn’t think Mike should platform a person who is “just as bad as a Nazi.”

This is just too ironic, because Ernst was once a guest on my show, and we had a 16 minute dialogue (starting around 33 minute mark) and he ended it by saying “bless you Aidan.”

Ernst had come on the show after he confronted me and a black woman named Rayla Campbell, who were protesting institutional racism at Monica Cannon-Grant’s fraudulent nonprofit in September 2020. (16 minute mark)

A mentally unbalanced Triton Regional Schools teacher named Kimberly Fair is also very upset because we wrote a story about her bizarre and unprofessional behavior two years ago.


It’s not just with this story either. Last week a woman named Jill Sheridan became very upset when she found out that I had taken an interest in the Sandra Birchmore case, because it meant that we agreed. She’s so upset that she will no longer support Justice for Sandra Birchmore due to this mutual association, and claims that I published a story calling for her 11 year old daughter to be raped.

Why do people feel the need to drag their children into their own lies? They’re supposed to be your kids, not pawns in Internet pissing matches. For the record, I never wrote anything like that about Jill. She is an elementary school teacher in Mansfield who I wrote about in 2021 after the self-proclaimed Antifa activist harassed children and a Bridgewater Police Officer working a detail at a peaceful protest against lockdowns. Due to her escalation a violent incident ensued in which three anarchists were arrested for assaulting peaceful protesters.


People like this don’t really believe in anything, and they’re certainly not liberals taking a stand against police corruption and criminal justice. They live in a state where the most blatant abuse of police and state power ever is occurring, and they’re not interested in doing something about it because I support it too.

Luckily not all liberals are like this, and Mike wants to use his platform to talk about the case with me. See you at 9.


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