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Canton Cover-Up Part 238: Michael Morrissey Asked To Speak With DOJ Manager To Stop Investigation Into His Office Because Rachael Rollins Criticized Him Once


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Last night Boston 25 News confirmed what we’ve been reporting for months now – a federal grand jury was launched to investigate corruption by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office in the investigation of John O’Keefe’s murder. But we also found out that Morrissey tried to stop the investigation several months ago by claiming there was a conflict of interest with disgraced former US Attorney Rachael Rollins.


  • Federal investigation began BEFORE the “Free Karen Read” movement was launched by Turtleboy on April 18, 2023
  • Public corruption unit is conducting investigation
  • April 10 grand jury issued subpoenas (which we knew already after our story in August about Colin Albert being served with a subpoena in his Bridgewater State dorm room on April 10)
  • US Attorney’s office has been investigating local law enforcement’s handling of the case
  • Two FBI agents have been questioning people in and around Canton and reviewing documents from NCDAO and Canton Police Department (which we’ve reported on extensively thanks to a source within the NCDAO)
  • Multiple people identified by police as witnesses have testified in front of the federal grand jury
  • US Attorney began investigation based on a tip (which we’ve reported on, including Jennifer McCabe, Brian Albert, Colin Albert, Allie McCabe, Caitlin Albert, and Brian Albert Jr)
  • Michael Morrissey sent a letter to DOJ asking that the federal probe be transferred out of Massachusetts because Rachael Rollins held a personal grudge against him, which is a conflict of interest
  • NCDAO admitted the letter existed because they opposed its release to Boston 25 News due to “confidential personnel information,” “privileged attorney work product,” and is connected to an ongoing criminal investigation (which we reported on Saturday after pulling public records)
  • Former US Attorney Evan Gottlob, who worked public corruption cases in Boston before leaving for private practice in April 2023, claims the feds wouldn’t get involved due to a personal grudge, and that investigations can take up to 2-4 years
  • Conflict of interest letter also references a former ADA who used to work in his office who is married to a high ranking federal prosecutor in the public corruption unit

As Ted Daniel pointed out, it’s standard for a DA’s Office to object to public records requests on ongoing cases that they are investigating, but when they’re the ones being investigated the argument doesn’t apply.

The most important thing we learned from this is that Michael Morrissey asked for the US Attorney’s Office to stop investigating his office months ago due to a conflict. This is wild for a number of reasons:

  • It is beyond ironic that the NCDAO suddenly cares about conflicts of interest when they continue to employ Michael Proctor as their lead investigator in the Karen Read case, despite glaring conflicts of interest with the Alberts and McCabes. 
  • This is a sign of weakness, fear, and desperation on the part of Morrissey. He is scared of what the US Attorney’s Office will find on his office and is begging them to stop looking. Clearly his appeal did not work because the investigation is ongoing.
  • The investigation, which began last December, was never overseen by Rachael Rollins, so any “conflict” she has is irrelevant.
  • Rollins resigned in May, but the “witnesses” were called in front of the grand jury in July and August. Does Morrissey also believe the new US Attorney Joshua Levy has a conflict of interest with him?
  • Norfolk County, Massachusetts, is not sovereign, and did not secede from the Union. For Morrissey to suggest that they have no business investigating his office is laughable and baseless. Massachusetts is a state in the Union, and the US Attorney’s Office exists to investigate public corruption in the individual states. This is a “state’s rights” argument, similar to what southern states would argue in order to defy court orders to desegregate during the civil rights movement.
  • Even if Rollins was behind the investigation (she’s not), and even if she did have a personal grudge with Morrissey, it’s not grounds to stop the investigation. It’s fair to say that Morrissey and his State Police investigators have a personal grudge with me, which isn’t stopping them from charging me with 9 felonies for my reporting on their corruption.

Rollins “personal grudge” with Morrissey seems to revolve around an incident in July of 2020 when she was Suffolk County DA and Morrissey and three other Massachusetts DA’s tried to insert themselves in a Suffolk Superior Court case. At stake was whether or not it was constitutional to sentence and 18 year old to life without parole for his role in a murder, when his codefendant who actually pulled the trigger had the chance of parole after 15 years due to the fact that he was one week shy of his 18th birthday. This sort of “criminal justice reform” was typical of Rollins when she was DA, and the four other DA’s (including Morrissey) tried to insert themselves into the case, claiming that it could lead to the release of dangerous felons in their counties who were sentenced to life without parole.

The Supreme Judicial Court ended up agreeing with Rollins and did not allow Morrissey a chance to participate in an evidentiary hearing in Suffolk County. This led to Rollins doing what she always does – accusing the 4 white male DA’s of being sexist and racist.

Michael Morrissey isn’t special because Rollins inferred that he was a racist and/or a sexist. She literally does it to everyone. It’s how she came to power in the first place, and it’s the only card she knows how to play.




Morrissey sent a letter to the highest levels of the DOJ in Washington, complaining about Rollins, and specifically cited public comments made about him by Rollins.

