Canton Cover-Up Part 235: Boston 25 Announces Upcoming Story About DOJ Investigating Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, Secretary Of State Orders NDAO To Hand Over Communications With DOJ


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Boston 25 News put out a trailer last night for a 25 Investigates episode Monday at 10:15 about the federal investigation into the Karen Read case. According to a former federal prosecutor interviewed in the brief clip (which cannot be found online), “they are not investigating the murder, they are investigating the investigation of the murder.”

This is something we have been reporting for months, but it’s refreshing to see a mainstream media outlet confirm our reporting as well, and perhaps add more. The fact of the matter is that a large segment of our society doesn’t use social media and is less likely to be reading our stories and keeping up to date on the Karen Read case. Some people still get their news from more traditional outlets like the nightly news or print newspapers. Additionally, people perceive Turtleboy as biased towards the defense, so it’s easy for detractors to dismiss our reporting. But Boston 25 News has no perceived bias, so this will be impossible to refute.

Although I have been critical of the mainstream media, it’s only because I expect more from them. This is a very positive development from Ted Daniel and Boston 25 News. My arrest seems to have sparked something in Ted Daniel, perhaps because it set off an alarm that a law enforcement agency arresting a journalist who has been aggressively investigating them, is indicative that the journalist is onto something. On November 1 Daniel submitted a public records request with the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office asking for any correspondence between any staff of the NDAO and the Department of Justice referencing “identified individuals.” It took them four hours to find one record two weeks later.

It does not list the identified individuals Daniel requested communications about, but anyone following this story probably has some good guesses.

However, the NDAO refused to provide Daniel with the one communication they claimed to have found between the two law enforcement agencies. Consequently, Daniel filed an appeal with the Secretary of State’s Office for not complying with the law. The Secretary of State sided with Daniel, and agreed that the NDAO was violating the law and must hand over all communications.


This is most likely related to Monday’s story on Boston 25 News. This is good reporting. This is what we need more of from the corporate media, which has vastly more resources at their disposal than I do.

The fact that the NDAO would violate the law and be forced to follow by a higher authority is not surprising at all, and is exactly why they are under investigation by the feds. Their arrogance knows no bounds. The believe that they can cover up murders and prosecute a woman who every objective person knows is clearly not the person who murdered John O’Keefe, because they are the highest law enforcement agency in the county.

Our sources from within Michael Morrissey’s Office have reported to us that they have seen FBI agents in the office on at least four occasions, that they have asked for cell phone communications from employees, and that the NDAO was not giving them what they were asking for. This is the same office whose spokesman David Traub bragged in private DMs that bombshells would be coming that proved Karen Read’s guilt, but which never came to fruition. Traub was also so confident that a female Boston Magazine reporter would write a story favorable to the NDAO that he asked her out for dinner.

The fact that there is a federal investigation into the people in charge of investigating the murder of John O’Keefe is both shocking and unprecedented. The DOJ would not be wasting their time and resources on investigating the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office and the State Police if they didn’t think there was something wrong with the way the Karen Read case was handled.

As we have reported, the investigation has been going on for almost a year now, a federal grand jury was convened, and several “witnesses” in the Karen Read case have been subpoenaed to testify, including but not limited to Brian Albert, Caitlin Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Jennifer McCabe, Allie McCabe, and Colin Albert. It is likely many more have been called as well, including Brian Higgins, Nicole Albert, and anyone else the FBI can place at 34 Fairview Road on the night John O’Keefe was murdered. It is believed that the FBI was able to obtain forensic data that Karen Read’s defense team has been denied by Judge Cannone, which led to the discovery of Allie McCabe’s presence at the house, which was previously unreported. Additionally, Allie McCabe, Brian Albert Jr, Colin Albert, and Caitlin Albert were all questioned by State Police for the first time in July and August of 2023, shortly after testifying in front of the federal grand jury.

We know as a fact from our interview with plow driver Lucky Loughran that he was approached by the FBI about GPS. We also know that Colin Albert was visited by 2 FBI agents in his dorm room on April 10, 2023, a week before I ever reported on this story, and two days before Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 AM “hos long to die in cold” Google search was mentioned for the first time in court filings.

Nevertheless, it’s great to see another media outlet covering this angle of the story, and likely reporting new information.

The USAO is not here to figure out who killed John O’Keefe, as it is not their jurisdiction or duty to solve local murders. They are here to investigate the investigation. Most often they get involved in government corruption when the institutions we are supposed to trust betray the public. This would explain why Michael Proctor, Brian Tully, Michael Morrissey, Adam Lally, and others involved have not been called in front of the grand jury – they are the targets. They likely know that John O’Keefe was murdered inside Brian Albert’s house, and they likely have had his cell phone records this whole time. They’re not here to arrest Brian Albert or Jennifer McCabe though, they’re here to arrest the people who covered for them. The NDAO could not be trusted to prosecute the people who murdered John O’Keefe, and if and when they are charged the Attorney General would likely appoint a special prosecutor in a different county to investigate and charge the parties responsible for murdering John O’Keefe.

I have always found it hard to believe that the US Attorney’s Office would allow such obvious and transparent corruption to occur in Norfolk County. A look at their website shows that some of their most recent investigations have ended in charges against random postal workers, public school employees, money launderers, pedophiles, and identity fraud scammers.

They are not going to ignore a corrupt DA’s Office and a group of corrupt State Troopers who abused their authority to provide cover for a group of well connected cop killers at the expense of an innocent woman, and charged an award winning journalist for exposing them. Joshua Levy was recently appointed US Attorney for Massachusetts after Rachael Rollins resigned in disgrace. He has a stellar reputation as being incorruptible, and was cited several times in the Rollins investigation for warning her not to violate ethics laws. This is a much bigger case than illegal immigrant marriage fraud scams, and is a career defining moment for Levy. If and when the indictments come it will be the biggest story in the country, and the greatest moment in the decade long history of Turtleboy.

P.S. Ted Daniel also applied to get Brian Tully’s body camera footage from when he arrested me at my house, as well as the footage from my transportation from Holden State Police barracks to Stoughton District Court, which will debunk Wendy Murphy’s made up lie that I had a panic attack during transport. His request was denied, which he also appealed with the Secretary of State and won.




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