The ONLY public comments she EVER made about Morrissey were the ones she made about Morrissey’s attempted intervention into a Suffolk County Superior Court matter. Now ironically he’s upset that she allegedly used the powers of her office to intervene into a Norfolk County Superior Court matter. Except the US Attorney’s Office has jurisdiction over Norfolk County because it’s part of the United States of America, whereas the Norfolk County DA has no jurisdiction in Suffolk County matters because they are completely separate entities.

This isn’t a personal grudge either, it’s just politics. District Attorneys are elected officials, and Rollins is a much more progressive democrat than Morrissey. Of course they were going to have political and ideological disagreements on matters involving criminal justice reform. Anyone appointed to US Attorney would have something in their past in which they were opposite ends of the political spectrum, but this is not grounds to stop an investigation.


Michael Morrissey’s argument is no different from Donald Trump’s – he believes he is being investigated for political purposes. Trump’s argument is a lot stronger, considering they didn’t try to indict him until primary election season, and the DA’s going after Trump are all Democrats. Morrissey and Rollins are both Democrats, her replacement Joshua Levy was appointed by a Democratic President, and Morrissey is not up for re-election until 2026 and never gets challenged.

As for the conflict of interest letter referencing a former ADA who used to work in Morrissey’s office who is married to a high ranking federal prosecutor in the public corruption unit, it is unclear who that woman is.

However, the Chief of the Public Corruption & Special Prosecutions Unit is named Dustin Chao. He is in charge of the Monica Cannon-Grant prosecution, and can be cited in several US Attorney’s press releases as leading the public corruption unit, here, here, and here. It’s unclear who Chao’s wife is, if she worked for the NCDAO, or whey she left if she did, but it’s not even remotely close to being a conflict.

The fact that Morrissey is basically begging the DOJ to force the US Attorney’s Office to stop investigating by citing these “conflicts” does not bode well for him. Monica Cannon-Grant is making similar arguments in regard to Rollins, in an attempt to point out conflicts of interest with the US Attorney’s Office charing her with fraud, and it hasn’t worked out well for Monica.

Never go full Monica.

Morrissey clearly is not cooperating with the FBI and is now asking to speak with their manager to get them to stop looking into him. This is a pathetic attempt by a corrupt public official who finally realized that although he may be the most powerful person in Norfolk County, he is a small fish in a much bigger pond.



I will have more thoughts on this tonight at 9 PM on the Live Show. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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  1. Well what do you know. The obese fat piece of shit Morrissey is a fucking Karen! Fat pussy cry baby. He has the nerve to cry about conflict of interest. Meanwhile he’s been sucking proctor and Chris Alberts dick since day one. This is great! I can’t wait for that fat donut receptacle is in handcuffs!! Then who the fuck is going to protect Chris and lizz? Maybe they can get together once Mikey and Bukkake are in the Feds.

  2. Where’s the rachet and bone ride blogs? The site was much better and slow turtle was much saner when he made fun of people that don’t look like him. Let’s get back to the good ole days where misogyny and racism filled these pages!

    1. Meanwhile the majority of TB’s old blogs were about ratchet white male losers but go on … do you mind sharing what blog you were featured in?

  3. Well, Morrissey has one redeeming value. He believed Rollins was a corrupt incompetent racist twat like everyone does.

    1. This is the corrupt state of Massachusetts, since when are any of the crooked politicians held accountable? Look at useless governor healey who is flying in and supporting illegal aliens on our dime? No one will stop her for going against the Constitution because she is in biden and obummers pocket. Morrissey? Time will tell.

    1. None of it helps Aidan, that’s for sure. Our hero of the stupid was DUMB ENOUGH to record himself. Any sane individual on a jury who sees the lacrosse game or “bloodpizza” video is going to vote guilty. It won’t matter if Morrissey is run out of town on a rail, because it’s got nothing to do with Aidan’s case…just like Aidan’s case issn’t affected by KR’s guilt or innocence.

  4. “Michael Morrissey isn’t special because Rollins inferred that he was a racist and/or a sexist. She literally does it to everyone. It’s how she came to power in the first place, and it’s the only card she knows how to play.”

    1 immoral act is bad. 10 are measurably horrible.

    Morrissey is wrong on this one. Rachel Rollins has been wrong on almost everything. You don’t send an innocent women to jail – or allow murderers, rapists or violent felons off the hook due to them being a part of your own in group.

    Morrissey picked the wrong case to bring to trial (under false pretenses). Rollins used her office to punish anyone who wasn’t part of her tribe and pattern recognition.

  5. Higgins has disappeared, no sightings or blogs Lying to a Federal Agent is a felony, he’s already talking.

    1. He is hiding in Sandwich at a family cottage, just over the Sagamore Bridge- still ratting his best friends out.

  6. The conflict of interest angle was something I never dreamed of. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. Oxymoron. Upside down world.
    Wahhh wahhh meat pie. Proctor -no conflict, Rollins -conflict LOL. Why does he get justice and no one else? So ya, NO.

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